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  1. living the (republican) american dream! good going, though, girl. PULL YERSELF UP BY THOSE BOOTSTRAPS. or something. all dat hard work will pay off one day!
  2. i mean, thus far dustin has been the only one involved that has actually acknowledged that any wrong doing occured (however self deprecating that acknowledgement may have been), so i guess props to him for that. as for everyone else? idk, man. those kittens are silent as church mice right meow.
  3. from your car, or inside the gym? because i don't understand people who bring wallets/valuables into the gym/locker room and don't put them in a locked safe place.
  4. only allow us to communicate via cat gifs from now on, plz. actually nevermind, i'll just make my own forum. ALL ARE WELCOME. shitty people needn't apply, tho.
  5. would be very interested just for curiosity sake in knowing who actually changed the name of the thread, but we all know what curiosity did to the cat. ...and we all also know how i feel about cats.
  6. oh, ollie and frank are already having a long distance clandestine love affair!
  7. i don't think that i could ever be friends with someone who doesn't say 'buzz. your girlfriend' whenever i say 'woof.'
  8. saw etid once probably, oh god. 8 years ago and i'm seeing them again next Saturday. i believe that the vocalist from letlive is filling in on the rest of the dates on this tour, so that should be interesting.

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