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  1. 16 albums shipped today (One was cancelled.) Best haul since the CCMusic sale a few years back as referenced above. I went through each page and then back again by searching for specific labels. The MOV titles are never going to be this cheap again.
  2. They aren’t. Epitaph bought their catalog and is doing the reissues.
  3. RevHq has a second listing for a colored version. Amazing record!
  4. Was watching the Descendents LP and finally bought it after your post - thanks! The listing says it’s the hot topic exclusive, for what it’s worth. Either way, this version sounds better to me than the new reissue.
  5. Just bought both reissues via bandcamp followed by the cancellation of my Amazon order. I really like the clear vinyl look with their recent reissues and am glad that they are both 3xLP. This will be an expensive year but worth it - glad I held off on the 1972 versions.
  6. It’s gotta be easy money as they are just pressing an entire catalog that has already been established. I feel old when I step back and look at when this stuff first came out.
  7. Is epitaph remastering/remixing any of the jade tree stuff or just pressing it?
  8. While we’re wishing out loud: The Explosion’s entire output, too.
  9. I think the only difference is that they serve alcohol in the Cantinas? The one by me was denied a liquor license so who knows.
  10. I hesitated on the preorder and went with Amazon although I thought ROG was only selling to indies? Vinyl Me Please exclusives are available on Amazon currently so who knows anymore.
  11. I’m on the fence too - the discogs comments said some people had issues with pressings.
  12. Want to buy with a separate pre-order package but the shipping automatically changed to priority because the package includes a free label sticker in addition to the vinyl and a download.
  13. Solid State (US) Indie Recordings (Europe) “A carnival of contrast, Azusa make captivating music with unconventional nerve. Uniting the complementary skills of its members, Azusa’s sound is a thrash-fusion tour de force. Can you imagine Kate Bush fronting Slayer; Death collaborating with Annette Peacock? These allegedly incongruent influences dissolve seamlessly in an alluring sonic alchemy. Uncompromisingly experimental, Azusa’s curated approach showcases each member's unique strengths as a reaction to previous endeavors, more so than an extension of them. Reflecting on life’s existential mysteries, Azusa’s lyrics seek to explore cognitive dissonances at the crossroads of upbringing, mysticism, belief and betrayal. Defying expectations by embracing contradiction, Azusa finds strength in vulnerability, harmony in dissonance and melody in discord.” Band Members: Eleni Zafiriadou (Sea + Air) - Voice Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan) - Bass Christer Espevoll (Extol) - Guitars David Husvik (Extol) – Drums l loved their former bands so this was a no-brainer for me. First heavy release I’ve bought in a long time that wasn’t Fu Manchu!
  14. Strongly debating ordering the silk-screened poster. The Dangerbird website details the record in such a way that only increased my confidence in the Pledgemusic offerings (despite lack of details).
  15. VMP preciously did MMFood which I think was licensed from Rhymesayers.