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  1. Love this dude's music ever since he dropped Path of a Legend on Chopped Herring. I'll check this one out
  2. Okay so I've never bought anything from pledge music, for some reason it'd turn me off from releases when I saw they were handling the release. But I am super curious, especially for big artists, what was the appeal of pledge music. What made it any better than just selling the record on a merch page?
  3. Wow the Flowers Taped to Pens kids are in a signed band now? Life is wild
  4. For whatever reason, the colors that they were shown as when being sold aren't the colors they actually are, so that's why the discogs is weird. The actual coloring is as follows: Unknown Death 2002 - White Vinyl Unknown Memory - Magenta / Black AsideBside Warlord - Black Kyoto - Clear with Blue splatter
  5. What places are super chill with canceling preorders? I want this but I also have a gut feeling it'll get a limited color down the line.
  6. You won't find anywhere you can press any less than like 200 for a reasonable price, unless you don't care about profiting
  7. If the most limited varient is black vinyl, then it's probably gonna be in stock for s long while.
  8. Disclosure: I love this album, had it pre-ordered for months now.
  9. Wow I wonder if the preorder from the record label he is signed to is legit