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  1. Bandada VMP variant now available for non-VMP members
  2. Yeah, well it let’s me cause I’ve had it before (gordillaz) too bad they don’t do a grandfathered crate digger sub or else I’d be super happy to have that again. Edit: just pretend I quoted @ethereal
  3. So I subbed for $29 just for the bandana / pinata, not really interested in any of the swaps or records. If anyone wants something heres my list of swaps, I can sell it to you for a bit cheaper than my subscription price. Just thought I'd try this before taking the $29 charge for a record I dont want. https://imgur.com/a/MyvYWxp
  4. yeah, huge price tag but mach hommy is kinda known for the insane price tag at this point. I bought this thankfully because now its sold out. Curious to see if this can even appreciate in value
  5. glad this album finally got a vinyl Limited numbered edition of 500, gold foil 7 left as of posting https://www.mach-hommy.com/collection/dollar-menu-2-1
  6. $30 expensive for an LP? Damn you guys would go insane if you saw the underground hip hop vinyl prices
  7. Somehow I didn't hear about SH2 vinyl till today, sigh. If anyone knows where to get a color copy or is willing to sell me one at or close to cost I'd be super happy. Peace!
  8. Love this dude's music ever since he dropped Path of a Legend on Chopped Herring. I'll check this one out
  9. Okay so I've never bought anything from pledge music, for some reason it'd turn me off from releases when I saw they were handling the release. But I am super curious, especially for big artists, what was the appeal of pledge music. What made it any better than just selling the record on a merch page?
  10. Wow the Flowers Taped to Pens kids are in a signed band now? Life is wild
  11. For whatever reason, the colors that they were shown as when being sold aren't the colors they actually are, so that's why the discogs is weird. The actual coloring is as follows: Unknown Death 2002 - White Vinyl Unknown Memory - Magenta / Black AsideBside Warlord - Black Kyoto - Clear with Blue splatter