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  1. I received two different emails from their webstore yesterday. One sayin’ “your music is ready to download.” The other “your music will arrive on 6/26/2020.” That doesn’t quite sound like a shippin’ confirmation though.
  2. As much as I love Steven Wilson, it is financially impossible to keep up with his limited edition/deluxe releases!
  3. I still really enjoy “Decadence.” I think the production on “Popaganda” was trash and the songs weren’t nearly as good. The one headline show I saw of theirs was a lotta fun though! And they played a few of the “Popaganda” tunes way before the album was released, “Egyptian Musk” was awesome that night! Wouldn’t pay that kinda money though.
  4. Yeah it must’ve aired on Cartoon Network. I taped it on VHS, but thanks! This YouTube link takes me way back! I totally forgot Drew Barrymore was in this! Those in-between pieces are terrible!
  5. I’ll probably pick up the Saturday Morning Cartoons vinyl. I remember Cartoon Network put together like a music video compilation show with all of this (minus the Fat Albert Theme). It was also released on CD shortly thereafter with what looks like the same art. Might pick up the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot too. But I’m not gonna sweat either release.
  6. If I had extra money right now I’d try to snag the FNY or Rare Futures TP, but they’re already too rich fer my blood.
  7. Recently sold my ol’ DVDs of this show, but that soundtrack is absolutely solid.
  8. If it’s to help fund the new album I’m all ‘bout it. I paid waaayyy more to snag a test press of el cielo from Drew’s own website, and I’m not complainin’.
  9. I can’t wait to get my vinyl of this and spin it on my nice speakers! Still, the stream sounds great! I really hope their announce USA tour dates sooner than later!
  10. “The Amalgamut” is my favorite Filter album and I would love it on vinyl!
  11. I have apologized, and member locations aren’t listed on my Safari mobile browser.
  12. I was unaware that English wasn’t your native language. My apologies. But yeah, comin’ in year just to talk shit on a band you don’t even like...I mean seriously what’s the point?
  13. I speak some pretty rough Spanish, and can read better German than speak it. Not anywhere near fluent in either language, but if you drop me off in a country that speaks either of the two I won’t die.