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  1. Grabbed a copper nitrate. Looks the coolest I reckon
  2. What great news to wake up to. I missed out on the last release. By some reports though, those pressings were pretty bloody ordinary anyway.
  3. The RTI test pressing is the test pressing I own. I have never opened it so cannot vouch for how good it sounds. I have chatted with one of the other owners who have opened theirs, and they said it sounds really good. My regular pressing is a little beat up and needs a decent clean as well. So I just listen to the FLACs if I want to listen to the album. Discogs says there are currently 8 owners of the RTI test pressing, however the general opinion of myself, the other owners and the person at the pressing plant is that there are only 5. I think some people who own the later 200g test pressing have mistakenly tagged themselves on the RTI listing instead.
  4. No vinyl pre order tomorrow, no set release date for vinyl. (Source - Maynard's wife, thread on reddit). Sadly I was right
  5. It was my understanding that there will be no vinyl available for pre order and at album launch. It will come later this year. I hope I am wrong though.
  6. Pre-order on a website actually did go up early today. It's sold out, but at least you can see what you get in the bundle https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/fear-inoculum-cd-bundle
  7. I'll be very interested to see what kind of vinyl packages they'll do with this new album. I managed to get a signed copy of Lateralus from Toolarmy back in the day, maybe they will do something similar. Although these days I don't have the time to sit online and refresh and refresh until the second they go on sale. I remember the copies of signed Lateralus sold out in less than 60 seconds. Then the record never arrived... I launched an investigation with the post office. The post office offered to pay for a replacement, bit tough with that record though! Simply not available. A couple of months later, Australia Post searched the mailman's house and found rooms and rooms of undelivered parcels. He got in a LOT of trouble. And I got my record!
  8. Awesome, thanks Mondie! Did you hit up any of the small bars off Hindley?
  9. Really? I just searched my inbox and I didn't get one.
  10. The pressing sounds really good... however despite the store's page advertising a signed print (last photo on this page https://www.officialstores.com.au/au_en/powderfinger-internationalist-2lp-deluxe.html ), there wasn't one in the package.
  11. I pulled out my original copy of Toxicity this morning and am spinning it for the first time in a few years. Still sounds awesome. I’m expecting my new copy of Toxicity to arrive today or tomorrow, I can post photos comparing original cover artwork to the new one if people want? Edit - scratch that, I just got an email from Amazon saying they are trying to obtain Toxicity and so it hasn't been shipped yet. God damn it
  12. Just tried with a VPN and it worked. Weird. Maybe they don't like people from Australia accessing the site.