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  1. Interested in any and all Whirr records.
  2. Suicide is not the answer. There's no easy way to deal with it, and I'm sorry you and anyone else close to him had to go through that. Props for taking a negative thread situation and turning that into a giveaway and an awareness thread. Very cool. If selected, I'd take the Hotel Books record.
  3. Waited too long the first time (my own stupid fault), and missed it when they had the 30 up. Hopefully some will turn up for sale. If anyone is trying to sell theirs, I'm buying.
  4. No clue if there's anything different with mine, but it sounded pretty good from the quick listen I did the other day. I didn't buy from amazon, though.
  5. They've matured a lot over the years. Check out Forget And Not Slow Down. It's a great record that has very little in common with their high school pop-punk days.
  6. It doesn't seem that bad to me, and I've seen a lot of people who would love to own one of the other two records they've pressed, but can't afford the prices they go for years later. Better to get it now at it's lowest point.
  7. That band is so cool, though. It was already mentioned but any band that uses the "Verb The Noun" formula tends to blow. The big one that pisses me off is Obey The Brave. How do genericore bands with bad names get so much attention?
  8. I just got this at a store for $9.99 the other day and I thought that was a deal.