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  1. I dunno. I absolutely love his first two albums, and quite enjoyed everythin’ from Junip, but his last album just didn’t do much to me. These first two singles aren’t doin’ anythin’ to impress me yet.
  2. At least they have given updates on the delays as best they can. Some dude on Reddit is sayin’ “Leitmotif” 20th anniversary package and new album this year. Also has quite the dredg collection with two tapes of as yet unheard versions of “Orph” and “Leitmotif”. Allegedly unmastered, demos, or alternate takes of said material.
  3. Damn, I’d be all ‘bout those KOR soundtracks, but not at that price! And shippin’ that from Japan, ouch!
  4. I used to love therightstuf.com, but they tried to screw me hard some 15 years back. I had preordered a Gunbuster rerelease DVD pack and they shipped it to an old address by mistake. They refused to resend the item to my correct address until I threatened to contact the BBB.
  5. Snagged the only record I had to get from The Record Bar in Wilmington, NC. Can’t wait to dig into the Jonathan Wilson release! Might keep my eye out on the Willie Nelson though!
  6. I stand happily corrected! Glad I had already preordered it.
  7. Fffuuuccckkk! Never thought I’d see this happen! I’ve got my finger hoverin’ over the “Process Payment” button right now, but $100 is steep. It benefits a great cause absolutely, no argument there! But has it been remastered to go on wax? I doubt it. I wonder how they got Andy/Ontronik Khachaturian to agree to autograph copies?
  8. I’m curious on the track listin’, but won’t go in without it.
  9. I didn’t see that the second press was still available. I’ll give it another listen and make a final decision!
  10. I like the new album, but not infinitely sad that I missed out on the vinyl. I really like what he’s doin’ solo, much like Steven Wilson.
  11. I love Pete & Pete like whoa, but definitely bummed I missed out on this. Couldn’t afford it right now anyway.
  12. There was a story on Drew's Instagram a month or two back that had like 30-45 seconds of what was believed to be a new song. I liked what little I heard! Bummed that this was delayed, but whatever. I'm already waitin' to hear a new album and I can just listen to my recently unearthed CD in my car.
  13. Dependin’ on how expensive a physical copy/box set may cost I might be in! I had to release my pre-ordered boxset of his last album due to a super costly emergency veterinary visit. And now money’s tight due to COVID.

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