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  1. Sunrise records took over HMV Canada this year, but couldn't find the pink on their website. Sound Of Vinyl US have it. https://www.thesoundofvinyl.us/sublime-limited-edition-pink.html
  2. The band are releasing a limited 7" single of the Reggie Watts remix of Daddi and the tUne-yArDs remix of Self Explained. It's ordinary black vinyl, but Norman have kindly just sent me a £5 voucher as I haven't ordered in over a year, so this fits the bill nicely. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32396696/cherry-glazerr-daddi-reggie-watts-remix-b-w-self-explained-tune-yards-remix https://www.normanrecords.com/records/179083-cherry-glazerr-daddi-reggie-watts-remix-self
  3. I was a bit neutral on the title track and thinking maybe a pass, but hell no. Instant buy if/when the vinyl is released.
  4. It's not showing on the Sound of Vinyl US site , so the 3LP is possibly only available in the UK at the moment. Edit: Triple now up at Bull Moose, although Rough Trade may have made an error. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32709717/peaky-blinders-soundtrack-3lp
  5. Up at Rough Trade US. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/various-artists/peaky-blinders
  6. Yes, it does seem slightly odd that an Aus site would have a Euro version which has sold out, apparently before it has apparently appeared anywhere in Europe, but FOMO, I guess.
  7. Up at Redeye records in Aus, approx £15 shipped to the UK. Have not ordered from them before, and they only take debit cards so possibly an extra small bank overseas transaction fee as well. May possibly still make it to some UK retailers however. https://www.redeye.com.au/answer.asp?reion=USA&atype=both&artist=better+oblivion&code=&search=search
  8. Shipping to the UK from the US still seems to vary considerably, according to retailer. Rough Trade US will do it for $17.60 for a 7" which is just about in the park for something you really want. Newbury for all their faults will do it for $14.99. Last time I ordered from them Fatbeats were reasonable too. Just a case of being patient I think, and hoping it does come up somewhere else.
  9. Unashamed bump. If anyone is interested, (and it doesn't seem as if that many are) the album is out to-morrow and now streaming. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/stream-blackwater-holylights-new-album-veils-of-winter/ Cancelled my UK pink, pushed the boat out and ordered the splatter/75. Now sold out, but may also look in to Rough Trade to-morrow or Saturday as they should have it instore. Doomgaze!
  10. Thanks. I'm in the UK and usually order from Rough Trade whenever I can, because of their policy of not charging until the order is shipped plus it's now convenient for me to have it shipped for instore collection. They don't stock the dinked editions, however.
  11. First album for 5 years, expected around 31 Jan. There is a black/gold splatter dinked edition limited to 500 which comes in an exclusive sleeve with signed & numbered 12" x 12" print + lyric booklet. There is also a signed gold indies version exclusive from Rough Trade, which I assume is a signed cover and not just a print. I've been looking to add a dinked edition to my collection for a while but nothing has really appealed up to now, so really looking forward to this. https://www.banquetrecords.com/smoke-fairies/darkness-brings-the-wonders-home/YR710CD https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/smoke-fairies/darkness-brings-the-wonders-home/lp-plus The band's twitter also has a few stores listed which I wasn't previously aware off , and may be useful for future reference. https://twitter.com/smokefairies
  12. 16 people want this, but sadly the budget won't stretch to $1.50.