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  1. The recent pressing by Hassle was just a standard licensed reissue of the original version of the album.
  2. 250 - PN1 - Blue in Half Clear / Half Beer with Heavy Orange & Yellow Splatter 400 - PN2 - Orange / Mustard Aside/Bside with heavy White and Black splatter 500 - Indie Retail - Orange with Brown Splatter 400 - UK/EU - Brown & Gold Aside/Bside 400 - Newbury - Yellow with Orange and Brown Twist 400 - Banquet - Black in Sea Blue 250 - Revolver - Half Orange / Half Yellow 250 - Rock Sound - Half Sea Blue / Half Black 300 - 24 Hundred - Orange in Yellow 250 - Band - Clear with Orange & Yellow Splatter 2000 - Various - Yellow & Orange Galaxy `'We decided to re record EOTW first and foremost to be as cool as Taylor Swift, but secondly because we wanted to be able to repress the vinyl and offer it to fans that haven’t been able to get it since the record came out." says Alan Day. He continues "It was really interesting to revisit all of the songs down to every detail, getting to kind of relive it in a way. We recorded the drums with Will Putney (who worked on the original EOTW as a engineer), did the rest by ourselves at Dans house, and then had Will work his magic on it and mix and master it. We had just worked with Will for the first time since 2010 on our new album Brain Pain, and figured it would be perfect to work with Will as he knows FYS old and new more than anyone. So give it a listen, come out to the tour, and party like it’s 2010 again."
  3. Perhaps I got overly worked up and offended, for that I apologize. In this very particular case, this is exactly how the band wanted to release the product and they have final say over anything we put out of theirs. The standard edition is still very widely available as well, but they did not want to do the bsides/acoustic songs as their own release. In regards to a $30 LP, we aren't at $30 for a single LP but we try to keep our prices as low as possible, but in a post covid world production costs have soured and unfortunately there's only so low we can go.
  4. The only reason this version of the album happened is because the band wanted to do it. They like the b-sides and the acoustic versions and wanted it pressed and wanted to re-vamp the physical packaging. Saying this has zero effort from the band/label is just flat out ignorant and disrespectful quite honestly, many people (myself included) worked very hard to make this version of the record. If you don't like it or think its stupid then just don't buy it but no need to throw around disrespectful comments when you have zero knowledge of what it takes to put out something like this, or any record quite frankly.
  5. 2nd Pressing limited to 1000, currently only available via retail
  6. available on our UK store also https://www.purenoisestoreuk.com/collections/violent-soho
  7. https://www.ebay.com/sch/purenoiserecords/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  8. 3rd Press - Bone and Black Aside Bside with white and red splatter / 2000
  9. as a general statement we always make our preorders live at 10am EST, most of the most people don't notice because it isnt advertised. The 11EST was when the actual announce was scheduled to happen.

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