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  1. I'm digging it, personally. It's definitely a departure from their dirtbag anthems but I like most all the songs aside from the one with K Flay
  2. Would anyone here be willing to sell just the book that came with the LP bundle? I have a friend that adores this album but doesn't own a turn table. I could still get the pack but figured I would ask if anyone did't want it.
  3. I was thinking the same thing about a Sleep package. That would definitely get me back into the vault series
  4. Hell yes, Just saw these guys a few weeks ago and I'm liking the new songs. Can't wait for this
  5. This album hits hard. I'm loving the direction these guys are headed
  6. I need this now. Hopefully they'll tour to support it too. I'd love to see them live sometime
  7. Vault 37 was announced. Not sure If I'll be getting it but I loved the last one where he played at TMR. I wish there was a tracklist for it
  8. I'm excited to see what TMR comes up with in the future now that they have their own pressing plant and can mess around all they'd like.
  9. I'm hoping they have some fun copies on their east cost tour. Can't wait to hear it
  10. Looks like May 18 is the release for the full album. Spring can't come fast enough
  11. I'll bet these sell well on tour but then sit on the online shelves