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  1. New song is very Broken Social Scene-y, I like it.
  2. Got my solid pink /200 copy from Amazon.ca the day after release. Very happy with this release, high quality sleeve and the record plays great. No pops or skips.
  3. This new track is much better than the last, reminds me of Exile/Vilify.
  4. Just chiming in to say Rented World is good and place holder threads are bad. https://images.app.goo.gl/N7cwKJBGJ29YSPGx5
  5. Got my red/yellow copy today. The vinyl sounds fucking awesome, one of the best sounding records I've got in a long time (also helps that the jams are killer).
  6. Plenty of tips in the first couple pages.
  7. The pink copy I ordered form Canuck Amazon got delayed :/ PUP "Morbid Stuff (Vinyl)" Estimated arrival date: April 17, 2019 - April 30, 2019 Think I'll also buy a tape copy, incase this doesn't ship out until the end of April. Kinda want one anyways, then again that ships from Europe so who knows when that'll show up either lol.
  8. Relase day! Listening to the stream now, this album is fucking killer. Definetly gonna be a top 3 favorite of 2019. https://freethrowemo.bandcamp.com
  9. Or we could just act like grown ups. Seriously dude, if you wanna have pissing contests with strangers over nothing on the internet just make a Twitter account. The internet is rotten with that kind of crap these days, VC doesn't need to be a bummer too.
  10. Chatter of a new album - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/blink-182_reveal_when_to_expect_the_new_album__how_many_songs_they_have.html
  11. Bud, I've read this up to "And Rambo; your comparison would be valid if I climbed onto a soapbox every time I saw an SRC link and rattled off a list of grievances..." and I'm good. No nuts to crack here. Just be chill, these boards have been flowing like gravy, let's keep it that way.
  12. You can have personal inquiries, but why not just shoot the dude a DM and ask him directly instead of calling him out? Clearly a lot of people have personal beef with SRC, and them saying so isn't a problem at all. Hell, nobody ever goes to their defense or anything, I just don't like seeing users like @ckraus333 start to get dogpiled for sharing some quick info and a link in a thread that otherwise would've dropped off in a day or so. We all have problems with certain labels/bands/artists/even users, but it doesn't need to be brought up constantly. I don't support Hopeless Records anymore because they work with absolute pieces of shit like Adam Fox, but I don't mention that in every Hopeless release thread lol. Edit: for the record I have no idea if this is the same guy from that charity comp. Heard from a trusted friend who got ripped off by the Adam Fox who used to slum it on these boards that he worked with Hopeless on some stuff. I or he could be mistaken and mixing them up, either way those of you who have been here long enough know exactly who I'm talking about, fuck that dude.
  13. Can't comment on SRC's marketing strategy with ads, as far as I can tell this place has always been rotten with them since Virgil gave up on it. Regardless, you're not the arbiter of content that gets shared on this board. People shouldn't have to worry if they're going to get lectured because they shared a link and didn't write a dissertation about it too. Live and let live.
  14. Relax dude, he's just sharing a link to a new repress on a record collecting forum. Juan and I moderate this whole goddamn forum and don't get paid for it, you think the dude who's posting links every other month is on their payroll? They could just blast the boards with ads for free instead lol