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  1. I've been getting from best buy way more often. Their sales are often the same price but shipping is way faster.
  2. Last night I went to order the Garth Brooks box set (which is at $29 btw) and with prime shipping it said it would be shipped in 1-3 months. Best Buy had it in stock for the same price so thankfully I avoided that.
  3. Dang, looks like it's up to $25. For $15 I'd have taken a gamble on it.
  4. Don't underestimate it. I bought a SL-BD22 earlier this year for $20 at a garage sale and think it sounds better than the U Turn orbit I used to be gaga about. Audio-Technica AT85EP seems to be a popular option that doesn't cost too much.
  5. This conversation happened the same week my first child was born and I'm not sure which was the bigger miracle.
  6. Yeah, I think I really lucked out. The guy offered it to me at a 50 percent discount and said that was the most was allowed to take off for it. I held firm that they should honor the price and he refunded me the $40-some difference on a random past order to bring the actual cost down to $23. Probably also should mention my initial order was for two sets and they would only honor the price on one. Not complaining to only get one at that price, though!
  7. At the risk of bringing back an old topic, how were some of you guys only ending up with a $5 credit from the Star Wars deal?? They honored the $23 price for me after about a 15-minute chat.
  8. Not to defend Walmart, but it's not like Amazon is a mom and pop record store or anything. It's basically Walmart with free shipping.
  9. Everyone, buy that She and Him album now and thank the OP in December.
  10. Not to sound like a broken record here, but just got that Armstrong/Fitzgerald set and it's blowing my mind. Best find I've gotten from this thread.
  11. I got the email asking if I still wanted it, too. Hopefully a shipping notification will follow...
  12. My order was just cancelled Bummer. Anyone have better luck with this?