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  1. Posting here as well in case. Still Looking for Weepies!
  2. It's the one I've had the most trouble with...and I wanted it the most!
  3. Hi guys. Someone tipped me off that these Bull Moose locations have some of The Weepies RSD LPs left in stock. If anyone could do me a solid and grab be one, I would appreciate it so much! I'm also looking for Circa's OLG in Purple..it's the last one I've needed for awhile and am ready to finish my collection Thanks! http://www.bullmoose...es-say-i-am-you
  4. Can anyone help me get The Weepies "Say I Am You" LP? It would mean a lot!
  5. Was anyone able to grab/find The Weepies "Say I Am You" Orange LP? I can't find it anywhere.
  6. Not sure if this is the place I should ask, but would anyone be willing to pick me up the Weepies and Circa RSD vinyl? The only place near me won't be carrying them and I'm super bummed
  7. Bummed I missed this! If anyone picked up an extra copy...hit me up please? I'll love you forever and stuff.