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  1. I think direct to consumer preorders and whatever stores request as per usual. The site says 401 locations and I assume they get a solicitation for each release. Had to get the Fire Theft in a shop because I dragged on the preorder.
  2. I plan to attend the Detroit date next week. I went to the Numero pop up at Third Man Cass Corridor a few years back. Tons of deals as well as stuff not available online, and should be a similar experience this time with even more vendors. I think if you like these labels then it’ll be worth checking out.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised to find my copy included a tip-on sleeve when the order arrived today. A nice touch to match the design.
  4. I want to say they had the 20th anniversary versions available until recently - hope they keep them in print and do the split with the Get Up Kids again as I never picked it up.
  5. The preorder aspect is nice - get it to people who are interested ala run out groove. If only they would offer a voting system for releases that haven’t been around a while to gauge interest (number one pick for me would be Get Your Goat).
  6. Crazy deal. Was just watching old videos of them from Krazyfest when A Flight and A Crash had just come out. *nostalgia intensifies*
  7. The 7 Songs EP came back in stock on red after it sold out day one, likely this will be back on green due to demand. Glad they are doing more titles in a color that reflects aspects of the cover art.
  8. This is my hope as well. Interiors is a fine album but I’m ready something heavier (knowing it’ll be different than the earlier releases and that’s ok).
  9. Update from Brooklyn Vegan: Thank you so much for your BAD BRAINS purchase(s) Due to ongoing pressing plant delays, the ship dates have been pushed back on all BAD BRAINS vinyl releases. 'Bad Brains' will begin shipping on 6/11/21 'I And I Survive' will begin shipping on 7/31/21 'Rock For Light' will begin shipping 9/24/21 If these dates change again, we will reach back out and continue to update you on your orders.
  10. I cancelled my subscription end of last year but they started charging tax at some point prior to that.
  11. That is my top Dischord pick for a repress. There’s so much they could do that would be well received but this is the one.
  12. Got a notice that Merchnow shipped my order with a partial refund (probably the helmet LP). Wanted to share that I was able to get a 20% off code for Manhead when I signed up for email/alerts. Doesn’t work with preorders but the other LS merch in stock should be included (the s/t longsleeve I’ve been waiting to get is wild).
  13. Believe they pressed at United? I have Clutch albums with similar issues. It is what it is but hopefully they will use a different pressing plant in the future.
  14. I ordered Helmet’s Strap It On reissue LP, the Sponge reissue LP and the Doghouse Pixies tribute in addition to Reborn but my order says still pending due to a preorder. Sent an email to clarify as I don’t see the Helmet release on the site anymore and Reborn is shipping. Hoping for no inventory mixups.
  15. Are your copies from the band’s merch store or merchnow? Merchnow says the preorder was delayed?

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