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  1. I called bullmoose this morning to order Pearl Jam but they didn't put it through. I got everything else I wanted to order though.
  2. Just got this today. Looks great, will get to spin it tomorrow night
  3. Caught Savers slippin. This was behind a Sublime album in a glass case so I didn't even notice it at first. I saw the thick binding so I had to check it out. The packaging on this is amazing. I don't even listen to them but it's my girlfriend's favorite band and she loves puzzles so it's perfect. I told her I got her something "pretty odd" from Savers but that can be just about anything from a thrift store so she has no idea.
  4. Got mine from Amazon today. Sounds fantastic.
  5. https://www.bullmoose.com/c/380/vinyl-flash-sale?&so=1&page=1 Flash sale at bullmoose. Some good stuff in it
  6. I listened to the album and if I buy this it's going to be specifically for Side D.
  7. Looks like red and black is sold out again. They just put up 15 promo copies that arrived today and previewing it on their Instagram story. $45 and same day shipping it looks like. If anyone has interest in that. I'm guessing promo means test press.
  8. $45 for this is steep. I wanna hear the album first but I might get it just for the songs with Tracy.
  9. This doesn't seem limited at all. Will wait to buy somewhere else. Definitly want it. I'd rather see them release hellboy and crybaby tho.
  10. On the most recent post by ghostemane on Instagram he replied to someone saying limited to 500. Not sure what he is referring to but I'm guessing the boxset.
  11. Yeah this is one of those where you gotta just pull the trigger on, that payment plan is clutch especially since it looks like it won't come until December anyway. Limited to 500.
  12. Glad shipping wasn't expensive. Kept it under $100. I know how fast his shit sells so I had to buy one instantly, glad I saw this
  13. I hit him up on Instagram because there was a sold out record I wanted... It was Dreamworld by Blackout and he said he still had a few copies left. he sent one out to me the next day, just got it today. (there's two left on the site, pick it up asap if anyone's interested at all in 90s Memphis rap) but for you innersleeve I'd hit him up on Instagram and see what's up with your order.
  14. Oh yeah I got this in yesterday. Sounds great. It's 45rpm, I don't remember seeing that info but was pleasantly surprised. Really hope ew, ew is going to get released soon but it was released on Ferret and if I recall correctly that's the same label Zao had issues with trying to press Funeral recently.
  15. I'm just gonna go with Amazon. I don't want to end up with a copy from UO thats shipped by them slapping a shipping label on the record jacket.
  16. My girlfriend told me I got this in the mail today so it looks like they're shipping them priority Edit... Got the green poster and pink sticker. Was not expecting the poster to be as big as it is.
  17. I got through to him on Instagram pretty quick. Try that out. If anything I'll just cancel thru PayPal if it doesn't show up.