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  1. Went for it as well, going to give this to my buddy who has no idea this is coming out on vinyl again
  2. Vega

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Dude, first of all, chill. Yes I brought up Weinstein and directly called him a "scumbag" in the only sentence I mentioned him in. So your point is? Do you actually think i am an apologist for fucking Harvey Weinstein, man? And are you just a troll or do you really not want to read what i wrote: "Just because I say that Ryan still is a great artist to me doesn't mean that I don't have sympathy for the women who have been victims here. [...] because in all other instances i felt very sorry for the women who were treated this way by Ryan." How on earth can you, in any way, interpret into this that i am apologetic of rapists, sexual misconduct or predators? Like seriously... And why would you say something like that man, really... I know it's the internet and not a conversation on the street but come on, dude. I understand if you're angry because an artist that you maybe used to like has turned out to have bad and psychologically worrying personality traits, but don't say shit like that.
  3. Vega

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Dude, don't call me uninformed when i clearly and in text condemned those actions of sexual predatory. Just because I say that Ryan still is a great artist to me doesn't mean that I don't have sympathy for the women who have been victims here. It just wouldn't have had the sour aftertaste for me that it had when the Phoebe Bridgers-Tour thing wouldn't have been mentioned in the article because in all other instances i felt very sorry for the women who were treated this way by Ryan. And no, I didn't back up any fucked up behaviour by anyone in any way by bringing other sexual predators or assholes into the frame, did you actually read what i wrote? In the paragraph you took a quote out of, I literally just said that there are times when art can be genius and the artist can be a scumbag and brought up examples for that. Man... difficult times.
  4. Vega

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Yes, I may have expressed that a little too harsh. But still, addressing the Phoebe Bridgers part: If you read the article you can not seriously say that Phoebe Bridgers was a victim *after* (clear emphasis on after, she was a victim before - no question) she and her manager decided to go ahead with the tour plans with Ryan after she had already been in an alleged psychologically draining relationship with him and clearly knew what she was getting herself into there. Of course you can always argue that the general situation that Ryan created was the rotten thing here, and that would be absolutely correct. But on the other hand you have to admit that she and her manager could have gone to the new york times or another newspaper/magazine back then as well instead of "cashing in" first, the other victims in the article were all there at that time just the same as now. And yes, calling polanski only a perv was an understatement as well. But i always think about the Richard Wagner dilemma in cases like this. This guy was an antisemit and in all other fields allegedly a very very difficult person in other regards as well. Still, listen to Prélude to Tristan and Isolde and tell me thats not one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. The guy was a pig and still an incredible artist. Sometimes that combination just happens. And everyone can have their own opinion and say "I can't listen to this because of..." and thats completely fine. I'm just saying I care about the art and not so much about the private life of the artist behind it. Pretty much the only time that line has been crossed for me was when the whole Lostprophets thing came out because that was just cruelty on a whole different level.
  5. Vega

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Yes I get you. I've just finished reading the full article and it's always the fucking same man, with the whole weinstein thing as well. Of course he is a scumbag for what he did, but the women were so god damn fame-hungry that they just couldn't help but play along. When I read this about Pheobe Bridgers I thought I can't fucking believe it, man: "[Ryan Adams] offered her a few dates opening for him on tour in 2017, and after much discussion with her manager about Adams’s behavior, Bridgers said she accepted because it was a big opportunity before the release of her debut album." I'm sorry but I can't take her serious after this either. She and her manager could have easily said 'no' to this... but no, let's get famous everyone. And because of this she got to the place where she has a sold out tour with her new project now. I'll still continue to buy his stuff because I love his music and thats what i'm paying for. Maybe Roman Polanski might be a perv as well but he is an incredible director and I won't judge art by the personality of the artist.
  6. Vega

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Doesn't change the fact that he is a genius songwriter and musician
  7. I personally love it, reminds me of the Golden Unplugged bootleg album but 40 euros is a little much for 2 records i think, but i'm very tempted.
  8. It's been 10 years since LIFAD so new music is most certainly the priority for me personally. I still can't believe it took them that long. But i'm sure they will tour the US after their european stadium tour this summer.
  9. The release of their new single allegedly called 'Hare Krishna' is imminent at this point. They shot the video for it last week with Jonas Akerlund so I expect there might be pre-order information very soon when the song is released. Some snippets are also starting to pop up on the web (edit: the video has been deleted, it was a 7 second clip of the song)
  10. Vega

    PO: Cage the Elephant - Social Cues

    Man that song is sweet! But the price for the bundle is indeed pretty steep with shipping
  11. Yeah I can't get into it either unfortunately, really tried though...the second song is pretty cool though I think! Listened to phoebes debut EP again yesterday and there is just some kind of magic in these songs that also washed onto her first album but I can't feel it on this one :/ maybe i have to give it more time
  12. I'm not that much of a fan of the song either, i generally don't like it when bands get into politics...whether i agree with it or not. But as long as politics won't find its way onto the next album i'm completely fine with it
  13. That new song is pretty weak imo :/ if that is supposed to be single-material and they have made two records it seems like they went for quantity over quality this time. But i can't judge 2 records only having heard one song. The WWD box set was incredibly cheap back then, i think like 35 Euros or something crazy like that, 57 for the new box set now is quite a lot for what you are getting i feel...for that price they could have included a making of DVD + having it signed by all members instead of just one
  14. Vega

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    I'm sure there will be an indies exclusive for this one...which will be hopefully cheaper and more widely available shipping wise
  15. Vega

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Ah man, why so fucking expensive? They're only accepting credit card so i can't place an order anyway...