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  1. Bump from the dead! Still looking to complete this. Here's what I need. Pentimento & Young English Split LP Test Pressing Pentimento Paper & Plastick Test (Is this the same as “Friends Press”?) Cassette Transparent Yellow Wrecked Cassette Inside The Sea Paper & Plastick Test Pressing Coffeebreath & Heartache Test Pressing Fest 12 Split Test Pressing Double 7" Test Pressing
  2. Anyone else not receive their copy from CCM? I didn't even order a jacket bundle and they said it would ship like 3 weeks ago and I emailed them again and said they would try to have it out in the mail today. Getting pretty upset with them (not mad, but upset, because I know they're a small operation and all)
  3. WE CAN ONLY HOPE! Also gonna have to plug the fact that I am searching for these past variants Invisible Children Benefit - /23 pressed Innocent (Gold/23) Pentimento & Young English Split LP Test Pressing Pentimento Black vinyl (brown custom silk-screened jacket) Paper & Plastick Test (UNLESS This is the same thing as the “Friends Press”?) Coffeebreath & Heartache Test Cassette Transparent Yellow (are there other colors?) Wrecked Cassette (not sure on the colorways but discogs has a blue one listed) Inside The Sea Paper & Plastick Test Pressing Coffeebreath & Heartache Test Pressing Fest 12 Split Test Pressing Double 7" Test Pressing
  4. So I'm about 2/3 of the way into S/T and I think it sounds pretty decent. A little bit too much high end and its a little too loud for my liking but that might be a mastering issue with the original source itself from what many say. But now I just opened Toxicity and my copy is missing the B-side label (and others are saying their B-side label lists it as Toxic). What a horrible packaging job on these. Between the pixelated front cover on Toxicity, the sloppily covered up spine text on S/T, and I'm sure more we'll find... BUT, glad they finally issued them officially and for the price, I can't complain too much about these because from what everyone's saying, S/T is the worst sounding one so I'm stoked to hear the rest!
  5. Okay well I'm glad it's not just me! I figured she was slammed with orders and it was no big deal, but I still was contemplating sending an email just to ask. Now, I won't bother!
  6. I'm the same way lol, but surprisingly I just recently found out about them, somehow!
  7. I feel stupid for not requesting a Taking Meds test tbh... Or any test lol. Hoping I get as sick of a box as you got tbh! Ironically I'm not far from you, in Niagara Falls lol
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but didn't want to start a new thread if it turns out to be nothing. Was browsing through the Target website and stumbled upon two listings for preorders for what seem to be new pressings of Homesick and What Separates Me From You https://www.target.com/p/a-day-to-remember---what-separates-me-from-you--vinyl-/-/A-53913553 https://www.target.com/p/a-day-to-remember---homesick--vinyl-/-/A-53913552 Anyone heard anything about these?
  9. I have a copy. How much you looking to spend?
  10. That's exactly where I'm at on this lol. I used to just scoop up a bunch of "that's kinda cool" level stuff because it was ending up around 10-12$, but now the same type of stuff is around 14-16$ when all's said and done! Usually I have a cart ready to go for these sales and this time nothing's really jumping out at me price-wise
  11. I mean... Their prices are still pretty good to average, but I'm not finding stuff that will have me come up with a 65$, 9-10 album haul, like I'd done in the past lol
  12. Anyone able to find any albums well below typical price this time around? In the past there were always a handful of albums between 7-12$ that typically go for at least 18$ but this time it seems like importcds' prices are a little higher than typical if I'm not mistaken?
  13. Ah, rad! Was lucky enough to scoop those up from the band a little while ago! Just had to make sure it wasn't something I was missing out on lol!