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  1. Kinda the same here, although i love all of their stuff up until viva la vida. That record is (in my opinion) really their magnum opus. I'm not interested at all in that new concert film but there also seems to be a separate documentary that looks quite interesting!
  2. Does anyone know if there is a download included? Looked again and couldnt find any info on that
  3. Vega

    PO: Kate Bush reissues

    Thats great!! I would be interested in Hounds of love seperately, but haven't found it yet on its own...really hope they will be sold individuallyas well.
  4. Mhhh...I think the 'cum spot variant' is the one to go for here!
  5. Mhh yeah... i don't really care about the demo stuff either + i don't have the money for the box set anyway haha. I just think it's funny that some people would spend 200 usd for a mix of the album that the band never had and will never have any interest in but they wouldn't spend the money on a box set that the band and their people carefully put together for the fans. Even though i have no intention of getting this either there is no doubt that these boxes are real labors of love and there is much to explore in them and they seem to be worth their money if you like the album and the band-era of release.
  6. So you're not buying the box set because a version of the album that the band obviously did not want to make back then and has nothing to do with their artistic vision whatsoever is not included? The fact that the bass is so low mixed on the album gives the record its essential character and carries in it part of the bands history since this type of bullying newsted was an (argably fucked up) way for them to grieve for cliff.
  7. Wow, i didn't think their music could become any more irrelevant than their last album but they really proved me wrong here
  8. Looks like they put only half of the signed amber copies up a few days ago, they have more than 300 available again!
  9. They are writing their next album right now so they probably want to use that money to press the new record
  10. Mhh i'm not sure how i feel about this...the actual musician selling his own record for 3-4 times the original price after it sold out in stores. They are one of my favourite bands but this is not very cool
  11. Vega

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Have to agree. Like, as if this record was on the same timeless level as to pimp a butterfly...seriously. If you love this record, more power to you, but it's just not on the same fucking level. Don't wanna sound like an asshole but this record is just not going to be looked at as a major milestone in music one or two years from now.
  12. I was really excited for a second but their cheapest shipping option to germany is over 60 fucking dollars hahaha