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  1. Anyone having distortion issues on the D side of World Coming Down? Haven't gotten mine yet but someone on Discogs mentioned it.
  2. Got my tracking this morning, looks like it's on its way. Hoping to have this by Friday.
  3. Roadrunner Records completely ignored my refund request for the Type O Negative box set. I filed a PayPal claim that just finally sided in my favor because they ignored that too.
  4. Cancelled after three days and one $1 pledge. Pack it up boys.
  5. The mastering on this album is terrible, yeah? It's always sounded compressed to shit to my ears.
  6. Got mine in today. My copy has two loud pops throughout the majority of side A. Bummer.
  7. So, if this comes with a digital download, why the hell didn't the deluxe edition of Stay Positive? All I want is a lossless version of those bonus tracks.
  8. You're not the only person I've seen that has issues with the record. I'll check mine tonight.