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  1. Bad Guy postcard flexi-disc anyone? https://www.merchbar.com/pop/billie-eilish/billie-eilish-flexi-disc-postcard-digital-single
  2. Was due to drop today but has leaked, and twitter has been having a few problems. Liking this a lot.
  3. This recently appeared on the Rough Trade website having been out of stock in the band's official store for a while, so not sure if it's re-press or if they have simply found some more copies in the warehouse . Looks to be the same however, black vinyl and limited to 1000 copies. "The first and only time this will be available on vinyl". A re-mix of the original album by Richard X originally released as a fan only CD in 2009. Picked up my order today from Rough Trade but they didn't appear to have any copies in store. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/saint-etienne/saint-etienne-foxbase-beta
  4. Signed Coke Bottle 'Green' up at Rough Trade US. I think more than likely the same version. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/l7/l7-scatter-the-rats/lp-plus
  5. Thanks for posting, there is a UK link so will definitely be ordering this. Lindsey performed the 2nd most beautiful girl solo as an encore at the recent Birmingham gig. https://shopuk.matadorrecords.com/products/snail-mail-habit Edit: Up at Norman, and probably most other UK retail outlets. https://www.normanrecords.com/records/177148-snail-mail-habit
  6. Welcome, there are a few people from the UK who post here. Always interesting to see what other people are into.
  7. I guess it's a case of waiting to see what we are offered. Not sure it's us who will be dictating the terms, however.
  8. Possibly true. The US have indicated they are very keen to offer a deal, but working out the details could still take a while assuming we even do leave this year. I'm personally pro remain but it could at least make purchasing items from the US something close to being affordable again.
  9. Definitely unsigned. I can't find any info on the bonus CD but my guess would be a different version/remix of one of the existing tracks rather than something completely new.
  10. If we leave the EU it may be interesting to see if the UK will still need to pay customs tariffs on US imports. Shipping is still expensive but it may possibly offset some of the pain of any further increases.
  11. Another link for the signed vinyl only, which doesn't seem to be showing up on the main store ordering page. https://www.batforlashes.com/browse/music-glue-bat-for-lashes/products/signed-lost-girls-limited-sunrise-edition-vinyl
  12. Yes, I was editing my post last night as it kept coming and going, and it still is when you refresh the page. They must have had quite a few still held back.
  13. The FYE exclusive blue opaque vinyl is back in stock, limited to 1500. Unfortunately they don't ship to the UK. https://www.fye.com/billie-eilish---billie-eilish---when-we-all-fall-asleep-opaque-baby-blue-vinyl-fye.000000602577673962.html#q=billie%2Beilish&lang=default&start=1
  14. Rough Trade UK have a black heavyweight vinyl with a bonus 7" and sticker sheet. The cream looks to be a store exclusive, however they don't mention any bonus 7". https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/sleater-kinney/sleater-kinney-the-center-won-t-hold/lp Edit: The black/cream is also available at recordstore.co.uk who are claiming an exclusive. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/The-Center-Won-t-Hold-Black-Cream-Colored-Vinyl/66800000000
  15. Thought number 1 angel was amazing, so really looking forward to hearing more of this. The Warner Australia store only have the clear as well, but a limited release would be good. Spotify fans first anyone? 🙂