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  1. Would anyone be interested in trading their Yellow copy for a Black copy? Feel free to message me if so! Thanks!
  2. If anyone has extra’s of either variants, I’d be forever grateful if you were open to selling. I’ve variant collected Yellowcard (and completed up to this release) and that site shit the bed for me almost immediately. I had both in my cart, and when I hit check out they both went to red font saying they were sold out. Had the countdown up on my screen for nearly an hour and all. Devastated to see that minutes later they were all over on eBay, and a hand full of those ones have already resold.
  3. Re-visting this to mention I was able to get a copy of the latest Yellowcard Ocean Acoustic VNYL Exclusive, without subscribing to VNYL (thank god) - was lucky enough to find that there were a couple of copies not too horribly priced on Discogs. Thanks y'all.
  4. I absolutely agree with this, but my guess would be that Hopeless really only has four Yellowcard records that they can continuously repress effortlessly without having to go through over labels/companies: 1) When You're Through Thinking, 2) Southern Air, 3) Ocean Avenue Acoustic, and 4) Yellowcard. Other than these, it's just some 7" singles, etc. WYTTSY already has SEVEN variants, Self-Titled has SIX variants from it's original release, and they only just released a new variant of Southern Air. This will be the seventh variant for Ocean Avenue Acoustic, which is pretty ridiculous for a re-release/re-imagined record. They've gone pretty heavy on their Yellowcard records for their Christmas/Holiday releases. But it makes sense when you account for the records they solely own, and that fact that even though it's not the original, it's still the songs from their best-selling records. Regardless, it's stupid. I variant collect Yellowcard - If anyone bought the latest Ocean Avenue Acoustic variant through VNYL and is willing to get rid of it, please let me know and maybe we can work something out! I have everything to date except this one, and honestly, after opening up a VNYL account and closing it right after my Southern Air shipped, I don't feel like going through the headache again.
  5. Not sure if it's part of the Hopeless 25 stuff or not, but my friend just got an email from VNYL saying that they're offering a Yellow and Blue Splatter variant of Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue Acoustic." Unlike the #StillEmo package that VNYL offered that included "Southern Air," it looks like this variant of "Ocean Avenue Acoustic" is included with two random records - Not a set of three. Debating opening back up my account to order it, but if anyone on here gets a copy and decides to sell, I'd absolutely buy it off of you, just to save some of my time/money on two random records I probably won't have interest in. Or if anyone noticed they put up a few copies to their regular store, the link would be much appreciated. If this ends up being just a VNYL exclusive and not for Hopeless 25 - sorry for bumping
  6. Really wasn't that tough to just subscribe, order the #StillEmo vibe for your first month, and cancel it as soon as you get your tracking/shipping information. That's all I did, and I was surprised how smoothly it worked out. You physically have to call them in order to cancel or pause your subscription, but even with them not answering and being re-directed to an automated answering machine, my subscription was cancelled within a few hours. I only did it because I have a complete variant collection for Yellowcard, but $40 for three records really isn't a bad deal.
  7. I just got the #StillEmo vibe from VNYL that included Yellowcard, Neck Deep, and Thrice. Thrice's "Illusion of Safety" is just Black, and the sticker is not the 25-year-anniversary one that's found on "Southern Air" and "Life's Not Out To Get You." So, just to clarify some questions included on this list - Thrice is definitely not a VNYL exclusive. From a quick Google search, it looks like the Black is/was just the regular retail version, as it's not on MerchNow - but is on Barnes & Nobles and FYE.
  8. I don't know if I'd go that far. Ocean Avenue only has three variants, and one of them (Clear Blue) you had to buy a five LP collection released when they first joined Hopeless. The other (Black) was probably around a bit longer, but I still knew people who had a ridiculously hard time trying to track it down. The Hot Topic repress from 2014 (Clear Gold) still gets listed for $200+ on Discogs/eBay and has an average price of over $100 on Discogs.
  9. Additionally, VNYL says that the Southern Air variant is limited to /500
  10. I just purchased the #StillEmo vibe from VNYL, just to get the Yellowcard Southern Air variant. Thrice Illusion of Safety being in there is a pretty good bonus for me, but I've never been much of a Neck Deep fan. If anyone is itching to get the Neck Deep Life's Not Out To Get You variant, but doesn't want to/not able to subscribe to VNYL (even though it does look like you can close your account whenever, just have to give them a call) shoot me a message and I'm sure we can work something out. Definitely will just collect dust on my shelf. If I don't message you back right away, just give it some time - I'm not as active on here as I once was.
