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  1. A signed print copy is currently available from Warner Music Ireland. https://thewarnermusicshop.com/collections/signed-albums/products/death-cab-for-cutie-thank-you-for-today-vinyl
  2. The full soundtrack is up on YouTube by individual tracks, if anyone would like to hear it.
  3. There is no mention on any of the UK retailer sites of it being limited. Available via Lakeshore in the US. https://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/all-about-eve-original-music-black-vinyl-pj-harvey
  4. UK link: https://uklomavistarecordings.ochre.store/release/141474-soccer-mommy-lucy Have to say this was a bit of a disappointment on the first few hearings. Have been looking forward to the new album, which Sophie has been teasing is almost complete and this will possibly be on it, but not an instant buy.
  5. Thought this may have been put up, as there has been some interest in her previous work. Like the new track Graveyard, although along with the rest of the album it was co-written with other people. There is a splatter store exclusive, a rainbow deluxe glitter x 2 at $49.99, but with special features to be revealed, and a milky clear vinyl which looks to be the standard store release. US Store https://halseyshop.com/ UK Store https://shopuk.halseyshop.com/ There is also a spotify exclusive fans first picture disc, for which shipping to the UK is just $13.98. https://halseyshop.com/products/manic-picture-disc-vinyl-spotify-exclusive?variant=20245400780873 Ships around 17 January.
  6. Thanks, I don't read the support forum often but the old search field never worked for me. I just googled anything I wanted to try and find.
  7. We are going to need a thread fairly soon anyway.
  8. Rose McDowall and Shawn Pinchbeck : Far From The Apple Tree. Due on 8 November. https://glassmodern.bandcamp.com/album/gem Limited Purple vinyl with signed postcard. https://www.monorailmusic.com/album/530122c5-cf2f-11e9-8305-1298a0617e72/Far_From_The_Apple_Tree_OST_<b>with_Signed_Postcard<_b>.html
  9. There are a few items for sale here, old skool rock mostly. http://www.psychedelicvinyl.com/bootlegs.html
  10. I'm looking forward to the release of Debbie Harry's autobiography Face It in October. Have a signed copy on order from a US retailer following her forthcoming US book tour.
  11. Most UK retailers have it, but I've not seen it available from anywhere outside of the UK.
  12. Regarding the current cost of buying items from the US it may not be an option here, but I crossed a line a few weeks back and bought something I wanted at a similar price from the US on paypal credit.😣 I didn't open the account specifically for that purpose, but figured another few pounds a month over 12 months wouldn't make a massive difference.
  13. I didn't really want to drop that amount on the vinyl, but bought the UK exclusive glitter cassette and got a signed print thrown in for good measure (the prints are currently still being added to all UK orders) so quite happy with that.