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  1. can't believe it sold out so shortly. Would have expected several days at the earliest.
  2. I have a bunch of sealed orange copies I could sell if anyone is interested?
  3. Got the mudslide and variant. Surprised I even got to add them to my cart. First time a poster purchase went through for me.
  4. Limited Edition.....Out of 5 gahgillion? Or out of I need to buy this right now before it's sold out?
  5. Bumped to be the 50th person to request an army of darkness record. 10 bucks if you grab me one.
  6. Finally went through. Two toads and two BK.
  7. I'd imagine these won't sell out at all. Just a ton of traffic.
  8. if you want horrible service and delivery, go with shop radio cast! -If they are getting it, I'll wait for my local shop.
  9. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has a copy of Gomez - How we operate - on vinyl. I saw it at stores, but never jumped on it.
  10. You guys have the link at all for the 29.99 It shows up as "unavailable" to me.
  11. 8 records shipped would have cost me 91 dollars. No way. Local store or amazon all the way with this.
  12. okay. Wanted to get two of each of the limited records for myself and the girlfriend. 91 dollars shipping. F that. Anyone know of a different store to get these????
  13. Can't wait. Will pre-order regardless. Holy fire is different, but it is excellent. Give it a chance.
  14. How do people always have this information? I jumped on the clear.
  15. Same artwork from both Data and Mondo? Just wondering which company I'm buying streets of rage from

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