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  1. Following, in case someone finds a cool variant!
  2. I haven't listened yet, but hopefully a studio release will come one day too - best of both worlds!
  3. Thank you very much! I'll try to get my local shop to order one in for me then.
  4. Does anyone know if the coloured version will show up in stores? I'd really like this, but not paying nearly $100 USD to get one. Thanks!
  5. What a gorgeous release...got the Artist Exclusive in last week and it's so pretty!
  6. Just to confirm, has anyone heard that these will be made available at other locations (ie. real stores) in the future as well? I didn't see that anywhere yet. Thanks!
  7. Fingers crossed! I hope they don't cheap-out and go with 'marshmallow white', haha!
  8. Got my 'hot splatter' in the other day, and was very underwhelmed - pretty much just a clear record with a tiny, tiny bit of yellow on there. Anyone else get a really crummy splatter?
  9. Nevermind...just saw that there is a black option as well. Shoot, haha!