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  1. All set with a new stack of mailers! Keep them coming!
  2. Out of mailers until thurs but let me know if you are interested in anything!
  3. Bump- - few of these are gone but I can't edit until I'm at a computer. Shoot me offers!
  4. What a great live show. Saw Malkmus and the Jicks open before I could appreciate it. Can't remember who opened the In Rainbows show. Wish they were doing more this year. Hopefully next year.
  5. Have any of the Bandcamp orders other than VF shipped?
  6. I'm not married to the deluxe edition that I have if anyone is looking to trade. I'm primarily looking for Radiohead- In Rainbows (Discbox) but I'd be happy to look at your tradelist. Edit: she's gone folks