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  1. Yeah my lavender copy sounds fine, too. New song is nothing spectacular imo.
  2. I used to collect in box Black Series 6" myself It's a really great hobby, but i had to give it up because i needed the cash for other things. And to be quite honest, I started the collection hoping that they would eventually bring out every major character in the 2015+ red line. When the split up the 6 bounty hunters on the numbered line, the store exclusive unnumbered ones and the archive collection it bugged me a little bit, my little ocd i guess I still buy the occasional figure though and have kept a few. The last one i bought was the sith trooper sdcc exclusive, fits to the other exclusive slip case editions very nicely and it's a great character design. This used to be my collection, they were all mint and in box
  3. I think right now for me it would be 1. A New Hope 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. The Rise Of Skywalker 4. The Last Jedi 5. Return of the Jedi 6. The Force Awakens 7. Rogue One 8. Solo 9. The Phantom Menace 10. Attack Of The Clones 11. Revenge Of The Sith
  4. Always nice to hear that TLJ is someones favourite!
  5. Yeah man. Just came out of my third screening...this movie is fucking incredible... wish there were still a spoiler function here to write but well... there were 2 things i wanted to see and they did both of them (in the third act). I love the last jedi but i can't deny that rian johnson kind of messed up a lot that j j had probably planned and set up for the future. And for that J J and chris terrio did an amazing job i think. I feel like with snoke as darth plagueis, which j j most likely had in mind, it would have been a quite predictable movie and trilogy arc. I feel kind of bad for all the people who don't like this film or the whole trilogy, i'm really glad i enjoy it as much as I do, I wish more would.
  6. Cool man, enjoy! Let me know what you thought!
  7. I've just seen The Rise Of Skywalker...absolutely loved this movie. Really do not understand the 58% on rotten tomatoes at all.
  8. Yeah dude hahaha I just ordered a baby yoda plush the other day even though it won't be out until may 2020 🤣
  9. Release date: Spring 2020. No Tracklist or Artwork announced yet. There are no special variants available as of this point. https://shop.virginemi.com/thekillers/*/*/Imploding-The-Mirage-LP/6BBP0000000
  10. The Mandalorian Pilot was awesome! I really hope they'll release it on blu ray once all episodes of season 1 are out
  11. Grabbed one of those 2001 Beyond the infinite editions, really excited :O