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  1. I'll let you know. At this point only selling it around this price. Doing a major thinning of my collection before college. If I can't get near this I'll probably keep it but I'm trying to save some money for then too and figured if someone wanted to pay this I'd be better off with cash. I'll give you what you paid for SSTB :p
  2. some very minor creasing on the sleeve but otherwise no condition issues, looking to get $175. PM me if interested.
  3. okay, so for the speakers this is just a preamp not an amplifier. So for speakers that require power (like the ones that just take wires) you need an amp. You can run powered monitors. Not recommending these specifically but here's an example. You take the cable to either the L or R channel on the unbalanced input on the speaker. so like left monitor goes preamp out left channel to unbalanced input on the left speaker input. https://www.amazon.com/KRK-RP5G2-Powered-Monitor-Speaker/dp/B001A6G6CY
  4. Rezqua

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    I'll PM you a bit later in the week. My friends and I have a hotel downtown. Thanks.
  5. Rezqua

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    I'm with family until the 30th and then my friends are gonna be here on the 30th and we are staying for 4 days. Doing a summer roadtrip but my family wanted to see me. They're driving up from Phoenix over two days and then we are headed back slowly with a lot of stops. My family is in Beaverton. I get to see Jeff Rosenstock again tonight too so hype.
  6. Rezqua

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    I pretty much slept the whole time but it was only Phoenix to Portland
  7. Rezqua

    Rare Vinyl in Poor Condition

    I just liked this post from 30k feet
  8. Let me know I may be interested. Almost PMd you but I was sick and couldn't make myself get out of bed to clear out my Pmsto send one. Dom said he got it though so I know it'll be a good home
  9. I mean if that adults was $50 id snap it up in a heartbeat but all the OOP Jeff stuff is getting repressed this year so
  10. Rezqua

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Can't fucking believe I missed that beck
  11. well i got my hands on The Arrogant Sons of Bitches - Three Cheers for Disappointment recently... guess i have to collect all the jeff test presses now
  12. Rezqua

    The Weezer Thread

    "Rivers cumming on a girl's fan letter" milky clear just doesn't have the same ring to it
  13. yeah, I joined at 14 as a dumbass kid who had a whole host of problems going on (music taste included). Hard to erase that from the internet when you are still on the same site :s now i am about to start college as a proper fucking hipster.
  14. Rezqua

    Virus Popups on Mobile Site

    Thanks for finally addressing it. FWIW I have a Galaxy S7 with Chrome.