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  1. no way i have the kind of money to buy this, but that's quite a gem you've got there. best of luck selling it.
  2. are you looking to sell them all together?
  3. any copies of every time i die - salem that don't cost an arm and a leg available anywhere?
  4. hey ya'll, i wasn't able to get this reissue online before it sold out, and there's no way i'll be able to make it to my local hot topic before it sells out because i'm incredibly busy over the coming weeks. if anyone picked up one, or an extra one, or if someone would be feeling generous enough to go pick one up for me and ship it out, i'll gladly pay above its price. I'm willing to do up to $50 (including shipping) because I desperately need these records. TDWP is my favorite band and I'm working to get their entire discography on vinyl. any help at all would be great because ebay is a disaster right now. thanks, -carl
  5. This is way cool. Wish they'd put a tracklisting up. Also, any word on the TDWP represses that have been rumoured for months now?
  6. Hi everyone! I received this record from a very generous user on here who gave it to me for no charge because of shipping issues when I made a purchase from him. I played the record once and, alas, it's not really my style. While I'm grateful that the other user sent it my way, I'd much rather get it to someone who would like it (if someone on here would like it, that is...) So I'm trying to sell it for at least $10, or trade it for something interesting. I like metalcore/post-hardcore/pop-punk for the most part, and I'd be willing to pay a little extra ($5-10) along with the record if an offer catches my eye. I'll also offer free shipping if anyone wants to buy it just for cash! please leave offers below if you're interested! Thanks! ***I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL***
  7. Me! I'm moshlyfe on youtube. Commented on the MCR video. I'd like the Black Parade vinyl if possible! Thank you so much!