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  1. It's available again. Maybe they took it down to try to create more hype? Idk
  2. I usually only spin them if I'm doing something else in that room. Some words of wisdom, don't let FOMO take control over your spending. Only buy what you truly NEED to have on vinyl. I've accumulated way too many records over the last 8 years or so and every so often I go thru my discogs to see what records I actually want to keep. Moving 900+ records fucking blows.
  3. Bullmoose was charging $39.97 and Newbury comics was charging $46.99, always taxing people lol
  4. Yeah I wanted the slipcase, saw the price and said absolutely not then realized I don't need to have this on vinyl so I didn't bother with the red variant either.
  5. I have an equalizer now so that should definitely breathe some life into this record. Hopefully it is a new master though.
  6. I think as long as you catch the issue within 7 days of delivery they're cool about it. Anything after that they stick to their lame ass policy. I'm glad you haven't had many issues with them. Surface noise is definitely a problem that's why I skipped the newer Friday the 13th presses they've released. Made me realize I don't actually need them
  7. Just a PSA that if you receive a defective record from waxwork that you must contact them within 7 days of delivery or you're shit out of luck. I received a record then went on vacation but didn't get a chance to spin it before leaving because adult life right. I finally get a chance to spin it after returning home and the record is filled with surface noise even after cleaning it. Each reply they gave me was just a link to their policy, they wanted nothing to do with making it right. They got their money and they were just basically saying fuck off lmao Definitely going to be more selective with the records I buy from them and if I ever do support them again, will make sure to spin them right away. But just wanted to give a heads up, they weren't budging at all
  8. I'm all in for the DotD cues but probably won't sub for that.
  9. Looking for Pac Div and Chris Travis if anyone has leads
  10. Went back to Wally World today for one last look. Glad I went as soon as the sale started but I ended up grabbing Third Eye Blind and hid Black Parade for a friend.
  11. Went to like 9 Walmarts in NH today. The more North I went, the better the selection was. Can't believe I found Quake. Saved more than I spent. Wish I found MCR - Bullets, Green Day - American Idiot and Metallica - Garage Inc but I'll live.
  12. Went to 2 Walmarts earlier after work. Got St. Anger, Reload, Holy Diver, Pantera comp, GnR comp and Forrest Gump. Waiting for AEW to end then hitting up one more and then will stop at another tomorrow. Wish I knew it was all records but most the records they had were Walmart exclusives anyway.
  13. Bought Clear because it was up 2 minutes before drop time. Can't wait to spin this

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