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  1. Updated list - few things sold, few things pending, a lot more available. Please send offers!
  2. damn, maybe I should just put these on discogs? I figured some of these would go fairly quick.... I guess I was wrong! Please feel free to PM or post offers in here. I guess what I'm trying to say is.... bump!
  3. I've had some of these records for going on 10 years. I was giving a G/VG range for being upfront that they've been sitting for a while and accounting for inherent aging. All of the records play fine, it's mostly minor wear on the sleeves. As anyone who's bought or messaged, I'm happy to provide photos of whatever records you're interested in. So hit me up!
  4. List has been updated - lots of records available. Another package going out tomorrow!
  5. First package went out today. I forgot to take a pic Still things pending. Will update as soon as payments are made - all orders get tracking numbers. Thanks!
  6. Also! If anyone's interested in the lot, will unload for a very reasonable price. Please let me know!
  7. Hey guys - I prefer to deal with messages sent through VC, but if you can't, feel free to email me at machaertl(at)gmail(dot)com Sifting through messages now. Will update OP with stuff pending/gone momentarily. I'm going to the post office tomorrow morning, so if you can send payment tonight your stuff will go out tomorrow. I'll post pics of packages going out too. Thanks everyone!