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  1. I wanna see Judge real bad. I should have gone to Rain Fest last year.
  2. New Mindset for anyone who hasn't heard it. The pre-orders broke the Deathwish store for like 2+ hours this afternoon. Stream https://reactrecords.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-less Pre-Order http://store.deathwishinc.com/category/REACT.html
  3. World Be Free is the worst band name I've heard in a while. Other than that they're not bad, I think they'd be a lot better with a different vocalist though. Scott's voice doesn't really fit that sound at all.
  4. RevHQ has these finally. All three colors and the CD for both records. Born To Expire Black /200 Red /300 White /500 Desperate Measures Black /200 Green /300 Blue /500 http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&BandId=7259
  5. The RevHQ exclusive colour was sold out for a while but it's back up now. http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=AA65
  6. I prefer my straight edge hardcore to be made by dudes who look like members of a cross country varsity team though. But this Protester 7" does rip. I grabbed that live Fury 7" as well.
  7. It's been bootlegged a few times, and the songs are pressed on the discography, but the Chung King by itself will probably never get an actual repress, because it's terrible.
  8. That's seriously such a fucked up story. That literally could have happened to anyone that moshes at shows. And I have a bunch of records I've been meaning to get rid of, I figured this was a good reason to do it. I'll be donating a bunch of the money from these to Tom's Go Fund Me page. If you see something that interests you shoot me a message. For most of these I'm not looking for a lot of money, and I'll be throwing free records into some packages as well.
  9. For the most part, I only buy different variants if the artwork is different.
  10. These pre-orders are up (and have been for a few weeks, apparently) but the shipping is ridiculous. I'm gonna have to wait until they're available from a distro somewhere. If you feel like blowing a ton of money there are limited colours, test press packages and some other stuff available. http://webshop.realityrecords.be
  11. I think they're selling tapes at Rain Fest this weekend, and React is doing the vinyl release in the near future.
  12. This rules so much. NWHC with members of Champion, Betrayed, Go It Alone and every other good band from that area. https://reactrecords.bandcamp.com/album/demo-15 I saw their first show in spring of 2014 and I've been waiting to hear recordings ever since.
  13. Basically it's all good. Chung King is unlistenable, but all the songs were rerecorded anyways.

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