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  1. Mhh, I'm actually kinda looking forward to this... but it could also be total crap, we'll see
  2. Ah man, feels great to be excited about a new washed out release again
  3. Hey there! I am currently looking for the following test pressings of dredg: - El Cielo (White Vinyl) - Catch Without Arms (Black vinyl) Shoot me a message!
  4. Wow...the band really needs cash apparently. How about releasing a new fucking album. But who am I kidding, I need to keep the collection complete 😂
  5. This might turn out to be their best album 😧 they are cementing their career right here ...the only thing missing is some kind of nice variant 🤣
  6. Wow... the new song went completely under my radar, sounds incredible, the first time i have enjoyed new music by them since within and without
  7. Man this is getting really interesting, these tracks are fucking incredible It's unfortunte though that there are still no variants out for pre order Edit: Also, according to the rolling stone, the band have delayed the release date of the album for a few weeks due to delays in finishing up the record
  8. Only had time to listen to the first 3 songs yesterday and sounded very solid, excited to hear the rest! That's a really shitty album artwork though 🤣
  9. Yeah, the new songs are pretty meh, will listen to this one on stream when it's out. The stranger in the alps stuff struck me deeply back when it ws released, the new stuff sounds like b-side material of the first album
  10. Their bassist posted a few stories on instagram yesterday teasing new music, we might be getting something soon... If you go to https://www.storysaver.net/ and type in drewroulette you can listen to them, don't know what to think about the snippets tbh.