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    1. Eliminator Jr.

      Eliminator Jr.

      It’s the forum that’s dead now, unfortunately. Welcome back, though!

  2. Late to the party and looking for a copy. If cash ain't yer jam, maybe you'd rather trade for my first press signed screenprint Tigers Jaw S/T or somethin? I dunno, hit me up and let's work out a deal.
  3. looking for a copy of their first and third albums, variant doesn't matter. . Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? . Little by Little and while you're at it, make em press King James Version. Thanks.
  4. woah, are any of yall still around? I haven't logged in here in a hot ass minute. Make you guys feel old, the annoying kid is turning 20 tomorrow :P
  5. I doubt they'll go up anywhere else. I order from there a couple times a year and they rarely do. I'd hop on it while ya can. ...now i just wait for Shiina Ringo represses :c
  6. Sorry, my inbox is full, I'll clear it here in a bit. Unfortunately I just sold both of those on Reddit :/
  7. Not UK, but HMV Japan is repressing Number Girl stuff. Don't sleep on it.
  8. If they are it explains Why its so expensive despite a decent size pressing Why its so seemingly scarce despite a decent size pressing Why there hasn't been a repress (sorta)
  9. I'm prone to changing my mind when this sort of stuff actually shows up at my door and only snagged it so I wouldn't miss out if I do decide I need it... I'll shoot ya a PM if I don't hang on to it.
  10. Bummed i was kinda out of the record game while this happened.
  11. $5 shipping in the US, $20 minimum order. Feel free to make an offer I have the Appleseed Cast discography for sale, with Mare potentially pending sale. The one and the only... The End of the Ring Wars $60 Record club Mare Vitalis signed by Chris $50 The numbered splatter press of Two Conversations $40 OG Peregrine $30 This Sagarmatha $35 Illumination Ritual $10 Lost Songs $18 gold Low Level Owl $60 Middle States $12 OR TAKE IT ALL FOR LESS I have most of the EEIWALE 7"s, including Home After Three Months Away but don't want to list em all right now. Ask for details. I have the Dillinger Escape Plan Happiness 7" on acid green, and while I don't want it gone, if anyone is dumb enough to pay me $100 it can be yours... I guess John Coltrane - Soultrane Newbury Comics variant $28 Moving Mountains - New Light on white $35 $30 Periphery II - Original press red/black $50 Thank You Scientist - Stranger Heads Prevail white $30 Thrice - Vheissu original press with a 4" seam split on top and some scuffing from the paper sleeve $50 Swans - Soundtracks for the Blind (signed) $90 I may have a buyer already, but potentially will have an AFX analord set (pic disc #10, not the binder) coming up for sale soon if anyone is interested.
  12. Holy shit, can't believe @DecayToDeath and I stumbled upon this tonight, fucking wild...
  13. sounds fair, I'll hit you up after my classes today. I will literally send you my right nut in a box. or left. your pick.

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