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  1. I think this is the same band Butch Vig was talking about on the Turned Out A Punk podcast - thanks for posting!
  2. Will likely get the bundle but wish a cheaper version without the shirt was available that included the print and vinyl. The shirt design is cool but I have so many shirts.
  3. I also live in Metro Detroit and had a package sent from Seattle go through Pittsburgh (normal) to Detroit (normal) and then Missouri after a delay (not normal). It eventually went to the Pontiac sort facility and left 5 days ago in transit (theoretically) to my Post Office or maybe just another unrelated state. I can wait because things will work out but definitely had a few buyers ask for updates because tracking is wonky.
  4. Revhq takes PayPal now which is nice. They haven’t done than since the early 00s if I recall correctly.
  5. A friend who knows a person at Rev. I asked and he replied that it’s a 12” of the cd tracks, apparently.
  6. I’ve heard Rev is announcing some things tomorrow: new website, Inside Out 12”.
  7. Punk/Hardcore/Indie/Metal: Division of Laura Lee (any/all) - Swedish Post-Punk, criminally underrated IMO. Fireside - Do Not Tailgate sort of the Swedish Quicksand. Extol - S/T death metal, w/ current members of Azusa. Jade Tree has almost the entire catalog for super cheap. Dischord has a lot of amazing stuff. Startracks has old Refused stuff up. Thrill Jockey, Merge, Sub Pop all continue to pull me back in.
  8. Labels who are sending proceeds directly to their artists (via pitchfork) Of Note: “Polyvinyl typically splits revenue with artists. From March 20–31, though, the label will waive its take on digital Bandcamp sales, giving the money right to the artists. In addition, all pre-2020 digital releases will be pay-what-you-want, starting at $1. All 2020 releases will also be pay-what-you-want, but starting at $5. Polyvinyl signees include: Alvvays, Xiu Xiu, and Jay Som.”
  9. My order had doubles of one exclusive and was missing another LP. Sent an email but found it odd they had a mix up as they wrote the order number directly on the hype sticker of some of the releases while packing.
  10. It’s possible. This article explains why social distancing is important, as much as it is inconvenient or worse for working families.
  11. Bummer it’s a partial order - my order when through today that I placed last Saturday. Somehow people who ordered earlier than I are finding stuff cancelled.
  12. Weyes Blood/Fontaines D.C./Little Simz for me. Lotta exclusives! Hope they go through.