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  1. This says a lot about all of us. Also, looking through this thread history - they released at 9AM PST last go around, right?
  2. Cave In covered Moor in a great way. ETID covered Youth Overrided in very moving, sorta memorial way.
  3. Tough to tell for sure, but from Relapse’s social it looks like they didn’t announce until they had it in hand (Jan. 5th). Received mine today.
  4. Mine came crushed from top-side, warped the media (bowl-like). Reset expectations here - these were not well packaged. Basic mailer with a little bubble wrap. If it gets stacked on like mine did = easy warp or worse.
  5. Same, on repeat since December. Probably will be in pre-shipment forever, but I’m excited to see how these turn out.
  6. Also that wax mage variant... Better quality when viewed in the Discogs app: https://www.discogs.com/Rufio-Perhaps-I-Suppose/release/16710297
  7. Are these digitally “mapped”splatters, like the NFG ones? It’s a cool effect either way.
  8. Thanks for bumping this thread! Love this EP and had been eyeing the first press on Discogs for a while. Snagged.
  9. Holy hell, thank you for this. Had just started listening to Amateurs and Professionals again. Almost makes this year worth it. [insert ‘there goes my hero’ image]
  10. I emailed Down Right Merch last night that a few orders were stuck at the same USPS hub. No reply yet but this morning, my package was accepted and now in transit. Probably a coincidence, but maybe all it took was a nudge.
  11. Sorry to get such relief from shared anxiety. My blue copy has been stuck at the same location with the same status, date and time. Hopefully this takes off soon!
  12. Looks like this has been restocked: https://www.rightstufanime.com/FLCL-Vinyl-Soundtrack
  13. Same. Only seeing the notice for the digital download (“Your music will arrive on Nov. 6”). I think vinyl won’t ship till mid December, but I hope you’re right!

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