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  1. pizza face

    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    I'm sure there's more to the list for America. But nothing for me unfortunately.
  2. When does it release? Couldn't find anything on the website Edit* Nvm looked on their fb page
  3. pizza face

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Yea I don't expect any answer from him other than some bullshit anyway. Or maybe if I just went to one of moonshake's yard sales I'd know lmao. Anyway I'd probably only buy the genesis one for now. I feel like the playstation release is some final fantasy game and I don't care about those really... Even if it's not a FF there's no playstation games that come to mind that I would want the soundtrack to. Especially since Symphony of the Night already has an official release.
  4. pizza face

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    So what are they? You seem to know
  5. pizza face

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Moonshake just put out two secret records. Not sure if I wanna get them or not. Wish there were hints as to what they might be
  6. Usps is really suckin it lately. After 13 days of it not moving, it updates to ultimately end up back where it started 18 days later.
  7. pizza face

    PO Now: Denzel Curry - TA13OO

    Sorry to bump this, I'm sure some of you may have already heard Zel cover Bulls on Parade but here it is anyway. Fuckin dope
  8. Only the real ones know. Such a classic game
  9. pizza face

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Super Mario World from select/start should be arriving Saturday. Excited to get this. I'm a sucker for these video game bootlegs
  10. pizza face

    What video games have you been playing?

    Yeah I'll play Claire's story but probably won't do the 2nd runs. I'll try to find differences online and see if it's worth it. Kinda wish I killed more zombies the first time around I had so much ammo leftover (normal difficulty). Maybe I'll attempt hardcore.
  11. pizza face

    What video games have you been playing?

    Picked up RE2 Friday and beat Leon's story just now. Incredible game. Anyone else get anxiety when Mr. X's music plays? That mixed with those fucking footsteps makes me get a pit in my stomach. Can't say I've ever really felt that way playing a video game before
  12. That's good, can't be bad if you're buying it again. Excited to get it!
  13. Just got shipping notification from Ed and also got another email saying thank you for your patience, we sent you a cool number.... Thanks! Very interested to see what number I get now. In my head all I can think of is either 1, 69, 420, 666 or 2000 unless the cool number was the tracking number. Anyone receive theirs yet? How's the sound on it? I remember reading volume 1's sound isn't the best but I'm staying optimistic
  14. Got the grape I typically don't buy 7" records but always love me some zao