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  1. I’ve got a shipping label created, was waiting for their post!
  2. Maybe, I was able to add it to cart 8min ago. But “sold out” before checkout. Also the listing is still there, whereas earlier today they took down the listing. Blue in cloudy clear (color in color).
  3. Yup, just ultra clear. Hope your order from Lunchbox is what you’d hoped.
  4. Merchtable confirmed, it’s a “new” variant that’s (just?) clear. This is a new variant that flew off the shelf before the picture was updated. This is the Clear variant as indicated on the drop down bar.
  5. Ordered this, but was confused by “Clear” in the dropdown. Have hopes that “exclusive artist variant” and it being MerchTable - that it’s the gold/red splatter pictured. And not the clear w/gold & black splatter (indie variant).
  6. I did order Tantrums, completely forgot. Thanks, and sorry for the unnecessary bump!
  7. I hope this isn’t a false alarm - but I think this is shipping. I’ve got a random media mail label outta Bayonnne, NJ. Not too far from where they’re from. Maybe someone else can confirm, if not an email.
  8. I think I grabbed this just as they were taking down these links? Edit: Maybe not, this Facebook URL still works: https://m.districtlines.com/Periphery/123949/Periphery-V-Djent-Is-Not-A-Genre-2xLP-Black-Ice-w-Violet-Splatter?fbclid=IwAR0uLhjuBtC3sSMH_n_ZPwKGL1_m2p5rC91tz2ImR2CrTEa-ngYR9NdILf8
  9. Colors are on their socials: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkwdHN3g4_R/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Bundle has a unique color (rainbow splatter on yellow?), same for all 4 albums. Standalone albums each have a completely different color scheme. A better person can probably get the images in here.
  10. Same, reached out to FP and they said they’ve had problems with their USPS hub not doing the initial scan. Holding out hope. Update: As of tonight, about 16 hours after reaching someone at FP, tracking updated to accepted in Philly. I wish the same “luck” to you.
  11. Just got my A/B mix, glad I chose wisely for a change. Though Side A has the center label for Side C. Scared me into thinking I got two disc 2s, but tracks are accurate. Anybody else seeing this on their copies?

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