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  1. I'm not positive about Counter Intuitive's distro deal but i'm pretty sure it never went to retail or was available ex-US outside of their web store.
  2. 200 - PN 1 - A-Side/B-Side Red(ish) & Orange Crush w/ Heavy Bone & Grimace Purple Splatter 300 - PN 2 - Half Doublemint/Half Baby Pink 300 - Indie Retail - Doublemint inside Ultra Clear 700 - Various - Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Doublemint & Baby Pink Splatter http://smarturl.it/JFNothingButLove
  3. They are referring to bundles on the US store at Merch Now https://yearoftheknife.merchnow.com/
  4. ah yes, because all 300 of a variant that are in bundles are only going to sell in the bundle with the CD. You seem to have it all figured out.
  5. The most limited variant goes in bundles, if someone wants to buy the CD and LP, there is a bundle for that. If someone is wants to pre-order multiple versions of the record in a bundle we give them a discount. Got it?
  6. I apologize for assuming your gender.
  7. Ok, person. As I said, if you just want the record there are 2 version you can buy, by themselves. Just because you can't get the rarest outside of a bundle doesn't mean we don't care about our customers or are bastardizing our bands.
  8. Ok guy, if you're a variant collector we make it even easier and give a discount. https://yearoftheknife.merchnow.com/products/v2/285041/ultimate-aggression-3-lp And if you really want to support a band, buying their merch means more $ in their pockets.
  9. How do we make it hard? There are 2 variants you can buy by themselves, you don't have to buy a bundle.
  10. its a very busy month for us.