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  1. Yikes, sorry, I'm scatterbrained as hell. Thank you! Edit: Actually, I emailed that person three weeks ago, and didn't receive a response back. Didn't know that was the same guy, but yeah, I already tried that. Thank you anyways. (Also sorry if I'm showing bad etiquette here, I am, obviously, new and as previously stated, a scatterbrain)
  2. So yeah, I can't find any listings anywhere, and even though I know it goes for a ridiculously hefty price tag on ebay, I'm definitely able and willing to pay a decent amount of money for it (although not too crazy). So if anyone has this and is willing to part with it and can give me a price, that'd be great. It's the one album of theirs I don't have, and a 2006 emo kid's gotta do what a 2006 emo kid's gotta do.