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  1. Malort is not that bad. It's not good, but it isn't what everyone makes it out to be.
  2. They're now responding to tweets saying it's sold out.
  3. Epitaph commented on TLA Instagram post last week. Pretty sure it'll be with them. I've got TLA Merchnow store and the Epitaph store pulled up.
  4. Straight up, Metropole is my favorite Lawrence Arms album.
  5. Hard to believe Metropole came out nearly six years ago. Will be keeping an eye out for this today.
  6. Hoping that the art isn't actually in black and white. I'd really like to have the original artwork for Acts I and II.
  7. After several months of delays, my copy of Catch for Us the Foxes that shipped on April 25th is finally out for delivery.
  8. I've had two packages sitting in Pittsburgh, PA for a while now. One has been there for 5 days, another for two weeks.