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  1. Says black in the description now. Wonder what they're going to do with the remaining orange ones...
  2. Were they selling the 7" at the merch table as well? Couldn't make it down yesterday but eyeing the Niagara Falls show next week.
  3. I'm also in Toronto and hope they do something like this here. With that being said, I'm seriously considering making the drive down tomorrow. Anyone want to join and pitch in for gas?
  4. Ask and you shall receive:
  5. Special 2002 demo 7" available today in Nashville:
  6. voltagedrop

    Iron Maiden Reissues!

    Saw them in Spain back in July and it was a pretty good mix of stuff (seems like they played the exact same setlist the entire tour): https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/iron-maiden/2018/wanda-metropolitano-madrid-spain-6bebaabe.html
  7. voltagedrop

    Alexisonfire - Crisis 2LP Red Press

    Will there be any new pressings or are you just selling the leftovers from April? I picked up all the exclusives back in April and debating whether to take the morning off work.
  8. voltagedrop

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    I'll take it if no one takes you up on your offer.
  9. voltagedrop

    PO: Fucked Up - "Dose Your Dreams" 2XLP

    Spinoff compilation getting released next week: https://exclaim.ca/music/article/here_is_fucked_ups_secret_comp_raise_your_voice_joyce
  10. Signed back up, got one. Hopefully they combine orders since I bought one of the regular when I couldn't get a signed.
  11. Bah missed out on a signed copy. Those went super quick.
  12. Anyone know if these are shipping from Canada or the US?
  13. Apparently going on sale sometime this week. Curious to see if the autographed price is legit lol https://ancientfashionrecords.com/products/death-from-above-heads-up-coming-soon
  14. On Instagram yesterday, they posted a story where there was an image of it being half white/half orange and that they might offer autographed copies in a pre-sale.