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  1. With the quantities they are going to produce they could be getting some pretty big discounts. He might only make a couple bucks a record but at half a million 100,000+ (?) orders that adds up real quick. Then again his stuff isn't even on Spotify so he obviously doesn't care about the money.
  2. I have a feeling some are gonna look more pink than others. Mine comes today, if it is ill swap with you.
  3. The pink mixed with black and came out more purple, theres a post about it in the thread. Not much of a splatter though, more like a aside/bside smash.
  4. Here's one that Pirates Press posted in their ROTW blog a few weeks ago
  5. I'm really intrigued to see how that one turns out, we haven't done a splatter with a pinwheel yet so it should be interesting.
  6. I love my job and the label I work for is very good to me. So no I wouldn't describe it as painful, just very busy.
  7. A collection of bsides, alternate versions & more. http://smarturl.it/SeawayFreshProduce 200 - PN Exclusive 1- Easter Yellow & Highlighter Yellow Pinwheel w/ Heavy Royal Blue & White Splatter 300 - PN Exclusive 2 - Clear w/ White, Easter yellow & Cyan Blue Smoke 1000 - Various - Half Highlighter Yellow/Half Royal Blue 1. Pleasures 2. Blur 3. Something Wonderful (Alternate Version) 4. 40 Over (Alternate Version) 5. Lula (Alternate Version) 6. Slam/Shy Guys (Alternate Version) 7. Just What I Needed (Cover) 8. Hand In My Pocket (Cover) 9. Closer (Cover) 10. Your Best Friend 11. Alberta 12. The Let Down 13. If I Came Back For You
  8. yeah they recently went through some member changes.
  9. This will be in stores March 29th and orders will ship before then. 200 - PN Webstore Exclusive - A-Side/B-Side: White & Black w/ Heavy Red(ish) Splatter 300 - Various 1 - Ultra Clear & Black Pinwheel 500 - Various 2 - Black Inside Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Black Splatter http://smarturl.it/GraduatingLife