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  1. They warned us about Marie Calendar's and Coco's and now nobody can have pie.
  2. Can't really make out the lyrics, but from what I can tell it's a sonically fun/catchy song with a huge bias that points fingers at an older generation that's concerned about their property rights and retirement plans lol. Not trying to make this thread about politics, but favoring one authoritarian over another doesn't make you a, "good guy."
  3. Give me whiskey and coke (translucent brown) colored records /150 or give me death!
  4. Nah man, some people like the "novelty" of vinyl, but a lot people (on these boards specifically) collect records because we prefer the format, and like to support the bands/artist we listen to. Hell, most of us got into vinyl when it was aggressively unpopular, and the vast majority of threads on this board were about $10 records from punk/indie labels that kept the format alive because it was a cheap physical option (then, not now).
  5. New jam has a lot of vocals and structure and it's not at all what I turn to LB for 😕
  6. I'm about 30 hours into Fire Emblem Three Houses and still in chapter 1. I plan on playing the other 2 houses story lines after my initial through so I assume I'll be completely done with this game sometime in 2028. On another note, I've been playing the shit out of this Dr. Mario mobile game while on-the-go. I initially hated it, but have since figured out the tricks. The online vs mode is surprisingly well done and fun.
  7. I feel you. I paid a dumb amount of money for a sealed copy of Can't Slow Down, but it was still less than the price of a open copy of In Reverie. It's the only STD full length I don't have on vinyl.
  8. Chris Farren is becoming the next generation's Reggie and the Full Effect and I dig it.
  9. Never. DreamWorks has the rights to that album and will continue to be dicks about a repress.
  10. The /199 tan pressing? I got one of them. Got no gripes with it either.
  11. Anyone else here obsessed with Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Easily my favorite game since Persona 5.