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  1. I picked up the repress from RSD several years back so I prolly won't double dip. But I am curious what the difference will be.
  2. Shoot, I didn't even know the album came out last Friday! I really liked the first four songs released but the next four not quite as much.
  3. As suggested by him on The Facebook I reached out to my local store to see if they could order me a copy. They said they would look into it, but they "believe it might be a direct to customer release", whatever that means.
  4. Fuck I meant to pre-order it earlier but I got busy at work!
  5. I caught the final night of that first Family Values tour on Halloween in Fairfax, VA. First concert I ever bought tickets to and it changed my life! My friends and I didn't know 'bout Incubus replacin' Ice Cube, so we had no idea who they were, but they blew our teenage minds! Then later Rammstein were arrested in the middle of their performance and killed my night as they were the whole reason I was there in the first place.
  6. Yeah, I really enjoyed most of the self/untitled album, and LIFAD sounded so great to me after Reise, Reise and Rosenrot. Those two albums are easily my least favorite in their discography so far. Now I'm not super hyped on the new single so far, but I still think they'll deliver one more solid effort.
  7. I'm lookin' to get a little advice from y'all. So my ol' Denon DRA-350 amplifier stopped workin' a while back, but I finally have some money I can use to maybe fix it. There's a shop near me that has quoted me roughly $250-300 to fix it (without knowing exactly what is wrong), but I'm a little nervous to spend the money. I had this thing repaired once before at a different place, and not six months later it stopped workin' again. That repair was to fix a channel that had shorted out. So like the title says, should I invest more money into this amplifier, or look into a brand new one. My overall budget is roughly $400.
  8. I was just thinkin' 'bout this yesterday! I'm gettin' a little agitated with the lack of updates especially as this was not a cheap purchase.
  9. Whatever they release I’m pretty much in to buy it. I’ve loved dredg since somewhere ‘round 1999/2000 when an ol’ Internet friend sent me “Of the Room” from their industry demo and mp3s of “Leitmotif”. Sure, “Chuckles & Mr. Squeezy” was not up to par, but it was much more a collaboration with the producer than a traditional band album from them. And those songs live were pretty good! If you don’t wanna pay their prices, don’t. Maybe it’ll send the message that they’re chargin’ too much. Except all of their vinyl releases have sold out and end up even more overpriced on the resale market. Complain all you want, folks. I’m gonna sit back and enjoy their tunes on vinyl or whatever format I choose at this point, and wait with baited breath on live show or general tour announcement!
  10. With the booklet I decided to pick up a second copy and let my OG rest. And super excited to check out the makin’ of “Leitmotif” video on YouTube this Friday. I thought they were originally gonna release in on VHS, but kinda glad they may have decided not to do that. I’m not so sure that any kinda archive release will hold up their new material as they’ve had over a year to decide what to do, like most other bands. With Black Map’s third album delayed to early next year I could see the new dredg album bein’ pushed back further. But I still believe it’ll be worth the wait.
  11. Dependin’ on the packagin’, I may want in on this.
  12. Remainin’ stock of “In the Dead, Dead Wood” on vinyl is up on his bandcamp! Picked up a copy of the red vinyl and I can’t wait!
  13. I’ve only use Bull Moose online a few times to find RSD exclusives, but not after this. Fuck ‘em.
  14. I just completed my Bill Hicks collection with the third vinyl released posthumously. It has extra material not featured on the CD release, but I guess I could’ve just bought the material digitally. But fuck that ‘cause it’s fuckin’ Bill Hicks!
  15. I can’t find the Instagram post now, but I swear I saw it a while back. Same with some kinda confirmation of a “Leitmotif” repress. They may be part of the box set they had talked ‘bout in early 2019 before COVID shut down all their plans. Either way I am hopeful that after summer there may be more news. I know Mark’s other band (Black Map) should have their third album out sometime this year, so I imagine that will be his main focus through the end of the year.
  16. That absolutely fuckin’ sucks! While I’m not willin’ to part with my copy, there may be a super limited colored vinyl in the works. I believe Drew mentioned it in an Instagram post a few months ago after the initial pressin’ sold out. If I hear/see anythin’ I’ll let you know!
  17. Lemme know when FFVI gets a vinyl release and I’m all in! Maybs FFIV. Other than that I don’t care. Also, seriously, Xenogears.
  18. I’m tempted with “Decadence”, but then I think back and I’m all: “When was the last time I listened to that album?”
  19. I dunno. I absolutely love his first two albums, and quite enjoyed everythin’ from Junip, but his last album just didn’t do much to me. These first two singles aren’t doin’ anythin’ to impress me yet.
  20. At least they have given updates on the delays as best they can. Some dude on Reddit is sayin’ “Leitmotif” 20th anniversary package and new album this year. Also has quite the dredg collection with two tapes of as yet unheard versions of “Orph” and “Leitmotif”. Allegedly unmastered, demos, or alternate takes of said material.
  21. Damn, I’d be all ‘bout those KOR soundtracks, but not at that price! And shippin’ that from Japan, ouch!

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