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  1. Clothing is always available after release.
  2. I’m guessing you don’t realize I work for Pure Noise and am kind of the voice of the label here. So, not really amused about this.
  3. Out September 28 http://smarturl.it/TerrorTR 200 (PN Webstore) - Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Black and White Splatter 400 (PN Webstore 2) - Black / White A-Side w/ Silver Splatter 500 (US Indie Retail) - Silver 300 (Revelation Exclusive) - Yellow 200 (Triple B Exclusive) - Bronze and Silver A-Side B-Side 500 (Various) - Half Grey / Half Milky Clear
  4. IanRees

    PO NOW: Lydia - Liquor

    They turned out really nice
  5. MerchLimited bundle is up https://www.merchlimited.com/products/boston-manor-welcome-to-the-neighborhood-lp-bundle
  6. MerchLimited bundle up, last 100 of the /500 (PN Webstore exclusive) - Mustard / Red aside-bside https://www.merchlimited.com/products/counterparts-private-room-7-vinyl-bundle
  7. FYI there's only a small handful of the /200 variant available at MerchNow and its only available in this bundle http://drugchurch.merchnow.com/products/v2/274822/cheer-09
  8. Gotcha, that's because we didn't go to retail at first. Thanks for letting me know ill see if i can get them to bump it cause they should be able to get inventory. Retail will have the Silver 2nd pressing. 1st pressing is only available on our D2C stores or through the band on tour.
  9. where do you see that? Its been out, since May. The Silver 2nd pressing and the Green 1st pressing are available through merchnow http://sanction.merchnow.com/
  10. yeah unfortunately nothing i can do about the shipping when its not just a media option, ive tried to get them to add a standard shipping. The plus side is we try to make sure all pre-orders are shipped a week before release date so you will generally get the record before then.