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  1. This is my hope as well. Interiors is a fine album but I’m ready something heavier (knowing it’ll be different than the earlier releases and that’s ok).
  2. Update from Brooklyn Vegan: Thank you so much for your BAD BRAINS purchase(s) Due to ongoing pressing plant delays, the ship dates have been pushed back on all BAD BRAINS vinyl releases. 'Bad Brains' will begin shipping on 6/11/21 'I And I Survive' will begin shipping on 7/31/21 'Rock For Light' will begin shipping 9/24/21 If these dates change again, we will reach back out and continue to update you on your orders.
  3. I cancelled my subscription end of last year but they started charging tax at some point prior to that.
  4. That is my top Dischord pick for a repress. There’s so much they could do that would be well received but this is the one.
  5. Got a notice that Merchnow shipped my order with a partial refund (probably the helmet LP). Wanted to share that I was able to get a 20% off code for Manhead when I signed up for email/alerts. Doesn’t work with preorders but the other LS merch in stock should be included (the s/t longsleeve I’ve been waiting to get is wild).
  6. Believe they pressed at United? I have Clutch albums with similar issues. It is what it is but hopefully they will use a different pressing plant in the future.
  7. I ordered Helmet’s Strap It On reissue LP, the Sponge reissue LP and the Doghouse Pixies tribute in addition to Reborn but my order says still pending due to a preorder. Sent an email to clarify as I don’t see the Helmet release on the site anymore and Reborn is shipping. Hoping for no inventory mixups.
  8. Are your copies from the band’s merch store or merchnow? Merchnow says the preorder was delayed?
  9. Merchnow was gracious enough to cancel my order and I was able to reorder with media mail rate and include the color 7” that was not listed previously when I ordered. Expected way more hassle from them for some reason, so that was cool.
  10. Possibly, also considering just order other version on color w/ the s/t on black vinyl. One of the few bands I’d go all out for.
  11. Menu interface has also changed - you can select format from each listing now. Wish I waited - ordered pay to cum on black vinyl with my punk note LP as it was the only version listed last week. Merchnow/Org couldn’t have set up the store comply prior to going live? SMH.
  12. I’ve been seeing it with Kings Road and Merch Now more frequently- I guess they are trying to protect against USPS delays. 2-3 Descendents 7” would only ship priority at basically the cost of the records. It was a bit much to accept so i passed. Even priority mail is delayed in my area and package delays definitely have gotten worse.
  13. I had a chance to see them in Detroit in the early 2000s but went to see the Locust instead. While I’ve long regretted my decision, I’m told it was a rough show - HR was allegedly sitting in a chair on stage with a birdcage while the band played the set and he didn’t sing.
  14. Org Music replied to someone on their IG post that they are using best possible sources for the reissues (some analog, some hi res digital) based on what was available after a couple of years searching and legal wrangling, etc. I’m paraphrasing but they ended by saying they felt these versions would sound better that the original pressings. Hope I Against I and God of Love get included at some point.
  15. Alt Press article on Bad Brains Reissue Campaign coming in 2021 “BAD BRAINS RECORDS IS THE HOME OF ALL RECORDINGS CURRENTLY OWNED BY THE BAND. ALL RELEASES ARE MANUFACTURED, DISTRIBUTED, AND MARKETED BY ORG MUSIC.” View the entire collection at Bad Brains Records

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