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  1. I kinda want the picture disc but it doesn't give a tracklist. One could assume it's just that one song. I want the mti patch too but I might just pass on this as I don't NEED them. 😕 Trying to be responsible sucks Edit* I hit up the shop and it's just that one track on side A.
  2. The bonus lp and 7" is just the devil's son ep from rsd in 2017. I love this album but don't need this
  3. Mine arrived today! The package came with a sealed unsigned jacket and an additional jacket that was signed. No other extras like stickers or anything like that but at least it was signed as advertised
  4. Rtj2 is my favorite album to listen to while running. I'll wait to order this from bullmoose though. No need to pre-order something that will be readily available when released
  5. Nah, I think this person's copy was supposed to be signed but it wasn't. I don't care for signed items, only ordered this because like you said it was the only one available at first. I'm just gonna keep the order because there's only 1000 for rsd so I don't even want to risk missing out on it. If anything I'll just ask for a partial refund if it comes unsigned.
  6. Tell him that you do mind and that you can't refund it. People are getting wild right now lol. I shipped some vhs tapes to a buddy of mine in NY and it went thru Jersey in a day and this was at the beginning of the week. When I saw the tracking say that I just thought to myself, at least I know him and he isn't gonna be a prick about it if it doesn't show up for another month. But he messaged me saying they got there safe. Hopefully all your packages arrive soon. Shit sucks right now
  7. Someone on Instagram replied to me saying it just showed up, no tracking number or signatures. Anyone receive it?
  8. Yeah I'm gonna wait a few days after he gets it to contact eBay. I'm not even gonna bother messaging the buyer because I'll probably call him an impatient asshole or something. My receipt shows it should've been there 5/2 and that's when he left negative feedback. The item I sold was NCAA Football 14 on PS3 for $159.99 (free shipping). I don't think they would issue a refund just on negative feedback, I think they would have to open up a case for that. If they want a refund tho I'd be more than happy to take it back and sell it again. Plus I don't think I'd have to pay return shipping because I offered free shipping.
  9. I had some jackass leave me negative feedback on ebay because the package I sent out hasn't arrived yet. First negative feedback ever. They bought something on 4/23, I shipped it out 4/25. It's going to California from Massachusetts via media mail. Kinda off topic but does anyone have experience with getting eBay to remove negative feedback?
  10. I thought this was a joke when I saw it posted on Facebook. I work on Saturdays so I'd rather not have to take off three days. Had about 20 records that I wanted but will most likely narrow that list down to what I really want. Truly not even looking forward to this event now.
  11. Other sites showing it as being released on 5/29. Just order it from somewhere else.
  12. I just sent an email. I bet we won't get these til the RSD variant drops. It's almost at that 6 month mark. I would just cancel but the RSD variant is limited to 1000, don't wanna risk having to pay flipper prices.
  13. That would make sense, I don't stream music unless it's through my xbox while I play rocket league. But the wax turned out pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of the Friday the 13th murky water variant because it looks black when on the turntable but held up to the light you see green.