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  1. 3rd Press - Bone and Black Aside Bside with white and red splatter / 2000
  2. as a general statement we always make our preorders live at 10am EST, most of the most people don't notice because it isnt advertised. The 11EST was when the actual announce was scheduled to happen.
  3. all our preorders go live before the announce so we can troubleshoot any issues, the band teased it last night so people jumped on it.
  4. nah if you were able to check out youre locked in. Its not oversold.
  5. the SYSC ones are actual pictures of the records. We didn't go live until we had them in hand.
  6. i hope i did my best to make the mock as accurate as possible
  7. We have them WW x-Canada which New Damages handles. They have their own set of variants. Different pressings.
  8. I can't speak to other labels but typically we will propose a rollout schedule with the bands and they always have final approval of what gets released. Most often they have at least a couple songs they like to focus on as singles but not all the time. In terms of our label artists always have final approval on anything that is released wither its singles, merch, vinyl colors etc.
  9. It includes a Live In Cologne LP, we may press it later.
  10. You clearly didn’t grow up in late 90s skate culture. yes, I’m old
  11. 2nd Press - Silver, Black and White tri-color galaxy - Limited to 3000 https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/knocked-loose/products/kl00tifltc-lp

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