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  1. Preemptive complaint for something I know was shipped loose in a whiplash. But question for anyone that has dealt with USPS customer service. Ever have to deal with a typo in your address? One digit off in the street number (my fat finger). Concerned it’ll get sent back as invalid address, and I shudder at the idea of this being handled by USPS a second time.
  2. This is the reasonable expectation they keep failing to hit though. And it has absolutely helped with other shipments. I don’t think anyone can expect guarantees or seatbelt laws to save the day. Gotten 4 records from Take This To Heart/Parting Gift. 3 of them damaged. 2 with seem splits but no damage to the mailer. The 4th was a 10”. There is a pattern here. Distance to destination could be a factor too (I’m on west coast).
  3. If it helps, Revolver’s automated response is a screener that requires you to reply with the your support request (again). If you don’t reply to their automated response, they won’t follow up. If you already did that, then I wouldn’t stop trying until they deliver ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Thought so, but my Revolver order just got a shipping number too. It’s even moving...
  5. Same with my Revolver copy, was in the grooves too. Was able to get it out easily enough, but how many problems can one release have? Asking rhetorically here.
  6. Didn’t realize the standard release wasn’t gatefold. Some photos of the deluxe if anyone else is curious.
  7. Maybe, but what if one of the next 7 variants just looks way cooler to someone? I don’t think that’s the case here, but there have been other examples recently (also with Equal Vision). Edit: Case in point below. Transparency was key if this wasn’t about profiting off the fomo. To quote Mitch Hedberg for no reason: “…because I did not know that there was a second part to the question.”
  8. MerchNow. At the bottom of the email that’s where they’re pointing for support. If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected] Also got an email from SendOwl but that’s just for digital products.
  9. Managed this with 10” and 12”, but the 7” wouldn’t fit into its slot with a dust sleeve on it. Looks dumb as hell, but gets the job done.
  10. They’re up on US store. Still free shipping, but $66 total 😕
  11. Honestly with how pretentious these posts are, being liked seems really important to you. I don’t agree with you at all, but I want you to know - I like you.

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