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  1. Just an update that at last night's show in Toronto, they did not have any copies of the anniversary edition of Hymn. Just vinyl/CD copies of pretty much every album and the latest Taka solo record.
  2. Awesome, was hoping for a repress of the We Are Busy Bodies releases, but this will do quite nicely!
  3. 10th anniversary edition of Hymn To The Immortal Wind announced: https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr348 North American tour starts in a couple days, stoked to see them in Toronto!
  4. Yup, apparently they're doing every MCU soundtrack: https://www.marvel.com/articles/movies/mondo-will-release-every-soundtrack-in-the-marvel-cinematic-universe-on-vinyl
  5. Anyone who has seen them on this tour know if they're selling the red version of the new record at the merch table? Seeing them on Tuesday and looking forward to the show! EDIT: Black version but with the option to get an autographed copy.
  6. This. I'm a relatively younger fan of the band and the behaviour of these supposed "adults" boggles my mind. I went to 8 of their European shows last year, didn't get a poster to any (wasn't willing to wait all day at the venue) and still couldn't care less. In previous years that might have annoyed me, but you get over it. Now you see grown-ass people nearly coming to blows for posters and whatever other merch they put out and reduce themselves to begging when they don't get it. Unbelievable.
  7. Would it be possible for me to pick up my preorder on Saturday? You're saving some GITD for locals right? That's why I haven't gotten my pick up email. Yeah, that's it...
  8. I chose local pickup and still waiting for them to send the email to pick it up. Apparently there will be a cassette version available on RSD: http://dinealonerecords.com/news/dine-alone-records-opens-for-record-store-day/ EDIT: https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/tapes/products/alexisonfire-familiar-drugs-cs
  9. Some special events going down with Ministry in certain cities, definitely gonna try for the Toronto show: https://recordstoreday.com/NewsItem/8335?fbclid=IwAR0z9YOa2NvpC_-A_M5mUukWDhjOY_EbcKWdBBQtcKa9JLflwIoCUgh0JIo
  10. Good catch, curious to see if they'll have copies at the upcoming shows as well.
  11. Seems like that was pretty standard: https://exclaim.ca/music/article/weezer_werent_kidding_about_giving_you_a_spork_with_the_black_album
  12. Yeah, definitely a missed opportunity there. I'm probably still gonna grab that and Green River.