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  1. mwY has higher QA standards than the pressing plant, clearly. While I wish both of their standards were that high, as long as one of them is I'm happy.
  2. Honestly I just assumed they were trying to move some additional existing copies of Never Said
  3. World of Pleasure / xWeaponx - Weapon of Pleasure Wild Rose variants up for pre-order: https://worldofpleasure.bigcartel.com/product/weapon-on-pleasure-12-split-vinyl Ultra Clear w/ Orange and Dark Blue Splatter /100 *WILD ROSE EXCLUSIVE* Half White / Half Dark Blue /150 *WILD ROSE EXCLUSIVE*
  4. Did you order the 2023 Gold Nugget variant and SCP sent you a Holy Fawn record instead? Holy Fawn fans got shafted big time, if anyone has a Gold Nugget Holy Fawn sitting around that you don't want, please please get in touch. Myself, and a bunch of fans, would love to get them into the hands of the people who actually ordered them.
  5. I ordered Single Rainbow / Reproduction, neither has shipped, I don't think anyone's has. I've never not received anything from mwY, and their customer service is top notch the very few times there have been problems. Ordering these vinyl has very much been a "set it and forget it" deal. It comes when it comes.
  6. it was as good as a solution as you could expect, a full refund and a free replacement (of a different variant).
  7. Good riddance, they royally fucked up the last PO for Holy Fawn. Sucks for all of the bands/labels impacted though, hopefully they get back on their feet quickly.
  8. Hardcore/adjacent, alphabetical: Abrupt Decay - As It Came for Me, So Shall It Come for You. Dying Wish - Symptoms of Survival Fold - Demo 2023 Murder Capital - Left Behind Scowl - Psychic Dance Routine Serration - Simulations of Hell Shallow End & All That Matters - A 2023 Promotional Guide XweaponX & World of Pleasure - Weapon of Pleasure Zulu - A New Tomorrow Honorable mentions: Buggin Gel
  9. I wish I could never touch Sandbag again, but too many bands I'm into use them. And it's not always obvious when ordering that it's sandbag behind the scenes until you get that order confirmation email.
  10. I equally love the serious and not serious big mad about non-edge enjoying edge bands. I like my whiskey, weed, steak, and WxP
  11. Yeah waiting for this, DAZE/Northern Scene is great if you're buying enough for free shipping, but is really expensive otherwise.
  12. it's really boring. It's just a not as good version of ETID, so I'll just listen to ETID. Better Lovers is bringing something different to the table, it doesn't feel like ETIDv2. Optimistic that maybe that's because he's trying to hook the ETID fans? Maybe the next song will branch out into something more interesting?
  13. Yeah if I can grab BBC v2 individually I probably would, those are great recordings, but sounds like that one is only in the box.
  14. This. Not liking the new sound is one thing, and obviously fine (to each their own, I love both the new and old sound). But invalidating their hard work is just shitty. But I disagree with you on gatekeeping, people are going to be annoying regardless of if you gatekeep or not. Music it cool, let people like what they like, help expose new things to people who haven't seen or heard something like that before. My taste and preferences are not better than anyone else's, I don't fucking care if you like something I think is dumb, or have a dumb opinion about something I like or don't like. But if I can share something with you I think is cool and you get some enjoyment out of it too, that's fucking awesome.
  15. I like it 🤷‍♂️ happy to see people get success, regardless of whether or not that's true. Get that bag, fuck big corporations, if you can get them to give you any money, do it.
  16. Honestly it's a big part of what makes it good, with only a few people coming in at once (realistically, when you let in 100 there are maybe 10 that are active) it's less intimidating for the new people and it's easier for the existing people to get to know them.

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