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  1. Incase anyone has been waiting, pre-orders for Heligoland, 100th Window and Protection are up on Amazon and Bullmoose, among other places. Happy Thursday muthafuckas
  2. Frank is infamous among his fans for being difficult. This man cannot be trusted to follow any type of conventional... anything. I figure a wider release may appear next year, but those black friday covers were once and done. I misread your original post. You're 100% right.
  3. The magazine is well worth the money. Its huge, and comes with a physical cd copy of the album inside its pages.
  4. How did you check the tracking? I ordered Blond and Endless and didn't get a number in the shipping email I received back in Oct.
  5. Any west coast orders that haven't arrived? I wonder if there's any way to trace these if one didn't make a full account.
  6. It's probably just the first wave, they might have some more in stock after the official ship date. Unless its a very limited pressing. Does anyone know how limited? 5000? The way they advertised it it seemed like it would be around for awhile. Hope ccmusic isn't too backordered even with open status orders
  7. what is your favorite record given to you in payment for sexual favors?
  8. Yep, supply and demand. Back when it first came out it was priced like the rest of their albums for a long time, I know because I had it in my cart forever but never made a move. That's one of the exciting things about vinyl, things ceased to be pressed and all of a sudden you have a rarity. I've regretted not buying so many albums when they were dirt cheap at the time that skyrocketed later. But like others said, things will get repressed and the price drops back.
  9. I'd get it if you can. Once upon a time they had The Magnetic Fields - 69 love songs vinyl set for 59.99 plus 15% off and I was sure they'd never run out. lol
  10. yah dudes. Didn’t do thorough research and jumped the gun. Must not be as rare as I thought. I'm usually pretty good at that stuff but today was a fail. Like I said, honestly thought 400 was legit. Embarrassing, yes. Anyone have a time machine?
  11. Fair enough, I encourage anyone to buy it cheaper while they're still available. Didn't even know they were on sale @ popmarket. I honestly thought $400 NEW was the lowest price on the net for the US, but i'm not looking to take advantage of anyone. But should anyone wanna part with that Interpol or Beck record (or maybe something else, idk, let me know what you're willing to trade) as part of a deal, then PM me.
  12. I understand there's a handful of copies out there, just throwing out the offer and the price if anyone is looking into buying it online should they find it unavailable at the time they want it. But alas, I forgot to add the reason I even took this thread to advertise it: if anyone has a copy of Our Love To Admire by Interpol or Sea Change by Beck (Mobile Fidelity version) I might be able to lower the price closer to $200.
  13. I'll sell it for $400 plus shipping. That's the lowest anywhere really. If you live in Southern California we can meet up for a transaction without the shipping. If anyone wants to bid above the price mentioned it's open to anyone.
  14. Thinking of selling my Smiths Box set limited edition from Rhino Records if I have enough people interested in it. Brand new, never opened. The shrink wrap is peeling a little from the bottom, but other than that, the box itself is completely mint. The little tiny scratches you see is on the shrink wrap entirely and not on the box. No bent corners or indents on the box. Here are the amazon listings: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B005DKLPRE/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1417807380&sr=8-1&keywords=the+smiths+box+set+vinyl No Ebay listings, except for two of a different
  15. Would've been awesome if they included more songs, a walk from tyco is great. Ordered nonetheless!

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