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  1. Super cool news! Bundles way gone but at least I can cop 2/3 of the records.
  2. Bummer solid state isn’t doing their deluxe treatment to this (or are they?). Cool to own either way!
  3. SFTD is due to arrive tomorrow from Amazon, but they don’t have a ship date for Rated R yet. Can’t wait!
  4. I can attest - this record is really good. I was reading Meet Me In The Bathroom when the RSD release of their LP was announced, which made me pick this up. The book basically points to JF*E as a band everyone thought would be huge and influenced the early 2000s NY scene. Decent book if you enjoy that era (Strokes, YYY’s, Tv on The Radio)
  5. I feel like Newbury or someone will do a variant at some point. I’m ok with the current releases but Rated R is one I’d buy again if it looked cool.
  6. Just got shipping notification from Stick Figure for the Garden Variety boxset plus the Burning Airlines 3xLP. The shirt is cool but I‘ll settle for one from Shirt Killer. Stoked on this to arrive!
  7. My box arrived today. I’m told the box appears to be in good shape, and I’m seeing the Groop play live tonight. Everything panned out!
  8. My package was turned over to FedEx yesterday. Ochre customer service was not of any help, but at least there was a positive outcome.
  9. Got a response today: “Thank you for your email. We can see that your package is currently being handled by Aramex who are a 3rd party broker that collects customs duties on behalf of the government. Have you received any correspondence from them to clear the custom duties for the delivery? If not, we advise you to contact DPD generic customer service line quoting your tracking number and speak to an agent regarding your shipment. DPD Contact number: 0121 275 0500 Tracking number: ____________ Kind regards, Ochre Support” I live in Michigan and have never dealt with customs. Will try to call DPD but seems like Ochre needs to follow-up.
  10. I sent an email to inquire about my order as it is currently lost in the postal system. Are orders showing up albeit way later than projected?
  11. Same here - my order has been stuck in customs for 10 days and I have also received the error message.