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  1. https://www.merchlimited.com/products/microwave-vinyl-and-woven-blanket-bundle
  2. Of course, there are always things nobody knows that’s going on in someone’s head. From what I have been told. I do not believe he was ever actively looking to have his wife murdered. But in the end he did pay a uncover officer money thinking he was a hit man and that is inexcusable. Also he could be a complete sociopath and everything I’ve been told is a lie 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. He 100% deserved to go to jail. Just saying it isn’t as cut and dry as “he tried to hire a hit man to kill his wife”. It looks like there are some articles out there about it but there’s definitely some entrapment involved. At the end of the day he agreed to it and that is absolutely awful.
  4. I don't believe it is my place to spill the details on a public forum, when I don't believe Tim has publicly stated them as well. At the end of the day there is almost always more to a story than is what is reported.
  5. I don't believe I've ever spoken on this, because its obviously a very shitty and sensitive subject, but I know more details than were ever reported and that's not exactly how it happened. Regardless, he was guilty and deserved his punishment. It's just difficult to sit back and see comments and bite my tongue when most of the general public doesn't know the full details of the situation.
  6. https://shop.rocksound.tv/collections/rock-sound-records/products/knocked-loose-a-different-shade-of-blue-cassette-lp Limited to 500
  7. They will have the tour variant and might still have the alternate jacket by then as well. Also wouldn't surprise me if both sell out before then though. Im hyped to see them at the venue they are playing at in Nashville, its a tiny club.
  8. It’s a pretty new option from the pressing plant, there is a twist variant for laugh tracks available as well
  9. all the bands should have the tour split as well.
  10. https://www.merchlimited.com/products/meg-dia-happysad-vinyl-jacket-bundle
  11. Out Sept 20th - https://selfishthings.merchnow.com/ 200 - PN Exclusive - Electric Blue / Doublemint Aside/Bside with heavy White & Red(ish) Splatter 300 - Various 1 - Coke Bottle Clear w/ Heavy White Splatter 500 - Various 2 - Half White / Half Coke Bottle Clear
  12. Retail street date isn’t until mid setepmber so they might not be up for a little bit