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  1. Release Date March 5th 2021 Tracklist: 01 When You See Yourself, Are You Far Away 02 The Bandit 03 100,000 People 04 Stormy Weather 05 A Wave 06 Golden Restless Age 07 Time in Disguise 08 Supermarket 09 Claire & Eddie 10 Echoing 11 Fairytale Store Exclusive: https://kingsofleonshop.com/collections/music/products/d2c-exclusive-vinyl Cream: https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Hottest-Pre-Orders/When-You-See-Yourself-Limited-Edition-Cream-Vinyl/6TVO0RAV000
  2. I was really surprised how quiet the album is. Have to admit that i canceled my pre-order for now, have to get used to the album a little more and was really looking forward to kind of a Prisoner sound, love the hell out of that album. But hey, if he still has one or two left in stock who knows, maybe we'll get another album next year!
  3. Also the last view Mandalorian boxes: https://mondoshop.com/products/the-mandalorian-season-one-original-soundtrack-8xlp-box-set Looks like they have 13 left
  4. I mean you can look it up (don't really want to spam this thread any more with this bs) - obviously there is a spectrum to it and i'm more centrist than left but it's on the libertarian isle if you see authoritarian as the other one. social justice warrior. fucking lol
  5. It has nothing to do with liberals. I'm libertarian left and know the (american) democrats have simply gone crazy and don't even realize it. Watching too much last week tonight and being on twitter probably does that to you. I mean, hailing aoc all day long and falling for her whole shtick while buying the 70 dollar hoodies she sells on her website, talk about speaking to the middle and lower class with that price tag, great stuff. But hey, i write that so i must be a nazi, i mean what else, throw in rapist and transphobe as well, why not. These people don't want to hear other points of views
  6. UK version is also available here (german retailer): https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/ryan-adams-wednesdays/hnum/10385169 Great to see it rank so high this early!
  7. The new snippet sounds great, can't wait for this! https://www.instagram.com/p/CIjI32IJvmI/
  8. Wasn't expecting anything intelligent or reflected, so i'm not surprised by that response. You just stick that attitude, reality will not be kind to you.
  9. Ah man, that Justice one looks sweet! Shame walmart doesn't ship to europe
  10. Hey, woke master 2000 has entered the chat. I propose that everyone who likes his music gets their ears cut off and sent to a gulag. Poor phoebe bridgers for going along with Ryan Adams's bad behavior...I bet he forced her to fuck him. Wait...he did by telling her he would help her with her career? Poor phoebe for having absolutely NO choice but to say "yes" to that one. Just say "fuck you" and leave him? Naahh, a career is waiting around the corner! She can still blame him afterwards, maybe even write a song about it! Oh, wait. Is Ryan an honorable person after what he did? No, quit
  11. Yes i think you're right, hopefully he will put those other tracks on another record at some point, who knows!
  12. Hell fucking yes. Finally. Would be great to get Colors at some point as well!
  13. That is indeed unfortunate. Probably the reason why i won't go for it. Mondo did the complete Mando Season 1 soundtrack box, would have been amazing if they would have done this for solo as well (and the others), but one can still dream
  14. Yes i think i heard that as well back then, if i remember right i think i wasn't that blown away but i'm personally not a fan of snippets anyway the songs are always different in the end I still think it's hilarious what the band posted on their official social media accounts at the end of 2018: 1. dredg box set/scrap book release 2. dredg yard sale 3. dredg records a new record 4. dredg tours all of your favorite cities and none of it happened in the 2 years since then 🤣 maybe an album partially recorded but not even for sure

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