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  1. Yeah I really wish they released an indie store variant or something!
  2. From the newsletter: "Our fourth album, i,i, is coming August 30 via our friends at Jagjaguwar. Recording over a long time at April Base in Wisconsin but finishing at Sonic Ranch in Texas allowed us to feel confident, comfortable, and completely free of distraction. The sense of community around the record grew through honest, generous inspiration within the group of artists involved in the creative process of the record. The thirteen new songs on i,i complete a cycle: from the winter of For Emma, Forever Ago came the frenetic spring of Bon Iver, Bon Iver, and the unhinged summer of 22, A Million. Now, fall arrives early with i,i." https://uk.store.boniver.org/?_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJhbi5jcm9zc2ZpcmVAd2ViLmRlIiwgImtsX2NvbXBhbnlfaWQiOiAiSmtIZkJaIn0%3D&utm_campaign=New+Album+'i%2Ci'+-+Out+August+30th%3B+Preorder+Now+(JBfRma)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Customer+accepts+marketing+at+checkout+on+Shop
  3. By any chance, is there anyone who is going to comic con who could pick up a copy of BR 2049 for me? I would of course pay for any extra expenses and a little bonus for the favor!
  4. Available on black and limited sky blue vinyl https://alkcm.bandcamp.com/ https://www.normanrecords.com/records/177089-alex-cameron-miami-memory
  5. It's weird though that they are selling this now considering their post a few months back where they wrote that they will release some kind of box set this year "dredg box set/scrap book release" ... maybe that box set isn't a vinyl box set of all albums but something else?
  6. Yesss, ordered a signed copy! Edit: right now you can put 149 signed and 149 unsigned copies in your cart. So I'm guessing the thing is probably limited to 500 in total... 250 signed and 250 unsigned and they're keeping some of the stock back for later.
  7. Received my copy yesterday and gave it a few listens already! I think there are some pretty gems on there, but he should have cut the album down to about 9 or ten songs to make it a little bit tighter. Especially The Wayfarer and Sleepy Joe’s Café need some getting used to for me personally. Chasing wild horses and drive fast are insanely gorgeous though
  8. Yeah i kind of get that why that would be a big turn off... I normally fucking hate autotune as well but i find 22, a million to be an utterly beautiful album, very artistic with a lot of facettes that open up after multiple listens. I like the new songs as well apart from some of the lyrics and the fact that Justin doesn't even seem to have written any of these tunes himself is a little odd, too
  9. Form your own opinion man, doesn't matter if anyone else likes it or not
  10. U: "Writers: Bruce Hornsby, Naeem Hanks, Chris Messina. " & Hey, Ma: "Writers: Brad Cook, BJ Burton." He's not there?
  11. Am I missing something or is Justin Vernon not listed as a writer himself on neither of those new two songs?
  12. New single out since yesterday His voice sound so different but really great on these new tracks!
  13. It's actually a few seconds longer than LIFAD! On second listen i have to say that Tattoo (Edit: and Hallomann) is pretty cool musically, especially the riff in the beginning! A lot of the other songs are already very hard to get through though, and that on the second listen...I never had that with Rammstein songs
  14. Yes the vocals on Puppe are pretty cool! I actually suspect that the fact this record seems weird is because they used another producer for the first time. I guess Jacob Hellner would have told them to go back to the drawing board on a few of these... or all
  15. I'm glad you enjoy it man! I picked up the album this morning at my local store and listened to it just now for the first time after a long day of waiting. I have to say that after the first listen I don't like it at all i actually even kind of hated it while listening...which is quite a strong emotion for a first listen. Growing up with this band i pretty much loved or liked everything they have put out up until the Paris concert film. Hopefully the album will grow on me. But Ausländer is straight german schlager, man. My mouth was honestly open the whole time listening to the track because i couldn't believe this band made a song this ridiculously bad. But I read online that people actually enjoy the song so, more power to them i guess. There are definitely cool spots on the album, especially background vocal and choir usage on all of the songs etc. But after 10 years of waiting and at the same time actually holding my expecations low after hearing Tills solo project a few years ago it was still a huge let down for me.