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  1. I have one copy of this fest exclusive up for grabs. It's #84/100, never played. Pm me with offers or trades, thanks! My collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/jullysammich/collection?header=1
  2. Ordered the colored copy. I'll probably end up placing another order depending on what the deluxe version is. Either way, I'm just excited for this record to finally come out!
  3. The lady & I will be heading down from Pittsburgh this year for our first Fest! (And pre-fest!) I couldn't be more excited. The lineup is insane. We were already sold with the first announcement... then last night they add Cheap Girls, PUP, Direct Hit!, Worriers, etc. I can't wait!
  4. Looking for a few records to add to my collection. PM if you happen to have any of these available, thanks! The Copyrights - Make Sound Dan Vapid and the Cheats - S/T The Methadones - 21st Century Power Pop Riot Riverdales - S/T Riverdales - Storm the Streets Riverdales - Phase 3 Slapstick - S/T (2x LP from Asian Man) A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide
  5. just tried sending you a PM but kept getting an error - i'm totally interested in this boxset and another record from your collection. let me know if this is still available, please!
  6. Lineups delayed until next week Looks like 88 FIngers Louie announced an aftershow though. http://www.fortheloveofpunk.com/88-fingers-louie-announces-riot-fest-after-show/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=For%20the%20Love%20of%20Punk&utm_content=88%20Fingers%20Louie%20announces%20Riot%20Fest%20after%20show Edit: Not official Riot Fest aftershow,
  7. The Chicago Diner - hands down best vegetarian/vegan restaurant I've ever been to Brudder's Sports Bar - amazing burgers & tots Giordano's - awesome deep dish pizza
  8. I would definitely agree with this, its a shame. I would much rather have more drink tickets than fortune tellers or massage stations. I'm hoping there is more effort into improving sight lines this year, that has been my biggest disappointment. For me, the VIP areas have been good for getting away from the crowd, chilling out. The lines are definitely shorter for the port-a-potties and drinks. In general I'd like to see more signage this year, just simple stage names with arrows would have helped a lot. More picnic tables, garbage cans, etc. I purchased early bird tickets this year and I am totally happy with the line up once again. My must sees are: Rancid, Trio, Larry Arms, Against Me!, Millencolin, Teenage Bottlerocket, Direct Hit!, and Pears. Crossing my fingers for an after show with the Falcon.. Full lineup on June 16th!
  9. Looking for the following Dave Hause Home Alone EP 7" Against Me 7" The Time Warp 10" PM me. Any of these would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. Digging the new song, much more so than "TV set". Picked up the $35 bundle as well as the standalone variant. Seeing these guys in Philly next month, so excited!
  11. Grabbed one of these as well. Here's the Seeping Beauty track http://music-mix.ew.com/2015/01/15/nofx-fat-mike-home-street-home/?hootPostID=834a22ebe22f2fd638f3397a72e685fa