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  1. Noted. Guess I'll just use youtube to aide me or something.
  2. Should I get it professionally done and have them supply tubes? Buy the tubes myself and have someone do it professionally? Buy the tubes myself and do it myself? I've never bought tubes before and really need to get my rig up and running again. Any help would be, well... helpful.
  3. Seriously. The Celtics series was way better IMO because I'm a celts fan and also it felt so intense the entire time.
  4. Honestly, I think when it comes down to it people just want to be different, and having a huge gaping hole in your ear is different. I remember the first time I ever saw someone with gauges was actually on an episode of Fear Factor, and the girl didn't look like she was "hardcore/emo" or whatever. However it does seem that in the "scene" the size of your gauges can almost be a status thing... I could be totally wrong on that, but that's how I perceive it.
  5. Loved this so much! His face is priceless...
  6. I wanted to go to that show so bad!!!!
  7. Excited for tonight!!! Celtics played really well in game 2 in Miami, so I just hope they keep up the pace! Interested to see if Bosh play as well.
  8. Im from Vegas? Does that warrant me some kinda of title?