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  1. My only disappointment with the MGS release is he didn't go for Liquid and Solid variants.
  2. It definitely compliments the best. No question. 8 left of the white/clear for those undecided.
  3. Boo, would have loved the yellow. Can't decide between the grey or clear/white.
  4. Has anyone that used the "PVLOVES YOU" code received a shipping notification from Polyvinyl? Been a few days and nothing yet.
  5. Thanks! If Sonic is still around in a couple weeks I'll pick it up. I need to keep my spending low for now.
  6. Which is 11 and which is 12? Kind of only interested in MGS.
  7. He said the limited edition set is just analog on 180 gram.
  8. Sold out. Glad I decided to get one and not hesitate. I mostly just want the analog 180g. Would have waited if that was 50, but if that one's already going to be 80 and shipping, made sense to just get the 3 sets for 100. Would have greatly preferred Ropin' the Wind over Fresh Horses, but oh well.
  9. Is your order more than $20? Won't work unless it's over 20.
  10. Is it a "spend $XX and get $20+ free shipping" or did they pretty much just give out 20 bucks?
  11. I know it said it could take a couple days, but has anyone possibly received their coupon already?
  12. That color variant tax on top of a Misfits tax is ridiculous. Will wait it out.
  13. First song sounded more the same to me. "Normal People" has me way more excited!