  11. After a little confusion while surfing around on Twitter and Instagram, I got the VNYL subscription services' attention, and they claim that the Orange pressing of Yellowcard's "Southern Air" is exclusive to them. You can read their reply to mine and anothers conversation on Twitter regarding it via the below link. Pretty big bummer in my opinion. https://twitter.com/getvnyl/status/1085635163394985984
  12. Same exact thing happened to me, man. Transaction's on PayPal, the order is in my SRC account, but I got the red bar across the top/error message while attempting to check-out post PayPal log-in. I'm assuming it's just because of heavy traffic from the the pre-order? I don't know. Regardless, it says our orders are processing, so I'd like to assume we're good. Let's hope.
  13. Hey, looking to buy a copy of Fireworks' "All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion." I already have the White and Black variants, so right now I'm strictly looking for the Blue variant. I do realize that there's one currently listed on Discogs, but it's well above the Low/Median/High so I figured I'd look else where. If anyone has a copy that they're willing to part with or looking to sell, shoot me a message and maybe we can work something out. Thanks in advance, Chris
  14. Is the One For The Kids test press you have listed the mis labeled one with the regular OFTK label? Or the actual test press? Asking because I already have the mislabeled one.
  15. And then there were five. All that's left is the tour variant. According to Hopeless' Instagram account, it's Half Clear/Half Grey w/ Splatter.
  16. I understand that, just stating why I didn't bother posting pictures of both.
  17. I understand that, just stating why I didn't bother posting pictures of both.
  18. FYE exclusive, Grey in Black. The A/B record doesn't look nearly as good. Nearly all Black.
  19. That's not the case for me, at least more recently. The worst experience I had with MerchNow was The Wonder Years' The Great Generation roll out of the preorders in 2013 (?). Since then, I thought they upped their game, and personally even received a good amount of orders a day or two earlier than the release day. But shipping tracking/order status was one thing that never really seemed to be an issue with my orders.
  20. All good man. I reached out to MerchNow earlier today, and though my order status hasn't changed, they provided me a shipping tracking number for my order, so it looks like they might've just gave up on updating everyone's statuses or something, haha. Should be here on Monday.
  21. I ordered the Grey separately when it went up about two weeks ago. I never received the email that you posted awhile back saying they over sold or whatever. I also bought the top package, so I doubt they'd snub me of the splatter variants.
  22. I still haven't gotten any shipping date on my original preorder bundle from back in June. I heard MerchNow has been having shipping delays with the initial preorder variants (both splatter's). I received the regular Grey variant in the mail from MerchNow though, so I have no idea what the deal is. I also picked up the FYE variant as well, Grey in Black.
  23. Anybody on here have the inside scoop on the variants/limited to #'s for this record? So far, this is what I've been able to find. Transparent Cloudy Clear w/ Opaque Grey, Black, Cream Heavy Splatter /300 (Preorder) Opaque Grey w/ Cloudy Clear, Black, Cream Heavy Splatter /700 (Preorder) Opaque Grey /? (Retail/MerchNow) Opaque Grey in Black /? (FYE Exclusive) Opaque Grey in Clear /300 (Banquet Exclusive) Half Opaque Grey/Half Cloudy Clear w/ Splatter /? (Tour Exclusive) According to whoever runs Hopeless' Twitter account, they claim that there's going to be a tour variant and that Banquet Records has an exclusive as well, as you can see here: But when I looked further, it looks like Banquet Records simply has the Grey variant from looking at their Instagram, as you can see here: Going to wait it out until I get my preorders from MerchNow to see if there's anything remotely different or if they're one in the same, but figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone on here could shed any light. I'll also note that ShopRadioCast has their copies listed as "Grey Clear," so that's what led me to believe that there might be two different Grey variants. And another note, Travis replied to one of my posts in the Hot Topic thread a couple weeks ago saying that they're only getting the regular Grey retail, no exclusive. And Hopeless' tweet to me obviously confirms that, haha. I variant collect Yellowcard and will have everything once this release is out and I figure out the variants. UPDATE (9/28/2016): I guess Banquet was just holding off a day until they officially announced their exclusive variant. It's Grey in Clear, as you can see below. Was surprised that the price is super great, even when shipping to the states. After conversion it only came to $30.60, with shipping. Unfortunately, I still haven't had any luck finding out what any of the variants are limited too aside from the two preorder splatter one's. UPDATE 2: There's a tweet that Banquet posted earlier that says the Grey in Clear exclusive variant is limited to /300. UPDATE (10/1/2016): Went to FYE yesterday to pick up their exclusive variant. FYE's website has the variant listed as "Opaque Grey & Black " and the mock up on the website showed Grey with Black smash, essentially. I opened it up, and they had it reversed. The sticker on the shrink wrap said "Grey in Black." Came out super nice in my opinion. I'll try to post a picture when I can. UPDATE (10/7/2016): According to Hopeless' Instagram account, the tour exclusive variant is Half Grey/Half Clear w/ Splatter.
  24. Hey Travis - was wondering, is Yellowcard's new self-titled record going to have a Hot Topic exclusive? Haven't seen you post anything, but also didn't look too much. Thanks!

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