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  1. Standard cloudy splatter, not bad IMO. That mockup they used was never based in reality, but can’t go wrong cloudy splatter.
  2. I’m back to doubting what colorway TJ was actually selling. Not that Derek is wrong, but the Bandcamp images are straight orange translucent (and I’m a sucker for jungle swirls). Then again, Bull Moose is selling a phone case.
  3. Thanks, nabbed. Also explains the “Can ship from UK” note on TJ.
  4. Is this the same as https://www.discogs.com/release/23388800-Pelican-Australasia? Wondering why it shows Aug19 as the ship date while others already have this in hand. Or is it actually straight translucent orange instead, despite the photos?
  5. Received my /700, scratched from flecks of red vinyl that weren’t cleaned away. MerchNow agreed to send a replacement - only after I send a photo of the copy I have *snapped in half*. Anyone ever been asked to do this?
  6. Yup, got it! They just sent out a stock email too, thank you!!
  7. Did this already sell out? Or am I not reading again?
  8. Not at all helpful, but that’s the record in my profile pic. Good luck!
  9. It looks like a few of the first runs are back up: https://federalprisoner.shop/products/poison-the-well-tear-from-the-red-clear-w-black-center-lp-edition-of-500 Edit: Sold out again https://federalprisoner.shop/products/poison-the-well-tear-from-the-red-grey-w-black-white-splatter-lp-edition-of-500 Edit: Sold out again
  10. Costly indulgence, but grabbed the keyline too. Weird to choose between more art, and more colors.
  11. Already got a shipping notification for the splatter Making Friends.