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  1. During the past few months The Killers have said that they have already written and recorded their next album which they communicated a few weeks ago being finished now. Today they announced a collaboration with Bruce fucking Springsteen - which will be out soon, maybe even Friday. Edit: As it turns out "Dustland" will be a new recording of "A Dustland Fairytale", not a new song. Was really hoping for a new Killers track with the Boss... Anyway, the album is coming out in late summer according to the band. Let's hope for a few nice variants on this
  2. By absolute sheer coincidence, 4 months after the initial shipping, the record turned up today! Although at the Merchnow office instead of my house but they have arranged a reshipping of the record. I really hope it'll make it this time, I'd be glad if i didn't have to pay 200+ for this 😅
  3. That's good to know, I'm trying to stay variant complete though, wouldn't want to miss this one...
  4. Hi guys, sorry for the bump. I wrote in the Sell/Buy/Trade section a few days ago and thought i'd try here at last. My order has gotten lost during transit. Neither DHL nor USPS can tell me or the merchnow staff where it went and what happened to it. German customs couldn't help either. Over 3 months after the initial shipping all parties told me that I shouldn't expect the package to still turn up, great stuff. So now I'm trying to get the record through other means. If anyone here wants to sell their copy or a spare one i would really, really appreciate that DM! Thanks!
  5. Hi there! I initially per-ordered this on day 1 and was really looking forward to receiving it. After waiting for about 2 months I decided to call DHL and they told me the package couldn't be found, they couldn't make an investigation either...very professional. So merchnow tried to get hold of USPS and they said the same thing, I have no idea why. So now I'm looking to buy the record through other means. I would be really happy if someone had a spare copy or wants to sell theirs!
  6. Just wanted to check back in all this time later. Never thought we'd get official stuff so soon but here we are... This is getting serious and incredibly interesting!
  7. Mhh I was really looking forward to Big Colors, I don't know what it is with Ryan and cats though, liked the old cover much better...the new song is okay, will wait for more before I preorder though
  8. Ok thanks, ordered a copy anyway. But seriously, it's 2021. It's not acceptable that labels, especially major labels, still do this shit and don't include download codes. This seems especially to be the case with major artists these days.
  9. Just a quick question: Does anyone know if these come with a download code? I read that only some come with one.
  10. I got mine last week, don't know what it sounds like though, I use the red clay copy for listening
  11. Magnolia Record exclusive sunset pink sold out as well...went for that one, really pretty version!
  12. Ah okay, so prob the same as in the blue variant, was hoping they (or he) would maybe sign the sleeve on this one
  13. The sleeve isn't signed, right? Is it a print?
  14. Got a shipping notification for Her but a delay notification for The Fountain even though the pre-order date was earlier...who knows how they plan their stuff. Really looking forward to both though!

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