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  1. not that it matters but are these on a color or black?
  2. looks like maybe there were a couple cancellations and there are a couple of the bundle up https://www.merchlimited.com/products/the-story-so-far-proper-dose-deluxe-2xlp-and-hoodie
  3. IanRees

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    Thank you When we were setting up the new Story album they wanted their own variant which we thought was odd cause we hadn't heard much about them before.
  4. IanRees

    Moving to Nashville

    The town we are moving to is about 20 minutes outside of downtown Nashville. My wife will have to commute either into the city or about 45 minutes south. Ill be staying on with Pure Noise and working from home, so I won't be driving too much, but if I did there's no way the commute would be worse than my current one.
  5. They are shipping from San Diego so you should have it pretty quick.
  6. IanRees

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    ive emailed Creep 4 times about getting my address updated with no response. Awesome.
  7. IanRees

    Moving to Nashville

    When we went to visit in March we went to Edleys and it was pretty damn good BBQ
  8. Got them in the office this week, they turned out really nice.
  9. 2nd pressing is available /600 https://drugchurch.merchnow.com/
  10. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. IanRees

    Moving to Nashville

    When we went in March it was a full on family thing to see if we liked the area so we didn’t really get to enjoy any bars or anything. I’ve heard Dino’s is super cool. Definitely had some good BBQ but didn’t try any hot chicken cause we were all in a AirBNB and well.. ill get my share of Broadway since I plan on going to a fair amount of Preds games and their arena spits you out right on Broadway.
  12. Moving there (Hendersonville specifically) on the 1st. Anybody from there or been there and have any suggestions for food, bars etc. Also if anyone has made a big move with a baby, we will be driving from California to TN with a 10 month old.
  13. Which variant did you order?