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  1. Glad to finally have an update, but they should've just said that sooner!
  2. So they sent an email out three weeks ago that these should have started shippin' finally. Has anybody actually received it though? I've now sent two emails, a message on The Facebook, and a message on Instagram, but no replies at all. And I'm gettin' rather irritable over this!
  3. The flexi has the song "Halong Bay" on it, which I think has seen a semi-official release. Pretty sure it was featured in some part of their promotional "Crickets" DVD. And I'm fairly certain I have an .mp3 of it on an old hard drive. Got my copy!
  4. Easily my favorite Filter album! I'm also tempted by the signed /500 white copy, but will probably just go with the standard.
  5. Went with just the vinyl this time. I didn't need the shirts or other stuff.
  6. I don't believe there are any bonus tracks.
  7. Sure, I'll take a repress to replace my OG. But I really just want a new album!
  8. The jacket layout on the spine just looks tacky, and I agree with the disappointment in the booklet that came with it. Was definitely hopin' to see more photos from back then.
  9. A copy of my white whale showed up on Discogs a few months ago, but I just couldn't justify the askin' price of $500. Moreover, my wife would have killed me.
  10. I picked up the repress from RSD several years back so I prolly won't double dip. But I am curious what the difference will be.
  11. Shoot, I didn't even know the album came out last Friday! I really liked the first four songs released but the next four not quite as much.
  12. As suggested by him on The Facebook I reached out to my local store to see if they could order me a copy. They said they would look into it, but they "believe it might be a direct to customer release", whatever that means.
  13. Fuck I meant to pre-order it earlier but I got busy at work!
  14. I caught the final night of that first Family Values tour on Halloween in Fairfax, VA. First concert I ever bought tickets to and it changed my life! My friends and I didn't know 'bout Incubus replacin' Ice Cube, so we had no idea who they were, but they blew our teenage minds! Then later Rammstein were arrested in the middle of their performance and killed my night as they were the whole reason I was there in the first place.

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