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  1. huh? You can clearly see in the picture the hole is notably larger than the spindle. if the vinyl itself shrinks/retracts it would make the hole bigger.
  2. I'm guessing without the label as the record cooled it shrunk a little, whereas the label would have helped it hold it's shape better.
  3. Except that no one is on the hook if it doesn't work out. If not enough people buy it, everyone gets a refund, that's handled by Bandcamp automatically. Ala Kickstarter. The shitty thing about Kickstarter for records is that it was always a situation where the album isn't recorded yet, and Kickstarter doesn't do anything except provide the sales platform. So it was up to the artists to arrange everything, price it out, and deal with delays or problems. On top of that it was usually a pre-order of a pre-order, so sometimes people would wait years to receive their product. You give
  4. Nah I'm super down for this. I'm really hoping that a lot of back catalogues get pressed because of this service. I get you pay a premium and the quality isn't the best, but it's FINE especially if you just get black vinyl. Out of any other crowd funded pressing options this seems to be the smoothest and most sustainable for everyone involved.
  5. They mentioned why they did it. They pressed it last year but the regular pressing wasn't going to be ready in time for tour, so they got 100 tests to sell at the merch booth. Then regular press ended up arriving in time after all so they didn't need it and they were shelved.
  6. I mean, it's a test pressing, it's expensive for sure but I don't think you understand the definition of the word 'scam'
  7. Since it doesn't list any of the bonus tracks I would assume it's not a 2xLP, but it could just be a lazy description (which judging from their other items is very possible).
  8. DEP is probably the only band that makes me want to double dip every time they repress. I got these years ago and the copies I have sound and look great, but each repress is gorgeous
  9. I dislike MO, but I LOVE their side of this split. I managed to snag one from MO when it first went up, but it arrived super warped, totally unplayable. They said they'd send me a replacement and never did. 😭
  10. Kinda wish the non-bundle versions were available earlier 😐 But the show was AMAZING so really the only thing I don't want from the bundle is the t-shirt
  11. I got my Nuclear Blast order to Canada weeks ago 🤷‍♂️
  12. it's not, it was 300 to the UK, 2900 to the US, apparently. Where did you find it?
  13. Ugh, keep posting links if you find places where it's available, really hoping to snag one.
  14. They've mentioned that that in general they were heavy into the Tesseract-worship on S/T and that they've found it very busy in retrospect (especially Aphids), so I doubt we'll see any songs quite like anything on the S/T again. But if you just mean more in the sense of meandering moody atmospheric stuff, they've indicated that Constance is more representative of the album than Holy Roller. EDIT: Also, I just wanted to say if any of you are considering the Patreon, the Discord alone is worth the price of admission. It's one of the most chill and positive, but still active servers I'
  15. It's really hard to pick favourites, each release feels better than the previous. For me, while I really enjoyed it, Holy Roller was the only step back. It's a top notch head banger, but for me Spiritbox is at their best when they're atmospheric.
  16. Naw, Zombie is top shelf. Dead Throne is okay. The rest I don't dig, at all.
  17. Oh, I've spun the whole discogs probably at least 20 times. But Ex Lives and newer probably at least twice that. Hot Damn is the best pre-Ex, but it still doesn't hold a candle

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