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  1. Got my order in as well! I'm really excited about the packaging as a whole - "custom artwork printed box". I hope it will fit into the expedit, but I'm afraid it won't since the book alone will be 13" tall.
  2. Got the fifth member one, but damn, that artwork is ugly as fuck (just like the last one)
  3. They should really get on it and continue the Kubrick soundtracks. Shining would have been cool for halloween besides the 7 inches from last year. Edit: The Mandalorian Season 2 Box set also doesn't seem to be coming out soon...
  4. Yikes. If it were at least a little bit limited, they have currently more than 2000 left in stock in the european store and more than 8000 in the american store. Like, how are they planning to ever sell all of these? That and the price point make this kind of a bummer, plus I'm just now starting to kind of get a grip on this record.
  5. Can anyone explain why the kinetic edition costs 40 dollars? I've seen photos of it being a single sleeve, single LP edition with just a one-fold-lyric-sheet. Like, 40 dollars are kind of insane for that or am I missing something? The gold cover looks beautiful, but it should be 30 max.
  6. The album might be called "X-Rated" - Wikipedia had that title listed on the discography page yesterday. That has however since been deleted.
  7. As I understand it the track list is etched into the run out groves? The instagram photo at least suggests that.
  8. Copy ordered, shame the autographed version is only available in the bundle, 155 euros is completely insane for a 40 dollar record and 2 shirts, a bunch of stickers and a sleeping mask.
  9. Come on fuckers, make it available in the EU as well. What the hell, it's 2022. Edit: Available in Europe now too, hell yeah https://shopuk.thekillersmusic.com/*/*/Pressure-Machine-Deluxe-Vinyl/7LJ40000000
  10. Hope it's gonna be a white vinyl or splattered with white and black or something like that. @ntslash I think the prices are going to somewhat stay like that eve after the reissue. Leitmotif prices for the original didn't go down. Maybe because the sleeve of the old one is nicer and the cover doesn't say "20th anniversary", who knows.
  11. Got mine today, the packaging is surprisingly flimsy, surprising because the original is okay I guess but nothing special and quite thin as well, this one is even worse plus the design of the spine is really odd, the back and front basically split on the spine, the original is cleaner there design wise. So yeah, 40 bucks for this is quite a lot having it in hand now, and I was defending them making it this expensive because of the booklet etc. Hope the pressings of their next album, if it will eventually come out in 9 years will be on par with El Cielo and Pariah.
  12. BTW does anyone know if there will be a repress on the Master of Puppets deluxe box? I think they did one on Justice and I remember reading somewhere on here years ago that they would do one for Puppets, was wondering if anyone had any info on that, it's only available for over 1000 dollars atm, which is ridiculous.
  13. More Walmart Exclusives coming soon: https://www.metallica.com/news/2022-05-18-walmart-vinyl-round-two.html