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  1. Gold has sold out in the eu as well as of yesterday afternoon, @lethalenforcer when do vmp pressings go on sale for non members?
  2. Yep that def makes sense. As i understand it, the red vinyl will have the insert signed, and not a print but i could be wrong. "Our records will also contain a signed insert". So my guess would be that the prints from the blue copies stay at /2000 and we may get the insert of the record signed, who knows. I'm so happy right now though that the album itself is incredible, this band has not had a misstep yet.
  3. Yeah I got an email too, it's cool that they do it but i don't get why they don't sign the cover, would be cooler imo
  4. Ooff you're right, sorry. I thought you meant the blue one in general, the prints have sold out as well here as it seems. So then the blue are not /2000 but just the prints?
  5. Spotify gold is still available here: https://de.kingsroadmerch.com/fleet-foxes/view/?id=18470 Blue with signed prints is still available here: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/fleet-foxes/view/?id=18469&cid=4496
  6. Good question, my guess would be all of them. Robin wrote online that they are currently working on 9 new tracks (for the first time ever writing something together) which they plan to release next year. So since they are together right now my guess would be that all of them can sign them. But it would be an swesome thing no matter what, really nice thing to do after that mix up.
  7. Ahhh, went for the golden one as well... fml, three variants on order now, i hope that's it 🤣
  8. I can't find the "/1000" info anywhere though, i'm getting redirected to a german store though so maybe that's why
  9. Crack-Up is one of my favorite albums of the last 10 years but when I listened to it back then for the first time it took quite a few listens to get the whole complexity of it. Shore seems far more accessible, but I'm really looking forward to how this will expand from now on.
  10. Yep they did us dirty... real shame, they could have just put up another variant instead. I mean they must have known 500 would sell out fast, so why do this restocking in the first place...
  11. Can someone explain that VMP thing to me? I've never ordered from them and the site says "non-member price 45" and "member price 40" but i can't seem to order it without being a member... and i don't want to become one
  12. SIGNED PRINT! https://de.kingsroadmerch.com/fleet-foxes/view/?id=18471&cid=4496 Limited to 2000
  13. You know that for sure? I've only seen this info on the discord server but not sure where the info is from
  14. Hell yes! I'm still crossing my fingers for that Vinyl Box Set Volume 3 though 😮