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  1. Damn, just saw this and the pre-order is already sold out.
  2. Damn, that Canadian shipping is crazy! What service do they use where it costs that much?
  3. Sweet! Interested to hear this album now that they're a duo.
  4. I wonder if they'll do a tour edition like they did with the clear w/ black swirl Fantasy Empire.
  5. New album announced: https://exclaim.ca/music/article/lightning_bolt_announce_sonic_citadel_lp_reissue_campaign
  6. Day for Night getting a couple 25th anniversary editions: https://exclaim.ca/music/article/the_tragically_hip_treat_day_for_night_to_25th_anniversary_reissues
  7. Data Discs is releasing Sonic CD (limited edition already sold out though): https://data-discs.com/products/sonic-cd
  8. Picked it up along with the EITS reissues announced today. Interested to see it and crank it loud.
  9. Nice, I bought an original copy of How Strange Innocence from someone on this board a while ago, but definitely getting this one to spin! Stoked for The Rescue as well! Unboxing video:
  10. Nice, ordered with the quickness! Hopefully they add some tour dates as well.
  11. Invisible City also closed up this month: https://exclaim.ca/music/article/torontos_invisible_city_record_shop_forced_to_close