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  1. Just gotten around to listen for this for the first time, man this is incredible...might be on the same level as singularity for me, Marcus really begins to sound exactly like Adrian! The vinyl packaging is really disappointing though, no download card, no lyrics insert or anything, thought they could have done something much better with the concept and artwork 😕
  2. There is also a deluxe version with lyric booklet and a metallic foil printed gatefold sleeve..thinking about getting that, would be interested what its limited to https://store.partisanrecords.com/cry
  3. Have they actually charged us 50 dollars for a loose vinyl signed on the label and and a piece of folded cardboard?
  4. He needs to just go there and say "I'M SHUTTING YOUR BUTT DOWN"
  5. Thats interesting to know... I somehow can't imagine that they are having problems signing them since they are presumably all in one place right now if they are working on the new album
  6. So... are these shipping soon or what? I thought the product page said that they are shipping at the end of july, since then the estimated shipping day has always updated to the current day.
  7. Yooo I really didn't see this coming! Its great that there's a box set with all seasons coming, but the missing film is a bummer...will prob get this anyway
  8. Am I the only one still waiting for a complete freakin blu ray set of the 3 seasons and the film?
  9. Yeah man, i'm a few listens in and it still gets better and better every time! Really didn't expect this to be so good - like almost bon iver, bon iver level for my taste. Now it's an even bigger shame they haven't made an exclusive color or an indies exclusive for this...
  10. Listened to it only once and it is fucking incredible... so much better than 22, a million on first listen. So looking forward to getting the whole packaging with booklet etc. and listening to this again!
  11. Was really looking forward to the box set but man... that is too expensive, and it doesnt even say anything about being limited, even though it probably is since the posters are hand numbered
  12. DUDE are you kidding me... why the hell is QT always doing this shit was the same thing with that hateful eight box set that was only available in like 3 stores or something... Edit: but yeah if someone is in LA I would like a copy, too please
  13. This album is awesome man, I love when artists try something new and the voice of saint sinner fits incredibly well to tychos music. The only tracks I'm still on the fence about are For How Long and Weather...
  14. Yeah man, would be the same for me with pretty much everything else with the exception of Blade Runner.