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  1. Signed back up, got one. Hopefully they combine orders since I bought one of the regular when I couldn't get a signed.
  2. Bah missed out on a signed copy. Those went super quick.
  3. Anyone know if these are shipping from Canada or the US?
  4. Apparently going on sale sometime this week. Curious to see if the autographed price is legit lol https://ancientfashionrecords.com/products/death-from-above-heads-up-coming-soon
  5. On Instagram yesterday, they posted a story where there was an image of it being half white/half orange and that they might offer autographed copies in a pre-sale.
  6. voltagedrop

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Yeah, now I feel like an idiot for buying it on release day.
  7. Not really sure what you're expecting from an instrumental band of this nature. This is like their 10th album now, so it's kind of obvious to expect something along the same lines of their previous work. Do you expect them to all of a sudden start writing overwhelming orchestral movements with a 100-person choir? Do you give bands like Mogwai or Tortoise the same kind of flack? This just seems like complaining for the sake of having an opinion.
  8. voltagedrop

    PO Now: Tokyo Police Club - TPC

    Wow, surprised the clear is still available. Just grabbed one with free pickup at their office! Also, I'd just like to point out that Canada Post needs $4 media mail like in the US. Paying $10-$20 to ship a record just within Canada is balls.
  9. They also have black but with a signed insert on their website: https://ilovemetricstore.com/music/vinyl/met050016-metric-metric-12-vinyl-black/
  10. About damn time. I've been looking for a clear original pressing forever.
  11. voltagedrop

    Pearl Jam fans

    It will be available in stores as well apparently: https://pearljam.com/news/pre-order-live-at-the-orpheum-theatre-april-12-1994
  12. voltagedrop

    Pearl Jam fans

    Came here for the comments and was not disappointed. Already have the box set, so I'm gonna pass on this. Would've been nice if the entire run was coloured, I probably would have bought one.
  13. voltagedrop

    PO: Fucked Up - "Dose Your Dreams" 2XLP

    Yeah I did this with the last BSS record. The office is near Queen/Spadina and easy to get to if you're in Toronto. Edit: The Merge website is also listing a show on October 19 at the Horseshoe (nothing announced locally yet), so you could probably pick it up then as well.