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  1. Looks like they put only half of the signed amber copies up a few days ago, they have more than 300 available again!
  2. They are writing their next album right now so they probably want to use that money to press the new record
  3. Mhh i'm not sure how i feel about this...the actual musician selling his own record for 3-4 times the original price after it sold out in stores. They are one of my favourite bands but this is not very cool
  4. Vega

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Have to agree. Like, as if this record was on the same timeless level as to pimp a butterfly...seriously. If you love this record, more power to you, but it's just not on the same fucking level. Don't wanna sound like an asshole but this record is just not going to be looked at as a major milestone in music one or two years from now.
  5. I was really excited for a second but their cheapest shipping option to germany is over 60 fucking dollars hahaha
  6. Ohh maaan awesome! These and the blu ray book shelf edition will fit really nice together! Even though the hobbit scores aren‘t as spectacular i would love if they would do this for them as well
  7. Where have you read this? Would be weird to have different limitations on the sets. Just ordered mine though.
  8. Vega

    The STAR WARS Thread

    Just came out of 'solo', really enjoyed this even though i wasn't hyped at all! Looking forward to seing it again next week. SPOILER:
  9. Listened to this about 3 times now, sounds like a bunch of rich white 30 year olds who are out of ideas. I love the notion of music of this genre being really popular nowadays but the songs themselves here are just really boring and not saying much. Would have loved this to be a great record, the overall style and instrumentation could have been made into an awesome record i think. 'The dream synopsis' from the last shadow puppets records was already so boring to me and that song would be the highlight on this one if it was on here, that's saying a lot.
  10. My guess is every year one box set/film like they did it back then with the CD versions in 2005 or so! Would be nice on the wallet as well haha
  11. I meant 'nice' in the sense of a steelbook or something like that and preferably grindhouse and not the individual movies. They actually have announced something but it doesn't have a release date or details yet https://www.amazon.com/Grindhouse-Blu-ray/dp/B078FFX771/ref=sr_1_16_twi_blu_2?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1525726843&sr=1-16&keywords=grindhouse
  12. So cool that they released planet terror for rsd this year! Finally completed this. A nice blu ray edition would be great too though
  13. I see what you mean, i like the sound of it, too. Could have been much better though, songs like fireside and snap out really stand out as big positives imo. I wouldn't desribe myself as a big fan of theirs but i'm still excited to hear this new one on friday!