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  1. Snagged a CD copy... even after shipping to America this box set is a Big Bang for your buck. Super excited about this! Glad to have come to the boards to see someone has posted about it. This band is so underrated. Oh and @Lugubrious They said in a comment on fb it’s 75 copies with cd and 300 otherwise. They said 100 of the former at first so either they ended up not having enough CDs or 25 weren’t made publicly available (reserved for family and friends).
  2. I just read this entire thread. Fiancée and I started watching Twin Peaks last month, and we finished FWWM when season 3 ended. Last night we binged like episode 13-17. We had to fall asleep before watching part 18 and I'm DYING. We're def watching the finale first thing when she gets back. Season 3 has definitely been my favorite part of the series. I couldn't help but laugh at people saying how bad FWWM was (tbf it's my least fav part of the saga) earlier in the thread since season 3 seems to connect more with FWWM than the rest of the series (which is crazy). I kinda was on the fence at first but now I'm all for it.
  3. Came here to share this. Very cool sound! I think Dodecahedron still has my black metal aoty, but I have a lot to listen to. New Slaegt is high on that list
  4. The guitar work is definitely a standout here. Only about half the tracks do it for me as a whole, but I still like it more than VW and Descensus. OLG > Juturna > BSN >> The Amulet > Descensus > VW
  5. TL;DR: I accidentally found out that Injury Reserve's entire catalog is getting a vinyl pressing by President Gator, to be announced on Sept. 29th. Below is just how I found out (and more details on the releases), so I'm not talking out of my ass. If you like hip hop but haven't listened to Injury Reserve, you're fucking up. Knowing they would be releasing a new EP soon, I decided to do a quick Google search to see if vinyl would be available since none of their other stuff was ever pressed. To my pleasure, I found not only a preorder for the EP on orange 10" vinyl, but also for their first two albums in one DLP package. LFTDO on yellow and Floss on pink. Both /250. I placed my order, then later couldn't find them. I messaged the label and they told me they weren't supposed to be up until the 29th. They'll go up here.
  6. I'm looking to drop some money on this bad boy. If you wanna sell it to me, PM me with pictures of it and lets make a deal! I'm of course talking about the vinyl box set of Bath and Leaving Your Body Map.
  7. Pics available upon request! LPs will be shipped outside of jacket. I'm a little new to selling so I'd rather not ship internationally (from the US). I'll take offers for this one. Message me if you're interested.
  8. Really wanna shed some light on this band 'cause I think they're amazing. Jambinai - They Keep Silence Your favorite Korean post-metal band iis coming out with their sophomore next Friday. That's the single. Here's a playlist of their last album, which was also their debut, from 2012, I believe. If you're in the UK the new record is being released on Bella Union, so it's probably best to get it there. For us US residents, it's actually rather cheap from Barnes & Noble.
  9. It's not everyday you miss everything! and yeah that album seemed interesting. Definitely not the first time I've seen it mentioned; that art looks so familiar.
  10. For those wondering about the mastering, I've heard these will be CD rips... But, I don't think anyone offers a source for that info in that thread? So who knows for sure I guess.
  11. This is starting 8:40 Eastern, right? So that's like 2 1/2 hours from now.
  12. Hey guys! Got the e-mail for tomorrow's game. Sorry I haven't been active lately. And unfortunately, I can't make it to tomorrow's game 'cause I work. Hopefully I can next time though.
  13. The first physical format stuff I ever bought was vinyl on RSD2014; didn't wanna spend the money on CDs, but the vinyl thing started piquing my interest so I figured getting Colors Live would be a good way to see if I was into it. Now here I am. I probably can't remember the order honestly, but: BTBAM - Colors Live Dionaea - Still Death - Leprosy BTBAM - S/T BTBAM - Alaska
  14. As related as I can get: think I drank too much milk in my middle-school to Highschool days 'cause I'm pretty sure I've developed lactose intolerance.
  15. They should!!! But even they are not the perfect business. Finals, holidays, work, and other life stuff have been making my free time shrink! Didn't realize how much time surfing this forum took until I didn't have any hahaha. I'll definitely be more active once this semester ends.
  16. Ohhh shit. More records on my want list. Fuck. I forgot I was missing Gojira in my collection.
  17. Yeah, I've got work tonight. Hopefully I can make it to the next game!