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  1. Fingers crossed! I hope they don't cheap-out and go with 'marshmallow white', haha!
  2. Got my 'hot splatter' in the other day, and was very underwhelmed - pretty much just a clear record with a tiny, tiny bit of yellow on there. Anyone else get a really crummy splatter?
  3. Nevermind...just saw that there is a black option as well. Shoot, haha!
  4. Can we safely assume that the retail will also be white? Haven't heard anything other than her single, but it ROCKS so I kinda want to take a leap of faith on the rest of the album.
  5. Oh I see...I missed the dropdown menu with the option. Thanks! Kinda sad I missed this, but I'll survive.
  6. How do you know the first 1000 are already gone?
  7. Does anyone know if this colour way is going to be exclusive to the web store, or if this cool yellow/gold will be standard retail too? Thanks for the help!
  8. Excellent, thank you! I was scared that maybe they had some new second pressing on boring black.
  9. Does anyone know if the Swiss Army Man soundtrack on I Am Shark is the same coloured variant as the one that was originally sold on iam8bit? It doesn't specify colour anywhere on their site... Thanks for the help!
  10. Yah...that's weird. Guess I can wait for this in my local shop!
  11. Ordered the C&C exclusive this morning...then came here to find out about the /100 DAR variant. Oh well, still got a cool variant of this album!
  12. I love that Kong release...but I'll wait for a coupon code or something.
  13. Yah that was a tough drop. F5'ing for an hour... I feel the same way as I do with any of these prints though - it's just paper. I'm never paying flipper prices, especially for a 'replica' of a readily available design I can have as a lithograph. I can see paying hundreds of dollars for some original art, or hundred year old print, or screen-used movie prop even...but not for a new piece of paper. Oh well!
  14. Agreed. Sitting in the theatre watching Fallen Kingdom, kinda sad that I had already bought the score from Mondo haha! I'm definitely still holding out hope for a LOST boxset one day though...
  15. Thanks! I got confused when I opened up the box because of the Third Man label - I thought maybe it was a Vault shipment or something at first! It wasn't sealed in the book...it was just loose in the larger shipping box, just sort of floating on top. I suck at posting photos on here, so check them out on my Discogs submission: https://www.discogs.com/The-Decemberists-Test-Pressing-3-Ill-Be-Your-Girl-Exploded-Edition-7-Once-In-My-LifeCutting-Stone/release/12185908
  16. Hey everyone! So I finally got my exploded edition in - and there was something extra tucked into the shipping box. Did everyone get a Test Pressing??
  17. So still no word on the Black Album? I don't want to miss the vinyl pre-order drop!
  18. Any chance anyone got an extra VMP variant? I know it's a long shot, but gotta ask!
  19. Just got mine in the mail, but can’t listen as the baby is asleep! How’s your ‘opaque black swirl’? Basically just black? Hahah - such a waste. Also - anyone know how the challenge coin gets us 10% off in the webstore? Or is it only in person at the brick and mortar?
  20. My first listen was digitally on my computer, at a super low volume while my baby was sleeping next door hahah! So it was pretty hard to judge it fairly - but so far I like the album! I don't think it'll top WATW, WABW, but it's certainly got some good stuff going on. Can't wait to give my vinyl copy a proper listen soon!
  21. I haven't listened to the full thing yet, but so far the first two radio singles have been....OK?