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  1. Thought about getting Tear Da Club Up Thugs but I already have an og copy, granted it's in a generic black sleeve but can't really justify double dipping especially since Get On Down is hit or miss
  2. I wish RSD was this easy every year. Went to Newbury Comics at 930 and got Skid Row and Asking Alexandria. Could've got City Morgue but I already have the first press signed.
  3. In a Facebook group that I'm in someone said their copy of NIB sounds great, record itself was static-y but didn't notice any surface noise.
  4. Oh shit I hope not. Eh, at least I can just tell bullmoose I don't want it anymore if that's true
  5. I messaged a local shop this morning and they held Death Piggy for me since no one bought it after the first two hours. Called bullmoose at 1 and got NIB, Curren$y and Big L shipped to my local bm store. Easy day.
  6. I have an order in with Amazon but I'm interested in the box set as well. Can't wait for those details to be released
  7. Was able to buy both from merch now finally. Hopefully it doesn't get cancelled. I have a Splinter Shards from holy mountain ordered that I do not need now. I need to either cancel that or does someone wanna buy it off of me?
  8. Was just coming here to post this. Looks like I'm gonna sell my OG copy of Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest. Gonna wait until I secure a copy first though lol
  9. Very interested in what it's going to be because it's not the early recordings yet
  10. Bullmoose called me earlier to let me know I can pick this up. It's available on their site if anyone is looking for a copy
  11. Well I guess I bought this last night... Felt like I needed that demo cd. I'm a sucker for anything Pete and Pete. The Season 3 DVD needs to be released
  12. Great! official lyrics that will hopefully settle the debate on the lyrics to Hey Sandy. I always thought he said "will you settle to shoot me?" because the following line is something like "or have you picked your target yet?" I remember Muggy being really vague about his response to that line. May or may not pick this up though. Already have the original pressing on black but the demo cd makes it interesting