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  1. I've seen slipknot twice and it was a great time. I believe I saw them in 2004 as well. Was that the tour with lamb of God?
  2. Welp, I ordered the blue just now too. Was $30.10 shipped for me. Kinda wish I didn't sleep on the black though.
  3. Can't decide on which variant. Evil greed has a clear blue variant /200 which is about $30.86 but ships from another country and $29.99 for the black variant /400 from black mage. Decisions.... Somebody help me make a choice and what would you do?
  4. We get this before any Staind album? Not a bad album at all but will probably pass on this. Would buy if like $18 not for $30 though
  5. I might wait until triple b puts up copies themselves. I'm hoping they do. I'll probably ask them because this is expensive for 5 songs.
  6. Well I forgot all about the Digital Demons release. Fuck. Anyone here get one?
  7. Not sure if I wanna grab the picture disc or wait til this is available at bullmoose or Amazon. I hate picture discs but I like the art on this release. Hmm
  8. Any release date for tmnt? All I see is that it's a pre-order
  9. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/31375383/tyler-the-creator-igor-1-lp-150-gram-black-vinyl-printed-inner-sleeve-gatefold-jacket $25.97
  10. Same... I heard a lot drum hits that I never heard before with the digital files. I was blown away. Can't wait to spin again
  11. I say do a kick starter and see how that goes. We all stuck thru the wait on this one and if the funding can be there in full via kick starter I think us fans would definitely contribute into making it work, even if it's a smaller run of 1000 if possible. But honestly... focus on new material first because I'm loving everything that's coming out right now. Can't wait for the new album.
  12. Just spun the black variant. It is definitely the best I've heard for this album. Couldn't be anymore happier with how this turned out. The wait was worth it for sure.
  13. I ordered via Bandcamp and I got a shipping notification the other day. It moved today and I should receive them Monday. Be hopeful yall.
  14. Yeah bullmoose got back to me saying it will most likely only be available on his site.
  15. I know it's an old release but I just started playing Celeste a few weeks ago and just got the vinyl in today. Sounds so good. Definitely recommend it.
  16. I'm waiting on bullmoose to get back to me on whether they're carrying it or not. They said they will get me a link once they find out.
  17. Did anyone get a shipping notification for the pre order they've had? I just emailed them to check on status of the order
  18. I have an account at a credit union kinda local to my area and when I got a credit card they gave me overdraft protection on my account. I've only overdrafted once but it was when I had that protection thankfully. Anyway, while we're kind of on the subject of money and spending habits. What I generally do is only use funds from my PayPal debit card/account to make purchases of records on anything online. If I'm running low - it's time for me to sell something on ebay or discogs. My full time job is directly deposited into my bank account and that's used on bills. I get cash from my part time job and that will fund anything I buy in store.
  19. Bumping Popstar now. Sounds so good, if you're a fan of this movie you'll definitely be satisfied with the record.
  20. Ordered from bullmoose. Looks like I gotta unload the RSD Bloody kisses tho
  21. Found an original Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx at savers today.... and it stayed there because they wanted $40 for it. Even with a 20% off coupon I didn't want it. If I didn't already have a copy I probably would have bought it but nah
  22. I grabbed the Thriller, also cover. Didn't want to pay more from tli website just for a different cover. Can't wait for this to come in
  23. I thought popstar was going to be put up today. I put a note in my calendar after seeing it on the lonely island Instagram story a few weeks ago. They're already finished because they're selling them on their tour now. Hoping to get the connor 4 real cover
  24. Just finished watching AEWDON and wow... All I can say is I can't wait for them to be on TV. Most of the moves that were performed probably can't be done in WWE. A lot of piledrivers and moves that involved the head hitting first. Amazing stuff. I don't think I can watch WWE after this show. Although the Bray Wyatt Pee-wees playhouse character is pretty great. And the fact they brought the "hardcore" title back is a step in the right direction for some good entertainment.
  25. Got the fear network 7" in today. The screen print is dope.