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  1. There's going to be a blue deluxe for RSD Black Friday too. Went with the pinwheel even though the book and extra disc are nice. Not $100 nice though.
  2. Finally giving this a spin and goddamn! Could end up being my favorite Cave In release. I got pretty hyped when "New Reality" released, but that may be the weakest song on the album (but still solid). That tone and riff on "Nightmare Eyes" sends me. *chef's kiss*
  3. Boo, missed Commander Venus on Port of Sound. If anyone finds a lead before Plaid Room goes up tomorrow... Edit: Nevermind, there's a couple on discogs not too over retail.
  4. Has anybody had trouble with Brooklyn Vegan in the past? My copy from them has been in "awaiting item" limbo since March 26th, and both emails I've sent them have been met with the exact same seemingly automated response.
  5. My BV copy has been on "label created" for over a week.
  6. Got mine today. Beautiful package and damn, spinning that first Minor Threat seven was magical.
  7. Showed up today and it did indeed show up like a tank. Unfortunately, whoever glued the sleeves didn't glue the Fire slot correctly and I can't get the record in there. I'll probably have to pull it apart and re-glue it.
  8. Yikes, that's got me nervous about my Alchemy box. 😬
  9. Each of those variants fit the other album. In other news, my Alchemy box is finally moving.
  10. Did you receive yours or has it moved since? My label was created on the 1st but nothing else. They conveniently created the label and "shipped" it right after I emailed asking for an update.
  11. I actually felt the coke bottle green goes better with it, but the blue does compliment it well.
  12. Mine shipped today too. Wonder if they got the next batch in today.
  13. My copy showed. I haven't given this album a full listen in a loooong time. Forgot just how much I loved it!
  14. Didn't they just say after the new year? I'm anxious for mine to show up, but I'm sure there are/will continue to be lots of delays.