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  1. Can't decide if I want the gold or to wait and see if a different variant pops up for Good Mourning. Edit: Doesn't matter cause it's sold out.
  2. Yeah, that's true. I liked the idea of it being completely random. Made opening my copy a bit more exciting.
  3. Kudos to whoever packed my copy at Amazon. Arrived in perfect condition. I got the White/Green quad. Does the Yellow splatter have a hype sticker? Wondering how Lunchbox knows if none of the amazon ones have hype stickers.
  4. Of those four, the tri-color is my least favorite. I think I like the yellow with black splatter the most. Mine should be here this weekend.
  5. Wonder if it was 1000 of black with splatter to amazon, 1000 yellow with splatter to indies, and 500 whatever the LTJ store will be.
  6. Don't really care what the color is. Just hoping it arrives without being completely crushed.
  7. Got an update email. Changing it to clear vinyl and hopefully shipping a little after mid-September. Bummed on it switching to clear. Would have preferred black. At least they're finally close to shipping.
  8. Ordered just in case. Will cancel if Smart Punk announces cool variants.
  9. Yeah, it's nice when a label keeps a record in print. I'm more stoked on the orange MICF.
  10. Got my orange/black mix in today. Wish it looked closer to the mock-up, but it's fine. My inner sleeve has a big rip in the center, which is slightly annoying. Gonna give it spin later.
  11. I've only kind of followed Thrice over the last few albums, but that new song is the most excited I've been for new Thrice in awhile.
  12. Nope. Got my copies of Ruiner and Mute Print yesterday in tip-top shape. In higher quality everything over the De-Loused copy that showed up too, haha.
  13. This prompted me to search my e-mails and found one from Blood about shipping at the end of July. Don't know if they're just shipping earlier or just a projected date before Milk had settled on August 6th, but either way, thanks for bringing the update to my attention!
  14. Did you ask for a replacement or did they just randomly send you one knowing that there would be splits from the vinyl?
  15. Anybody know what happened to that vinyl pressing she was going to put out of her live stream that was supposed to be out in like April?
  16. Got my Cloud Hills Deloused. Didn't even get a shipping notification. Just showed up. Small seam splits and pretty basic packaging, but I'm just glad to have a copy.
  17. Where are they all available at? Just see two options on her store and a different one on Milk My wife is probably just gonna get the boxset. It's cheaper on Milk Records, btw. Edit: Shipping is more though. Oof!
  18. Christ! I mean, I don't regret buying it right away, but damn would it have been nice to have waited even just a few months.
  19. Iso Yellow Chromatica and Alk3. Had the one up at 1234 Go in my cart but sold out before I could finish the order.
  20. I almost forgot today was the last day to order and freaked out. Got my order in though.

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