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  1. From the Bandcamp description: "...Chicago footwork producer Jana Rush delivers both the “Hot Fuck No Love (Naughty Bitch Remix)” for the vinyl version, and “Shooter (Face Rearranged Remix)” for the digital release." Vinyl tracklisting: A1. Shooter A2. Back Up 2021 (Feat. Debby Friday & SB The Moor) A3. Wriggle A4. Hot Fuck No Love (Feat. Cakes Da Killa & Maxi Wild) A5. Our Time (Feat. Nailah Middleton) B1. Wriggle (Homemade Weapons Remix) B2. Back Up (Dave Quam Remix) B3. Hot Fuck No Love (Jana Rush's Naughty Bitch Remix) B4. Wriggle (Cardopusher's E
  2. Been anticipating this one for a long time, and the new track is fantastic. So in for this.
  3. Don't hate it; it's introduced me to plenty of things I wouldn't have explored otherwise. Saw it, was also genuinely surprised when that thread didn't just devolve into a meme-fest. Have a good one
  4. It is so fucked up that I see genuine feedback on this board for once, and I have to keep double-checking the site I'm on.
  5. I'd say it varies from person to person; I personally don't put too much stock in first pressings or anything like that, but I know that some hold them in higher regard, considering they become more and more rare as time goes on. How that stacks against something that is much more limited and newer is a personal preference. If I was in your shoes, I agree with the post above: B or C. bonus points if the packaging/artwork is non-standard
  6. I gotta say, Chris Wilson has been killing it with these Mindforce reissues' new artwork.
  7. What are the general feelings on Tilian's solo output? I enjoy DGD, but I've never checked out his solo work beyond the odd single.
  8. Did you manage to listen to the single, or is it simply the listing for it tomorrow?
  9. Posting for the star. Easy purchase, been waiting on this one for a while
  10. Glad to see the instrumentals are on regular vinyl and not a picture disc. Has anyone listened to the singles off of 1.5? When I saw the tracklist I was very excited, but I haven't been into either of the singles so far. Maybe I'm too used to the original versions, but I just can't get into them.
  11. 3LP Definitive Edition Limited Edition of 3K worldwide Triple Vinyl containing UNLOCKED / UNLOCKED 1.5 (Remix) / UNLOCKED Instrumentals on 2 Picturedisc Vinyl and 1 Colored Vinyl in double a gatefold jacket. Also available thru Bandcamp
  12. Following up on this, site is showing: $75 color variant (/400) $50 color variant (/600) $30 black variant (/1000) for both the standard and instrumental versions Black is not an open preorder as previously thought, so don't sleep on this if you were planning on it.
  13. Thanks for the response. I like the options in format that Bandcamp provides, so I'll definitely be grabbing a copy there. We're also close enough to the next Bandcamp Friday (Dec. 4th) that I'll just wait it out until then. Congrats to you and your team on the release.
  14. Excellent first listen. Was putting off picking this up, but ordered the indie exclusive after listening in full. Question for anyone who has a copy already: is the download card that comes with the record by any chance one that redeems to Bandcamp? Don't have much experience with Pure Noise, so I'm just trying to gauge if I should just pull the trigger on a digital copy there or if I should just wait it out until I get my copy in hand. Thanks in advance.

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