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  1. Pirates Press posted earlier that they are partnering with them on it. https://www.kqed.org/arts/13855266/bandcamp-announces-vinyl-service-partnering-with-pirates-press-in-emeryville?fbclid=IwAR0MWpFEonupJ95Z0jibesLZmBLa1PbMJBEXN67h16cM6mQi8lzwiUja75o
  2. Personally I think the 2nd most limited variant is the best looking one. Don't know what to tell you, gotta sell more than just 7"s to make more records and make the band money.
  3. 7"-ep out April 26th 200 - Bone / Red(ish) A-Side/B-Side 300 - Beer w/ Heavy Black & Red(ish) Splatter 500 - Half Beer / Half Red(ish) 300 on Red available through Uncle M in Europe. http://smarturl.it/SpanishLoveSongs
  4. Bracket challenge if anyone wants to join $10 buyin via league safe, winner take all https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/hooligans-2019 password gkg
  5. the Clear with White, Easter yellow & Cyan Blue smoke got a little more mixed than i wanted but still turned out pretty cool
  6. Looking to acquire Dirty Rice and Punkrock Steady colored vinyl. I have multiple variants of pretty much every Pure Noise record, including the most limited in most cases, and would be willing to trade some for these. I also have a lot of screenprinted jackets and slipmats id be willing to part with. Hit me with a PM if interested.
  7. Not to dive too much into the details about it but yeah, the full pressing isn't always available right when a pre-order launches. Sometimes there are unders (and overs), the band gets copies etc.
  8. Theres still some of the half/half at the UK store as well https://purenoise.shopfirebrand.com/collections/knocked-loose