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  1. Dead American (Cove Reber from Saosin) are releasing “The Shape Of Punk Is Dumb” on vinyl for the first time, and is AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW! This pressing will feature a black and white version of the original artwork on four different color ways: 20 test presses 50 Swirl (Blue, Orange, Purple Swirl Bundle) 100 Blue (Coin Toss Exclusive) 100 Orange (Dead American Webstore) 100 Purple (Tour Exclusive) The swirl variant is only available as a bundle that is LIMITED to a total of 40, including a laser engraved wood box casing and limited edition shirt (all exclusive through Coin Toss Records, www.cointossrecords.com) - check it out at deadamerican.com! The vinyl has exclusive track False Intentions.
  2. Pre order for the Good Touch (Seattle Skaterock) is up on our website. You can hear the song/video "All Together" at No Echo http://www.noecho.net/features/good-touch-seattle-skate-punks We have 3 color bundles and a limited custom Good Touch Finger board available here: http://cointossrecords.limitedrun.com/products/619745-good-touch-s-t-lp
  3. Pre-Order for CTR-17 Discourage-S/T 7" are up. Stemming from Oakland, Ca, DISCOURAGE is out of the gate, not with a bang, but with an explosion. The quartet draws influences from early 2000's hardcore such as CARRY ON, GO IT ALONE and VERSE. Their first proper EP, this self titled 7" promises six songs for fans of fast, pissed off, true to roots hardcore. A joint release between CoinToss Records (US), State of Mind Recordings (US), Assault Records (EU), and Speedowax Records (UK) this recording was done with Charles Chaussinand (Spirits, Test of Time, The Distance) and features hand drawn art by Bill Hauser complete with unique packaging thought up by the band. Each label will have an individualized B-side label. All Pre-Orders will come with a 6" x 6" hand stamped, two-color posters only available during the pre order. You can Listen to the song "Thoughts and Prayers" on No Echo here:http://www.noecho.net/features/discourage-oakland-hardcore. Pre order the record here: http://cointossrecords.limitedrun.com/…/613813-discourage-s…
  4. This is Hell 5 Tape Box Set available for Pre- Order. This is the first time any of these This Is Hell releases have been on tape. The discography comes with a 11x17 Tattoo Flash poster, that was drawn tattoo artist Steve Zimovan. All the posters come in a tube. The first press is # out of 100. This box set comes with a digital download of all the records as well.The box sets have 3 different lyrics on the bottom, please let me know if you order more than 1 box set if you would like ones with different lyrics on the bottom. Pressing Information First Press #1-100 (3 different covers, same design but different lyrics on the bottom of the layout) Bastards Still Remain-Clear tape Misfortunes- Black Tape Sundowning-Solid Red Tape BlackMass-Solid Silver Tape Weight Of The World-Smokey Tint Tape Buy it here- http://cointossrecords.limitedrun.com/…/606676-this-is-hell…
  5. Starting today everything in the CoinTossRecords store is 50% off. This sale is going on until midnight Nov 27th. There is no code needed. Just buy as much as you want for half the price. Please share and tell your friends. Ends Meet, Drug Control Spirits Killer Shades The Record Collection Blessed Out Of Body DSGNS Venomspitter Edgewise Get A Grip The Bearer This is Hell MindForce Die Faster Sick Symptom www.cointossrecords.com
  6. We are having a big sale to move out some inventory. We have 4 different packages. 1. 5 LP's for $25 (plus shipping) 2. 10 cd's for $15 (plus shipping) 3. 5 tapes for $10 (plus shipping) 4. 10 7's for $20 (plus shipping) All of these packages will have our releases as well as distributed items. You won't get 2 of the same. You might get 2 different versions of the same release, you might get a test press or a very limited version too. Go to our web store to get these deals. www.cointossrecords.com
  7. CTR-15 MindForce-"Demo" 7"- NYHC with X-members of Living Lazer play a great old school sounding hardcore. Four songs of hard-hitting crossover and profound lyrics. From the school of Leeway, Cro-Mags, Icemen and Nuclear Assault. CTR-16 Out Of Body-"Voiceless" LP/Cd/Tape- Austin,TX's Out of Body play an amazing post hardcore music. This 10 song release is for fans of Quicksand,Hum and just good music. Each pre order will be entered to win a test press for that release. Check them out here-www.cointossrecords.com
  8. Today is a great day. The Edgewise record is officially out today, And Pre Orders for the new Blessed record"ii" are up. You can listen to a new song from the Blessed record here thanks to Stereogum: http://www.stereogum.com/1932664/blessed-headache/premiere/
  9. Edgewise Angels and Addicts EP Cointoss Records is proud to announce our newest EP, Angels and Addicts, from PA hardcore legends Edgewise. This blistering release, engineered and produced by Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday), combines an old school hardcore sound with relentless, grinding metal. Edgewise’s first release after a 20 year hiatus, Angels and Addicts is well worth the wait. The band’s current lineup features longtime Edgewise members Al Spina on vocals, Vince Spina on guitar, and Matt Tincani on bass, along with veterans Jess Goldey (My Turn to Win) on guitar and Kevin Ruggeri (Ten Foot Pole) on drums. After successfully testing their new lineup in Philly hardcore shows featuring the likes of Slapshot and Wisdom in Chains, Edgewise combined forces with seasoned producer Fred Mascherino to generate this four song EP. In a recent interview with In Effect Hardcore, Edgewise describes Angels and Addicts as a fusion of influences, drawing heavily from the late 80s – early 90s New York hardcore bands of their youth. But with lineup additions Jess Goldey and Kevin Ruggeri come new elements, including brutal, mosh inspiring breakdowns and relentless double bass on the drums. Angels and Addicts brings a unique sound that any hardcore or metal fan should check out. A limited first pressing of Angels and Addicts will be available from Cointoss Records with 250 on green slime vinyl, 150 on black vinyl, and 100 on pink vinyl. Pre-order yours now! Angels and Addicts will be available on all major digital music services, including Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. Release date 3/31/17 We also have Short sleeve Tee's, Longsleeve Tee's and Champion Hoodies. you can check out the video for the song "Choked Out" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HczPjdPsP7k www.cointossrecords.com.
