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  1. My bad, the OP did actually say the insurance company had asked for them to be priced on a new for old basis. As pounds were also mentioned I am guessing OP may be from the UK, so I'm not sure if it is be different in the US. Unfortunately it still leaves the apparent problem of having no exact record of the items.
  2. As previous posters have suggested, discogs would be place to go as figures are based on actual sales and the median figure would probably be accurate, plus it's extensive and everything you had would as likely be there, however it sounds unfortunately as if having lost the items you have no way of knowing what they all were apart from memory. Unless anything was sufficiently salvageable to enable identification.
  3. General consensus seems to be that Glow In The Dark is the one to avoid as it has the worst sound quality, which seems standard for that press. Ironically it has been the one to sell out and seems like it's the most sought after, apart from the picture disc. Just to add, there is an Asia vinyl edition scheduled for release on 26 April. A few sites have it listed but I can't find any details as to whether there may be bonus tracks included. https://easystreetonline.com/UPC/602577427749/Billie-Eilish_When-We-All-Fall-Asleep-Where-Do-We-Go-Asia
  4. Banquet have 119 copies of Robyn, apparently. + 132 MCR.
  5. Banquet is in outer London UK, and their releases go online at midnight so it would be 6pm on Friday CST. It would be the same for most other UK stores who may have it, apart from Norman who tend to put theirs up later.
  6. Not actually available until Friday, so it will be the case of fastest finger first at 00.01 Saturday UK time.
  7. Now up at most UK sellers but Norman look to be the cheapest so far at £25.99.
  8. Ordered Soccer Mommy from this seller, £24 shipped to the UK. Got my sent notification and just hoping now there are no additional customs charges. They seem to be a bit like moviemars, dabbling in everything and the sellers address on the listing is in Australia. They also kept closing and re-listing the item and adjusting the price, but hopefully should be OK and is covered by paypal.
  9. Perhaps they are looking to step into the space ignominiously vacated by pledge, and feel that by pressing orders themselves they have a greater degree of control over the process and can improve on what was basically a good concept that ended up being very badly mishandled.
  10. Came across this whilst browsing. Easy Street have the Billie Eilish Party Favor 7" from last year for $15.99 https://easystreetonline.tuneportals.com/UPC/602567383659/Billie-Eilish_Party-FavorHot-Line-Bling-Pink-Vinyl-Single I'll just leave it here. Shipping a bit too expensive for me, unfortunately.
  11. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/ An early shout for these guys, who are displaying their stock levels although they don't go online until tomorrow at 8am EST. Plenty of copies of The Crow.
  12. Soccer Mommy is available at £23.83 from this ebay seller in Canada, inc shipping to the UK. 3 left. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SOCCER-MOMMY-FOR-YOUNG-HEARTS-RSD-2019-VINYL-LP-NEW/123733927046?hash=item1ccf1de486:g:SfsAAOSw3AFcscir&frcectupt=true
  13. The picture disc was just back in stock. Literally just checked, placed my order, clicked back to the page and it had gone. I'll put the link up anyway as there is a good chance it may be back again if anyone is still looking. https://store.universalmusic.com/billieeilish/*/*/SPOTIFY-FANS-FIRST-PICTURE-DISC/63MN0000000