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  1. The vinyl on their webstore is listed as exclusive so my guess is that bullmose is getting a standard color or indie retail varient.
  2. RockPuppetz

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Ahhh it was all a publicity stunt
  3. Yung Lean Chapter one boxset. Brought to you by Ormolycka of all people. http://yungleanchapterone.store/
  4. Reccomemd getting this cause it won't be around for long
  5. Anyone know if the "rest of the world" and "US" green are from the same pool? They always seem to have different ammount but only off by a handful each time, and I'm having a hard time believing they sold over 6,000 copies in a few days.
  6. RockPuppetz


    A million miles away yes, other records have yet to ship fully I believe
  7. I have a test press of this and I can confirm it sounds fucking amazing.
  8. My 2 copies and my brothers 2 copies came in forever ago if that helps anyone. If by legit you mean not a bootleg then it's legit imo, but I see why people would think otherwise.
  9. RockPuppetz


    I posted it on here, I'm friends with the label owner.
  10. Here we goooo Track list: death grips is online flies black paint linda's in custody the horn section ha ha ha shitshow streaky dilemma little richard the fear outro disappointed
  11. RockPuppetz

    Japanese vinyl online store

    what a crappy website, lets all be civilized and stick to jetsetrecords kidding, seems to be nice for older records.
  12. RockPuppetz

    PO: Kamaal Williams - The Return

    I'm not gonna cancel mine even though I'm talking all this shit lol
  13. RockPuppetz

    PO: Kamaal Williams - The Return

    Exactly, I frantically payed probably like 40 bucks to get this In from Rough Trade. The only reason I was completely was willing was cause "if I don't want this when it's in I could just sell it for at least cost." But now I probably can't.