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  1. This is the response I got more than a week ago, still no shipping notice 😕
  2. Finally a shipping notification for the deluxe. Maybe the “heavy duty” slipcase will be some level of duty.
  3. Devastation avoided and acquired! If the teasers online are any indication, I’ve got high hopes for the remix and/or remaster of this.
  4. Good news though, these already shipped in March 2023: **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM EXPECTED TO SHIP MARCH 2023**
  5. FYI, the bundle actually costs more in shipping than buying each individually in a single order. Difference is $5 for me.
  6. Bought it in the last few weeks, what I received is the 2023 EU pressing (“Made in France” sticker on the back). I don’t have the 2014 pressing to compare - but this sounds pretty good.
  7. 2/2 bowl warped. Obligatory shit on T3H. Good luck yall.
  8. I got my /300 last week, hang in there! Hopefully the split box isn’t far behind.
  9. All EVR variants are back up, gotta be limited stock/overages: https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/collections/saves-the-day
  10. Curious where/when that black w/gold & white splatter’s gonna be. Only see it as the first thumbnail on Jade Tree’s homepage.
  11. Did yours ship from North Carolina like someone’s boxset apparently did? Or somewhere else? Assumed these would come from Sherman Oaks/Burbank.
  12. Sheet Happens also has a variant /250, ultra clear w/black, silver & white heavy splatter: https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/shop/1690/the-dillinger-escape-plan-one-of-us-is-the-killer-10-year-deluxe-ultra-clear-w-black-and-silver-and-white-heavy-splatter
  13. Received my blue galaxy - nothing like the photos I’ve seen elsewhere. Almost entirely blue with just a hint of marbling. Disappointing, but hopefully others have better luck.
  14. What location, if you don’t mind me asking? My canceled label was coming from Long Beach, CA.
  15. Would love to see a combo of CSD with I’m Sorry I’m Leaving. I’m Sorry I Can’t Slow Down ftw.

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