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  1. Got one! Thanks for the heads up! 3 blue left as of this post.
  2. Went with Raspberry even though color wise, the clear/cream goes better. Wasn't into the splatter though. I prefer the cloudy look more.
  3. Hoping for something that compliments the cover more from the other two variants. This rules though!
  4. The copy I ordered on RSD should finally be here tomorrow after 8 days of shipment. My fingers are crossed that it arrives in perfect condition otherwise I may have to hope those are still available tomorrow which I know they won't be.
  5. Picked one up. I wonder how long this lasts. For literally a minute I thought it sold out in a flash since the page didn't update right away at 10.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I was bummed when I missed out yesterday!
  7. I had ordered from Easy Street when Bullmoose told me they may have oversold. Then Easy Street told me they were sold out but that they should have more on Friday. Hoping it works out.
  8. I got an email back from DS saying that they're waiting for their copies of Menzingers to come in. I managed to order a copy from somewhere else, so I'm trying to cancel my order.
  9. Well now Bullmoose is telling me they oversold and may not be getting more. Anyone know somewhere with the blue for sale?
  10. Well Plaid was my last chance for Menzingers and it sold out in the middle of me checking out. Got to the page to confirm and got the "out of stock" notification.
  11. An order I put in a few days ago is still processing and I haven't heard back.
  12. Over an hour later, has anyone had any luck getting through on Amoeba? Any reports of people getting in orders?
  13. Sorry, I meant on Bullmoose it still just shows "Order Placed." So it hasn't even hit the USPS yet. I ordered back in May.
  14. Did those of you that ordered from Bullmoose get a shipping notification? Mine still shows processing and I'm really anxious for this to show up.