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  1. Tapes, but Wild Rose Records put out their first release: https://wildroserecords.bigcartel.com/ Broken Vow / Set Straight split
  2. The band said a SMALL amount of the Red will be hitting Bandcamp in the future.
  3. Right at the clapping for Skin Like Winter, so it takes you longer than it should to realize it's locked. Sass aside I've managed to miss all locked groove/skipping issues from the T&N/SS reissues 🤷‍♂️ My vinyl have all been fine.
  4. They will almost certainly be on the Solid State merch store, as were previous reissues
  5. TL;DR: Mortality Rate friend of the band needs help with family medical bills so Mortality Rate is holding a charity raffle. Winner gets: 2020 test press of Mortality Rate - Sleep Deprivation /5 World of Pleasure demo cassette /1 Code Orange - Love is Love /728 Have Heart - 10.17.09 /1000 Backtrack - 2008 demo 7" /150 More details: https://www.instagram.com/p/CbV3eVAP6VH/?utm_medium=copy_link Donate: https://mortalityrate.bigcartel.com/product/donation-for-iman-and-her-family
  6. Yeah, an EP to collect up the new songs along with Goodbye Horses, The Beginning Of The End, and The Years would have been nice.
  7. New Trench EP is on streaming and vinyl is up for pre-order: https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/vendors?q=TRENCH
  8. Has anyone received their copy of the black 1xLP or 2xLP yet? any comments on audio quality?
  9. This. If they want to do a new boxset for people that missed it last time around that's cool, but the white on white looks and sound great, I'd be perfectly happy with a belly band just so it doesn't look out of place
  10. it's not up yet, soon. Though I pre-ordered my vinyl in 2013, haha
  11. They've said down the road it will be available for everyone else as well
  12. https://digtrenches.bandcamp.com/album/eclipse-single The band has said that if you haven't cancelled your indiegogo order it will be honored
  13. the flux in price with Canada Post is insane, in order to not risk being at a loss I'd have to drive my shipping price up so high that I'd lose any sales. I moved everything over to eBay since they actually calculate a real shipping price Not to mention that Canada Post updates their prices monthly, and often it's not a small change.
  14. When they forced the shipping policies there was no way to account for the fact that there are no flat rates with Canada Post (there were similar issues with other countries), after a long back and forth with Discogs support they straight up told me that they know the shipping policies don't integrate properly with Canada Post and that they had no intention of fixing it. I still use Discogs to catalogue my collection, but I stopped selling the day they enforced the shipping policies. I wasn't a huge seller, but usually had around 100 or so up for sale, and sold 1-2 a week. Why they don't integrate with PayPal's shipping tools is beyond me, they introduced the shipping policies to appease PayPal but won't actually make use of the tools a partnership with PayPal affords them.

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