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  1. For those that missed it in the NIN thread, Quake got a remaster: https://store.nin.com/collections/music/products/quake-vinyl
  2. Thanks for bumping this. Missed the blue, but totally reminded me I need to get a red version of Slaves of Fear. Anyone got a copy they're selling?
  3. Yup: https://royalmountainrecords.com/products/metz-atlas-vending
  4. Sneak peek unveiling: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFKSBdEjbWo
  5. They have the time and resources to repress this, but not the missing holiday singles people have already paid for and are overdue by years? My 10C membership is up for renewal and I finally downgraded to digital. I figured they'd add something extra for analog members to replace the discontinued singles, but that's clearly never going to happen.
  6. Yup, exactly what it is. Here's the description from Spacelab: In conjunction with WWE, Spacelab9 are happy to announce the release of the TRIPLE H “THE EVOLUTION OF THE GAME” LP. For over three decades TRIPLE H has been recognized as one the all time greats within the pantheon of professional wrestling entertainment claiming over 20 championship titles and establishing himself as a premier marquee superstar of the WWE. Throughout his illustrious career TRIPLE H has entered the ring accompanied by an assortment of memorable entrance themes, and now for the first time ever a collection of iconic, fan favorite themes have been compiled for the debut vinyl release of TRIPLE H “THE EVOLUTION OF THE GAME” LP. Included in this collection are some of TRIPLE H’s most memorable entrance themes from long time WWE composer Jim Johnston as well as performances from heavy metal legends Motörhead, all three tracks appearing on vinyl for the first time ever. The deluxe vinyl edition of TRIPLE H “THE EVOLUTION OF THE GAME” LP is packaged in a full color gatefold jacket printed on gold foil laminate with spot matte UV with full color printed inner sleeve, a full color 18 x 24 poster and a digital download. TRIPLE H “THE EVOLUTION OF THE GAME” LP will also be released in three different limited edition exclusive color variants; Gold vinyl from the Official WWE Store, Silver vinyl available from FYE, and a Gold & Silver Splatter variant which will be available exclusively from Spacelab9. Quantities are limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Pre-orders for the SL9 Exclusive Variant are expected to begin shipping September 21st.
  7. HHH vinyl up for pre-order: https://shop.wwe.com/motörhead-evolution-of-the-game-limited-edition-vinyl-album/028E701058.html?dwvar_028E701058_color=No Color Spacelab9 gold & silver splatter variant: https://spacelab9.com/collections/featured-products/products/wwe-presents-triple-h-lp
  8. Good to know. I forgot and checked about 30 mins after it went on sale and saw it was already sold out.
  9. Here's all the variants so far: Stoked for this, definitely gonna grab a Canadian variant!
  10. Yeah, I sent them an email pretty much right after I opened the box. They just got back to me and are sending a replacement; top notch customer service. Thanks everyone for your sympathy!
  11. Got my Avengers set over the weekend. For those in Canada, I got dinged $26 in customs fees and taxes. On top of that, one of the corners got crushed:
  12. According to this, Ghost of Tsushima will be getting a vinyl edition in the future (you have to scroll to the bottom for that info): https://blog.playstation.com/2020/07/02/score-of-tsushima-the-soundtrack-of-ghost-of-tsushima/ The game looks amazing from what I've seen so far: