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  1. Any particular brand/models that you'd recommend? Again I'm guessing all British makes £300 look paltry.
  2. Sorry to clarify I haven't sold any of the other gear, just moved it out of my main record room. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll have a look at specific models. I personally feel the kit I've upgraded has been just that, an upgrade and I've moved the other kit to bedroom/study set-ups. But your mileage may vary.
  3. Yeah I don't think I'm downgrading my gear, more buying vintage pieces that are highly regarded, made in the height of hifi competition. Obviously vintage gear isn't about finding it all in a shop, it's about looking out for gear online/eBay and on dedicated sites. I'll have a look over at audiokarma, I've perused the speaker forum before. Just wondered if anyone on here had an insight.
  4. I've slowly being replacing components from my original set-up (Cambridge Azur 640A, Rega Fono Mini, Project Debut III with Ortofon OM10 and Mordaunt Short MS908 floor standers) with vintage gear. The Debut III gave way to a Thorens 160 Mk1 which has recently got a Denon DL-110 installed. The Cambridge has been replaced with a Sansui AU-719 (not recapped yet, but has had a Deoxit treatment on all the pots and sounds pretty sweet). I'd now like to replace the speakers. The current ones do the job and certainly have the kick when the amp is cranked up that I enjoy (and compensate for the MC output of the Denon) but I do wonder if I could get even more out of vintage speakers. So, what vintage speakers would people recommend? I'm looking to spend no more then £300 and I'm in the UK. I mostly listen to rock and hip hop, but do have singer-songwriter types in there as well.
  5. I emailed the label and he's stated he can ship me one for $17. Might jump on that.
  6. Reply from KRM: 1.We’ve been sent the wrong slipmats from Dine Alone Records, they only shipped the “spraypaint” slipmat instead. I know that this is very unsatisfying but there is nothing we could do about it, sorry! Of course you can return your whole order and get a refund. 2. You can return the damaged LP and get a replacement, please send it back to us
  7. Would love to grav this but international shipping kills it. $30+ from $6 sucks.
  8. Got mine today in the UK from KingsRoad - box undamaged and we'll shipped. But like above wrong slipmat included and the self-titled album's corner is messed up. What's annoying is as neither the box or any of the other records are, this means it was put into the boxset this way. Annoyed after a 10 week delay and then it being jacked up.

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