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  1. The mastering on this album is terrible, yeah? It's always sounded compressed to shit to my ears.
  2. Got mine in today. My copy has two loud pops throughout the majority of side A. Bummer.
  3. So, if this comes with a digital download, why the hell didn't the deluxe edition of Stay Positive? All I want is a lossless version of those bonus tracks.
  4. You're not the only person I've seen that has issues with the record. I'll check mine tonight.
  5. In for the $50 bundle. Lemuria has always been good about their merch.
  6. My original order of KEXP and Formlessness never showed up. Trying again with this sale. Picked up that One Hundred Year Ocean 7" too.
  7. The setlists for the last tour were actually really good. They played a lot of old stuff and switched it up every night.
  8. I'm down for another buy in if nobody else wants those last two.
  9. I think it's worth it to point out that there are 1969 pieces in the Saturn V set.
  10. Yeah, I love this album and I'm happy to own it, but one copy is enough for me.