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  1. I'm only speculating, but it would be insane to only press 500 of Bless The Martyr
  2. I'd assume that they are exclusive variants of existing or upcoming presses. I'd be surprised if the entire pressing was exclusively sold at the fest.
  3. A deleted tweet mentioned Terminal, so I'd assume it's a release of the concert, which I'd definitely grab if it gets a vinyl release
  4. It's pricy but the package sounds amazing: Elsewhere it was confirmed that the score is by Ben Chisholm of Chelsea Wolfe. So we're getting the live tracks and Ben Chisholm score on this. I grabbed the vinyl and a ticket to the digital premier
  5. Loving everything so far. Torn between flipping the record less often and 45rpm
  6. Ha looks like it was an error, I listened through it all at: https://explosionsinthesky.bandcamp.com/album/big-bend-an-original-soundtrack-for-public-television The one track is among 2-3 other highlights. As far as their scores go this is definitely one of the better ones.
  7. in case you missed it, you can listen to the full score on Bandcamp. Digging it so far, but in general their scores aren't worth picking up on vinyl for me.
  8. No, but that shirt is what reminded me it exists. No, but this is also great. The one I'm thinking of was some image that someone made. It was a super clean/minimalist design, members/roles were colour coded.
  9. Off topic, but WAY back I remember that someone made a map of all of the Isis band members and other projects they were involved in. Does anyone know what I'm talking about/know where it is?
  10. damn that's pricey but I really like these songs. I will say that I've never been disappointed by purchasing Battle Box or The Vinyl Factory releases, as pricey as they are.
  11. These were in production before the acoustic version was even written.
  12. I know I've listened to them before but nothing caught my ear.
  13. Yeah, I would hope you wouldn't recommend that Dreamhouse sounds similar to In Blur, hahahaha. You're only 2 for 20 since I'm only familiar with two of the bands. If you are actually saying that these bands sound like In Blur then I'll check them out, but it seems like you're just trying to be clever
  14. Did you just search the shoegaze tag? Because while I love them, Slow Crush and Holy Fawn sound NOTHING at all like In Blur.
  15. For real, I love In Blur, so please direct me towards all of these other bands that sound the same.
  16. May have just bought the entire vinyl discography from Hello Merch.
  17. Black Brick I had associated to one last unrestrained black metal outing, especially now with IG I really feel that way. They used it to get it out of their system, cleanse the palate.
  18. I saw this yesterday and it's still blowing my mind. I don't know man, just make sure you show up early enough to see them play. I saw their second show, and even then they were top notch.
  19. Anyone who's on the fence should jump on this. Prior to the repress prices on the aftermarket were *insane* and it rarely went on sale. As Juan found the aftermarket is already inflating again. The repress wasn't that big so I'm sure it'll be back to the $200+ it used to be soon. I've had both presses in the past, they both sound great.
  20. Ha, no, if it's resonates with a bad time I usually like it more. I just find it uninspired and the experimentation didn't work for me. It felt awkward and clumsy. I feel like Infinite Granite is what they wanted to do, but just didn't take it that far. I'm very much an 'to each their own' type of person, but every time someone says OCHL is their best it has me scratching my head.

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