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  1. Before I hit eBay or Discogs, anyone looking to dump a copy?
  2. I snagged a swirl last night. One of my favorite hip hop lps ever.
  3. It’s just a fact that Ye sounds better than KSG. Its just coincidence that I like KSG better? I’m not sure of the correlation.
  4. The KSG HD files are noticeably inferior to Ye. Ye sounds incredible. I usually go from Ghost Town Pt. 1 into Pt. 2 and it’s very noticeable. It’s too bad too, KIDS SEE GHOSTS is probably the best of the bunch. I’m sure the vinyl is pressed from the digital source.
  5. Has there been word on whether or not this part of the NYPS? I’d assume yes?
  6. Has anyone seen movement on this at all? I had an email for a created label at the end of August.
  7. From the Kanye store do your Ye vinyl order numbers start with #KSG********?
  8. Everything up until Turn Gold was pretty solid. I’m Rich Beyond You’re Wildest Dreams is a fucking stellar record.