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  1. Shipping Metal Iron Giant, a test press and 2001 from Mondocon to Alberta (Canada) was $52 USD so I would assume at least that to get over the pond.
  2. For all you other Canadian guys, when Mondo has something coming out that I want, try sell some stuff and get some USD in your Paypal account. It really helps with the conversion and all that jazz. If you can't do that, I know paypal does use the option to use the banks conversion rates which are sometimes a bit better then the USA. As for getting the shipping to Canada cheaper, thats a tough one. I guess for me its a non-issue now because it's always been more expensive to ship to Canada, so I have never known anything cheaper. I guess one way would be to ship it in bulk to someone near the border and then do a little day trip to pick it up and then distribute from there. I know that would be a ton of work for one person but it has been done in the cases of Steelbooks etc. I know places like Montreal and Ottawa are pretty close to the border and might be easy to pick up on a weekend trip for someone. Out West we are close to Idaho and Montana. Not sure what the damage for a courier would be but if its anything like DHL, thats a nightmare I would like to avoid. Last Mondocon a buddy of mine in Texas shipped me the Metal Iron Giant, a test Press and 2001 and it came to $52 US and that was in a self made shipping box, so be prepared!
  3. Managed to slog through it about half an hour ago for a Wyldstyle. I feel like BCS won't go up, it's already enough of a nightmare. Hopefully as records trickle out the servers will speed up! Godspeed!
  4. Maybe it was just a one time thing! Haha I guess take it with a grain of salt, it wasn't a first hand experience so I can't tell you for for sure that it happened!
  5. Just a heads up from, someone on Facebook warned me against Marvelio (the Amazon Seller.) He had said that he was selling a lot of RSD stuff and never shipped some of it!
  6. So it looks like the random inserts are a thing of the past? Unless its randomly inserted coloured vinyl
  7. Thanks for saving me the cash guys! Once I actually thought about the necessity of having these on vinyl I realized it was non existent. At least most of my records have the potential to be played but this would most certainly not.
  8. I am trying to figure out how to get a picture of everything. I started off as a print freak and then added vinyl to the mix.
  9. So my shipping for 2x Pet Sematary was $10 less the my shipping for 2 the Iron Giant version A. Considering they are both 2XLPs and 180 grams anyone know where the difference is? Just curious!
  10. If anyone picks up an extra The Good The Bad and The Ugly could the let me know? I broke my elbow so no driving or lining up for me! I can PayPal right away or order a Mondo Steelbook for you. Thanks guys!
  11. Haha well I am a student so definitely not rich. I collect prints and I have a buddy who went to Mondocon so he did a cost VB for me because he only wanted the prints. One of the benefits of making buddies in the print forums. I got in the game around Oblivion but really the only thing I spent a lot on was Maniac. I got lucky on a sealed Beyond and other then that just lurked Discogs and EB for the other variants. Everything after the Oblivion came from Mondo! A lot of the older stuff like Deadly Spawn and Poltergiest can be found for inexpensive and there are loads of pink drives on ebay. I am still missing all the RSD stuff and the event exclusives but I am pretty stoked with the hobby. It's always exciting opening my stuff from Mondo!
  12. White one at the bottom is steelcase Iron Giant! I am in Alberta! Also, in case you were wondering what was inside...
  13. My SoTD came in today so I thought I would take a group shot. Was tough to fit them all in but here's collection so far...