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  1. I mean, I ordered a copy of the /300... but am I the only one who thinks that the last few singles fucking sucked? Seriously, the songs are so fucking bad. Makes me think of times I-Empire when every single track was a gem onto itself. The first 2-3 singles of this new one were great and the rest sounds like they've never written songs in their lives before.
  2. My Shining 7 inches arrived with some weird cut marks in the covers, has anyone had the same thing?
  3. Hell yeah, on Mondo it now says "the latest in our ongoing Stanley Kubrick soundtrack series", would be so fucking cool if they did all of them, including the earlier non-warner pictures.
  4. Hell yeah, it's about time for Full Metal Jacket, really hope they'll be doing Clockwork Orange next to fit the upcoming 4K release
  5. Hi guys, I'm selling a few of my records! Die Zukunft liegt in Ihren Händen. Erfahren Sie mehr über die neue Konferenz, bei der die Europäerinnen und Europäer mitreden können. europa.eu If you're interested in one or multiple items feel free to shoot me an offer! Die Zukunft liegt in Ihren Händen. Erfahren Sie mehr über die neue Konferenz, bei der die Europäerinnen und Europäer m
  6. Have listened to this about 10 times since the release, the songs have indeed grown a lot, the album is absolutely amazing from front to back and I'm so happy about that. The weakest track is Runaway Horses by far imo, would have loved to hear an actual country singer perform with Brandon on that one instead of Phoebe Bridgers, but what are you gonna do. Really looking forward to receiving the record with slipcase!
  7. Just listened to this for the first time. Gonna to listen to it multiple more times on the weekend to get a better grip on it. But I understand now why they didn't release a single for it. This feels kind of like a "Project" album, not even their Nebraska, because on that album there was at least some single material like Atlantic City, there nothing like that on Pressure Machine, the faster songs aren't catchy and the slow songs are really slow and introspective. The only thing resembling Nebraska is Terrible Thing which sounds like directly taken off of Nebraska tbh (a little like Mansion on
  8. Ah come on man, I signed up for her newsletter specifically to not miss out on releases again...just found out about this here
  9. Yah, I wrote in a direct edit "With albums yes, but they don't land hit singles", of course they land on no 1 with albums, every big band does even if their new stuff isn't as relevant anymore. That makes absolutely no sense 🤣 charts matter because streaming numbers count into billboard charts as well now. If you're a Weeknd or an Ariana Grande you can make shitloads from Spotify streams alone, even if most other artists can't. If you have a billion plus streams that's about the same as if you had a number one single back in the 90s, so yes, charts do still matter in that regard. Also,
  10. Added one more sentence, for some reason the edit made a quoted post, sorry
  11. But Muse doesn't have top 10 or 20 singles anymore, far from it actually. I don't care about billboard charts etc. but Coldplay is the only band who still stands beside the big pop acts in that regard and is actually a band on stage who sells out the big arenas, that combination of those two things is something that used to be normal for big bands, nowadays they're the only band who can do it for some reason. Bands like U2 can't make it onto the charts anymore either.

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