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  1. I've been waiting to see what he does/says next. The very little from him since seems to indicate that he may have shifted perspectives.
  2. our understanding is that the movie will be available on streaming for a while (they only book out a week at a time, but they will add more showings), I believe it's broken into showings to try and keep the website from being slowed down. I can't imagine we WON'T see a physical release at some point, it was revealed that it was mixed in 5.1 and apparently you can stream it at 5.1 but who actually has a set up for that?
  3. I thought it was fantastic! I loved how the songs were significantly different than the album versions. I felt like it had a good balance between the narrative and the performance. Looked gorgeous. If you've been following the lore it answered some questions and added some new ones. Literally my only gripe is that the end of On Jupiter wasn't longer.
  4. It happens more than you think. IIRC O'Brother left a box of 300 7in in a field while on tour, the total pressing was something like 500. I probably see 2-3 bands/labels a year mention that they've found a box of unopened records.
  5. You can listen to the whole things on Bandcamp now, it's killer: https://starflyer59.bandcamp.com/album/vanity
  6. sold out items that are invisible but not removed, most stores have a few.
  7. Anyone snag a fest edition that wants to trade for a The Chariot fest?
  8. I'm only speculating, but it would be insane to only press 500 of Bless The Martyr
  9. I'd assume that they are exclusive variants of existing or upcoming presses. I'd be surprised if the entire pressing was exclusively sold at the fest.
  10. A deleted tweet mentioned Terminal, so I'd assume it's a release of the concert, which I'd definitely grab if it gets a vinyl release
  11. It's pricy but the package sounds amazing: Elsewhere it was confirmed that the score is by Ben Chisholm of Chelsea Wolfe. So we're getting the live tracks and Ben Chisholm score on this. I grabbed the vinyl and a ticket to the digital premier
  12. We've only seen the tip of the iceberg. ULATM
  13. Loving everything so far. Torn between flipping the record less often and 45rpm
  14. Ha looks like it was an error, I listened through it all at: https://explosionsinthesky.bandcamp.com/album/big-bend-an-original-soundtrack-for-public-television The one track is among 2-3 other highlights. As far as their scores go this is definitely one of the better ones.
  15. in case you missed it, you can listen to the full score on Bandcamp. Digging it so far, but in general their scores aren't worth picking up on vinyl for me.
  16. No, but that shirt is what reminded me it exists. No, but this is also great. The one I'm thinking of was some image that someone made. It was a super clean/minimalist design, members/roles were colour coded.
  17. Off topic, but WAY back I remember that someone made a map of all of the Isis band members and other projects they were involved in. Does anyone know what I'm talking about/know where it is?

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