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  1. This is what I'm doing, but I am also a R&HH 1 month subscriber whos been subbed since the Freddie Gibbs drop: Switched to essentials Swapped for MM FOOD Waiting for an announcement for a standard release / what the other VMP releases are before I decided to 100% stick with the track.
  2. Mine came in perfect condition, it’s limited to about 300, when it dropped I was able to add ~275 to cart
  3. There’s a list of things you can swap for. They could be store exclusives or old rotm. But most of the time new store exclusives aren’t swaps
  4. Prediction: if VMP gets an exclusive variant of the new JPEGMAFIA it won’t be on color vinyl, it’ll have a cover variant. And the cover will be the Digital/Spotify cover rather than the alt. Art the vinyl edition uses
  5. So happy this got vinyl. Been googling looking for the preorder since the single dropped
  6. Bandana and Piñata delayed until October or November
  7. I HATED this on my first attempted listen, gave it another shot a day later and fell in love the album. I'd say give it another go.
  8. Non-Hiphop album of the year got a limited vinyl pressing. 1000 Copies on Translucent Green vinyl, numbered. Already down to 16 copies as of right now. Pre-order: https://dogshowrecords.com/ Listen: https://100gecs.bandcamp.com/releases GECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGEC
  9. Bandada VMP variant now available for non-VMP members
  10. Yeah, well it let’s me cause I’ve had it before (gordillaz) too bad they don’t do a grandfathered crate digger sub or else I’d be super happy to have that again. Edit: just pretend I quoted @ethereal
  11. So I subbed for $29 just for the bandana / pinata, not really interested in any of the swaps or records. If anyone wants something heres my list of swaps, I can sell it to you for a bit cheaper than my subscription price. Just thought I'd try this before taking the $29 charge for a record I dont want. https://imgur.com/a/MyvYWxp