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  1. Thanks folks! I'll be sure to do all of that and hopefully be able to snag a copy.
  2. What would you folks suggest I do to best make my purchase of the SH record as fast as possible? I have to be at work tomorrow, but I'm gonna try to buy it on my phone if I'm able to find the time. I've made an account and added my address information. Can we connect paypal accounts? I'd appreciate any information. I recently started a new job with USPS and I rarely have time to take breaks while trying to learn routes and do deliveries. (I've delivered one record so far and YES I took extra care to keep it safe after the horror stories I've seen on here lol)
  3. Wait! My Brothers Blood Machine is being pressed as well?! Where does it say that? I need links. lol Edit: Nevermind! Found out for myself. Super excited!
  4. Wait! My Brothers Blood Machine is being pressed as well?! Where does it say that? I need links. lol
  5. When I was looking through it I didn't notice anyone who asked about it. I would have definitely asked about it if I could have caught it going on. I've been dying to know when they were going to expect it to be available. It's been a year since they teased it, right?
  6. You still can't have messages sent to you, but I'll take that Violent Waves record if it's still around.
  7. Has anyone seen anything else about the Silent Hill records that Mondo alluded to a few months back? Starting to think it isn't gonna happen anymore.
  8. Giving a free bump just for those great prices too! A lot of these are tempting.
  9. Oh wow these jumped up in price. Thankfully I got mine from a generous person on here for a much more reasonable price. Good luck and free bump!
  10. The Coheed CD is actually for sale on Amazon, so it is actually possible to get it elsewhere. Except getting it from this guy saves you a few bucks! Pretty cool! Free bump.
  11. A few days after this album came out I went to pick it up at a local shop and they had a sale sticker for $17 already on it, so I scored on that. Now when I go back they're back at $25. I think I just got lucky on a mistake. lol I'm loving this album, though!