  10. Coin Toss Records and Blasphemour Records are proud to announce the new EP from The Bearer, Fiction. Fiction will be available on all digital platforms (ITunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc), as well as 7" vinyl. Coin Toss Records/ Blasphemour Records will each be offering a limited/numbered preorder cover edition /35. This recording will eat faces and take you to outer spaces. Fiction was recorded in Austin with Andrew Hernandez (The Sword, Mammoth Grinder) at Estuary Recording Facility. Digital master by Simon Sludge (Nightmarer, War From A Harlots Mouth), and vinyl master by Alan Douches of West West Side Music. The vinyl edition of Fiction will be pressed on a Purple trans with deep blue and yellow splatter 7". Artwork done by Alexandre Goulet (Despised Icon, Meet the Mailman). This sophomore release from The Bearer features concept songs based on science fiction movies, books, tv shows and video games such as Dune, Blade Runner, The X-files, and Doom. The Bearer is a Hardcore band based out of Austin, Texas, and is made up of seasoned musicians who play for the love of the music. They bring passion from their previous/other projects: Spitfire (Solid State), The Takeover (Stillborn Records), Vetter Kids (Texas Is Funny), UGLYTWIN, DSGNS (Pluto Records), Hundred Year Storm (Floodgate Records) and Love Begotten. Drawing also from their influences of Metal, Metalcore, and Hardcore; The Bearer puts on shows full of energy and zeal. Get the vinyl and our limited cover here: www.cointossrecords.com You can listen to 4 songs form the EP form these great sites: ScenePointBlank-https://www.scenepointblank.com/…/spb-premiere-c-beams-bea…/ No Clean Singing:http://www.nocleansinging.com/…/an-ncs-premiere-the-bearer…/ New Noise Magazine:http://newnoisemagazine.com/song-premiere-bearer-animal-man/ IdiotEQ:http://www.idioteq.com/hellwalker-the-bearer-premiere-new-…/
  11. We are having a huge holiday sale, almost everything is 25% off (except new releases). That includes all of our distro titles as well, No Code needed. We have Punk/Hardcore/Rock/LP's /7"/CD's/Tapes/Shirts/ and Skateboards. go check it out and pick up some stuff or yourself or a friend. We throw free stuff in every order. cointossrecords.com
  12. We are having a huge holiday sale, almost everything is 25% off (except new releases). That includes all of our distro titles as well, No Code needed. We have Punk/Hardcore/Rock/LP's /7"/CD's/Tapes/Shirts/ and Skateboards. go check it out and pick up some stuff or yourself or a friend. We throw free stuff in every order. cointossrecords.com
  13. We are having a huge holiday sale, almost everything is 25% off (except new releases). That includes all of our distro titles as well, No Code needed. We have Punk/Hardcore/Rock/LP's /7"/CD's/Tapes/Shirts/ and Skateboards. go check it out and pick up some stuff or yourself or a friend. We throw free stuff in every order. cointossrecords.com
  14. We have 3 Pre-Orders going up on Friday Sept 23 at noon EST time. We couldn't be more excited about these releases, and hope you are too. We will be giving away a Blessed Test press and two this is Hell Test Presses to a couple lucky people who pre order. CTR-9 Blessed-S/T 12”/Digital. This amazing 4 song one-sided 12” (With Etched B-Side) is just all around amazing with sound/look/ and band. “Blessed’s sound is weird, noisy and harsh, drawing from surf, rock and post-punk in equal measure. It's if Radiohead decided to go back to playing guitars and singing actual words with a Siouxsie and the Banshees twist. It’s creepy, but cool, in a way that will make you feel creepy and cool, too”. -Noisey. CTR-10 This Is Hell -Bastards Still Remain 7”/Digital. This is the band first release in a long time; they have been Inactive for 3 years now (since 2013). “The music for these songs were written quickly and then buried. When the 10th anniversary for “Sundowning” was approaching, the idea of them becoming a surprise one-off record was conceived and we quickly ran with it. The songs are a direct nod to first wave American hardcore/punk, which is one of, if not my favorite, era of music. We stayed with that vibe the entire process - 90 minutes of practice on a Saturday, recorded/mixed/mastered on a Sunday with almost everything being tracked first take, and it was done. Even the 12 songs on a 7”; it’s all in the vein of early 80’s USHC” – guitarist, Rick Jimenez. CTR-11 Get a Grip- Endless+Green Peaks cd/Digital. Get a Grip is a Vermont hardcore band, pulling its influence from others such as Trial, Outbreak, early Comeback Kid, Gorilla Biscuits, Have Heart and many others. These influences shine through in GAG’s fast, intense playing and high-powered vocals. The Endless Record has 10 amazing tracks on it and we added 5 more tracks from the 2014 out of print Green Peaks EP. This record will not disappoint you. All of these releases will (fingers crossed) be shipping around Oct 15th. Go to our website and sign up for an email notification when they all go up on sale. www.cointossrecords.com
  15. I'm excited to announce that I will be releasing a one sided Etched B side of ‪#‎blessedband‬ S/T EP you can listen to the 4 song EP and download it for free on our bandcamp. www.cointossrecords.bandcamp.com