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  1. I don’t hate it, but it’s nowhere near his best. I would really love one more Porcupine Tree album and then a farewell tour! Then I could probably be satisfied with the rest of his solo career.
  2. They did do one short tour in the USA in the early/mid 2000s that I have retroactively discovered. I think it was a mostly NE/West Coast run of dates, so even if I had known who they were I likely couldn’t have afforded a trip and show.
  3. I’m sorry, what?! I’m a HUGE HHGttG fan and would be all ‘bout it on wax!
  4. Any help findin’ a copy of The Black Crowes - Lions? Not lookin’ to pay $70+ on it. ::edit:: Got it!
  5. So I haven’t gone through all 90+ pages in here, but if there are any fans of A Shoreline Dream they are tryin’ to release their latest album “Melting” on vinyl! I’ve been in love with their music since I first heard ASD in maybe 2005/2006. I’m really hoping they sell enough copies to actually press it on wax! https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/230450/a-shoreline-dream-melting https://ashorelinedream.bandcamp.com/album/melting To here more awesome tunes!
  6. I think you must’ve missed it the first time. This and Robyn are the only things I saw that piqued my interest, and I feel pretty confident that won’t be too hard to snag one outta 3000.
  7. The only ZH I would want on vinyl would be “Yellow,” “Waste Of Mind,” “Playmate of the Year,” “MFZB,” and “Waste of MZFB!”
  8. Still haven’t received the record. ::edit:: Recieved both the record and autographed postcard yesterday in the mail. They look great, but my amplifier died a while back an unfortunately I don’t have the money to fix it right now.
  9. I’m torn on pre-orderin’ this. I got The Waterfall deluxe maybe a year after it was released at less than half the original price. I’d dig another MMJ t-shirt, but I don’t really need another bandana or set of playin’ cards. Maybe I’ll just grab the vinyl.
  10. Just got shippin’ confirmation this mornin’!
  11. I received two different emails from their webstore yesterday. One sayin’ “your music is ready to download.” The other “your music will arrive on 6/26/2020.” That doesn’t quite sound like a shippin’ confirmation though.
  12. As much as I love Steven Wilson, it is financially impossible to keep up with his limited edition/deluxe releases!
  13. I still really enjoy “Decadence.” I think the production on “Popaganda” was trash and the songs weren’t nearly as good. The one headline show I saw of theirs was a lotta fun though! And they played a few of the “Popaganda” tunes way before the album was released, “Egyptian Musk” was awesome that night! Wouldn’t pay that kinda money though.
  14. Yeah it must’ve aired on Cartoon Network. I taped it on VHS, but thanks! This YouTube link takes me way back! I totally forgot Drew Barrymore was in this! Those in-between pieces are terrible!
  15. I’ll probably pick up the Saturday Morning Cartoons vinyl. I remember Cartoon Network put together like a music video compilation show with all of this (minus the Fat Albert Theme). It was also released on CD shortly thereafter with what looks like the same art. Might pick up the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot too. But I’m not gonna sweat either release.