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  1. This one sprang to mind, and no I absolutely do not have it in my collection. 😆
  2. I'm calling peak vinyl. Pre-order delays, re-issues, overstocks on RSD/Black Friday etc are killing it now. Glad I'm getting out.
  3. As opposed to someone who lives all by themself and likes porno? 😁
  4. Depends on the the projected future value of my collection. Now if someone could design an app for that.
  5. To be fair I thought the majority of posters on Reddit were 18 year olds. Although I must admit quite a bit of stuff that gets posted in vinyl deals also seems to end up here. 😀
  6. To hell with sealed vinyl, I'm still holding out with my 1990's portfolio of DF Limited Edition comic books. I've got the Blair Witch glow in the dark cover.🤑
  7. At first glance I thought the title was Music To Make Love To your Old Ladyboy. 😆😆
  8. So many people on this thread with just a couple of posts. No harm in joining in even if it's only to spam endless links every few days.
  9. The impact of the pandemic is certainly another factor, with delays of around six months for some major new releases, a lot of people probably impulse buy although the flipside of this is you do have longer to change your mind. A few years ago the average retail cost of an album in the UK was around £23 but now it seems around £30 is more the norm, plus heavily increased shipping costs for international stuff. Then there's the day I decided to become a King Gizzard completist, but seriously the number of multiple variants of releases is in some cases becoming ridiculous. Not long ago there were a series of gambling awareness ads run on UK TV, the slogan for which was, when the fun stops, stop.

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