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  1. Cheaper for Europeans: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/fleet-foxes/
  2. I love how people complain about paying 70 dollars with shipping for an album that was previously only available for 400 dollars, without a booklet at that. If you guys would have seen an OG black copy for 70 bucks on ebay you would have bought it immediately. I mean, yeah, it is over-priced, but we're talking about the same band where the bassist sells the records on his own website for triple the price a few months after they sell out.
  3. Interesting...judging from Leitmotif taking already more than 6 months to come out I won't count on that being released any time soon though 🥴 but one can still hope. Same goes for the new album, I thought earlier this year they'd maybe do a pre-order this winter but now I can't see them releasing anything new earlier than 2023 - especially if this Vault release is an actual thing and they have to do all kinds of artwork/mastering/package design for that. The first and second CWA pressings took months to sell out each...months. And those are only around 1000 copies per version. I have a feeling that this band is not as big anymore as a lot of fans think, the fact that CWA took so long to sell out a few years ago really surprised me, because that was the one record a lot of people wanted to see happening, even those who don't listen to the rest of their catalogue, and it still was available for a long time. So I wouldn't worry about the "limited" part of this new release. It's going to be limited enough.
  4. I was also expecting some kind of 7" bonus release alongside the full EP, because what the hell is this then? An old Bug Eyes tp?
  5. Snagged one, great to see a colored pressing as well and with booklet, plus the OG copies will still remain somewhat special that way
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for this variant and was wondering if anyone was looking to sell it. It was sold originally this June by their bassist Drew Roulette through his website. Would love to get a PM! Thanks
  7. Hi ya'll. Got some more records for sale: Neutrogena Winterkalender Mach jetzt mit und erlaube uns dafür, Dich mit aktuellen Infos von Neutrogena zu versorgen jnj.com Condition described as in: Media / Sleeve Neutrogena Winterkalender Mach jetzt mit und erlaube uns dafür, Dich mit aktuellen Infos von Neutrogena zu versorgen jnj.com Work-Life-Balance, Home-Office, Freizeit und Beruf Flexible Arbeitszeitmodelle, Jobsharing, Home-Office, Betreuungsangebote. So bekommt man in Sachsen Arbeit und Freizeit unter einen Hut. heimat-fuer-fachkraefte.de Pflege mit Herz – die Berufung von Schwester Doreen Schwester Doreen hat sich bewusst für einen Job in der Pflege entschieden. Sie erzählt, was die Arbeit und die Vielfalt des Berufs ausm… heimat-fuer-fachkraefte.de Angels and Airwaves - Lifeforms (Signed, Tricolor (Striped Black, Olive Green, Orange, /300) /// Mint / Near Mint /// 90 USD Blade Runner 2049 - Mondo Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2 LP Pink + Teal Vinyl) /// NM (Noisy Pressing) / VG- /// 150 USD Brittany Howard ‎– Jaime (Limited Edition, White, Black Marbled) /// Mint / Mint /// 42 USD Courtney Barnett And Kurt Vile ‎– Lotta Sea Lice (Limited Edition, Yellow) /// Mint / NM /// 50 USD Tycho – Weather (Dinked Edition /550, includes numbered and Signed print) /// NM / NM /// 35 USD Birdy ‎– Young Heart (Sealed, Signed, Limited yellow vinyl) /// Mint / Mint /// 60 USD Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds ‎– Who Built The Moon? (Limited Edition, Picture Disc) /// Mint / NM /// 42 USD Thrice ‎– To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere (Black Vinyl) /// Mint / NM /// 38 USD Courtney Marie Andrews ‎– May Your Kindness Remain (Limited Edition /300, Pink) /// NM / NM /// 75 USD Arctic Monkeys - Humbug /// VG+ / VG+ /// 18 USD The Black Keys - El Camino (LP + CD) /// NM / NM /// 48 USD
  8. JPC just cancelled my order of the red one due to "shipping difficulties from the supplier" or something. Dang, should have ordered through the official store, if anymore wants to get rid of their copy hit me up!
  9. The film is a fucking masterpiece, I really couldn't stand the trailers after loving the book so much but the film is such a beautiful adaptation, much different from what the trailers are suggesting. Saw it twice already and the imax screening was absolutely mind melting. Zimmer hit it out of the park as well, a Mondo release would be great news.
  10. I mean, I ordered a copy of the /300... but am I the only one who thinks that the last few singles fucking sucked? Seriously, the songs are so fucking bad. Makes me think of times I-Empire when every single track was a gem onto itself. The first 2-3 singles of this new one were great and the rest sounds like they've never written songs in their lives before.

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