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  1. Curious where/when that black w/gold & white splatter’s gonna be. Only see it as the first thumbnail on Jade Tree’s homepage.
  2. Did yours ship from North Carolina like someone’s boxset apparently did? Or somewhere else? Assumed these would come from Sherman Oaks/Burbank.
  3. Sheet Happens also has a variant /250, ultra clear w/black, silver & white heavy splatter: https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/shop/1690/the-dillinger-escape-plan-one-of-us-is-the-killer-10-year-deluxe-ultra-clear-w-black-and-silver-and-white-heavy-splatter
  4. I wasn’t sold on it with just 6 songs - but these shots hooked me. Thanks, I guess.
  5. Received my blue galaxy - nothing like the photos I’ve seen elsewhere. Almost entirely blue with just a hint of marbling. Disappointing, but hopefully others have better luck.
  6. What location, if you don’t mind me asking? My canceled label was coming from Long Beach, CA.
  7. Would love to see a combo of CSD with I’m Sorry I’m Leaving. I’m Sorry I Can’t Slow Down ftw.
  8. Once I have it in hand, and if one isn’t created until then - sure. If you already have it, you can create the listing by copying and editing the Space Desert listing: https://support.discogs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005007074-How-To-Copy-A-Release-To-Draft Edit: Actually someone already created the listing, just a few hours after your post: https://www.discogs.com/release/26385218-Trophy-Scars-Astral-Pariah
  9. Sooo good. I’ve loved every album of there’s, but god damn is it good to be near that First Temple sound again.
  10. If anyone’s curious, Hello Merch ships from Phoenix, AZ. And their shipped email almost always goes to junk for me (likely cuz of the generic name of their company?).
  11. I haven’t yet, but I see something via Informed Delivery. Is yours coming from Elk Grove Village, IL (or Woodstock, IL)?
  12. Hope that “black ice” stands out more in person. Seems like gold or blue came out the best, even if they don’t quite match the album art (so far).
  13. Got my shipping notice for the black variant, hope everyone else does soon!
  14. Asking for the clear is a smart idea, hadn’t considered. They did manage to get me the right HP variant but it took a week of constant emails to 3 people, each with a different story (we have a replacement, we don’t have a replacement). This can’t just be my luck. I’ve ordered other records from Relapse with no issue. It’s ONLY happened with Cave In releases, and twice in a row now. Hopefully email support can help out, with a quickness this time.
  15. Great, ordered the /340 variant - received the /1500 variant. It’s Heavy Pendulum all over again.
  16. Still am. Sent Andy an email, he got sick and had family things to see to. Should have the rest of the orders out in a week.
  17. I guess this is actually the Smartpunk exclusive, based on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpNcygbLot6/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= *Sorry I’m terrible and can’t pull the image in here for all the variants so far.
  18. I was thinking “Silver” referred to “Silver Water Pearl” that Deathwish points to /150 for Patient Zero and indie. But also, maybe not?
  19. Oh man I feel this, but yah - at least it’s not delayed! Did you get the lenticular boxset? I did, no shippping email yet and still concerned I missed the real window (and they oversold). Gnabbed mine at 7:38PM UTC.
  20. I haven’t received the black version, or a notice yet. Did get Space Desert (separate orders, couldn’t resist). Emailed Andy, still waiting on an update.
  21. This worked for me to get the /340 boxset: 1. Log in to Relapse account (struggle on it’s own) 2. Add one of the other boxset variants to your cart 3. Tap the top of the page to return to main Relapse 4. Tap the Cave In banner at the top 5. Add the /340 boxset variant to cart 6. Remove other boxset variant from cart (if this also removes the /340, you should be able to add it again by going through main store page > Cave In banner > 340 variant). No idea how to validate this, but good luck everyone.

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