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  1. Holy shit, can't believe @DecayToDeath and I stumbled upon this tonight, fucking wild...
  2. sounds fair, I'll hit you up after my classes today. I will literally send you my right nut in a box. or left. your pick.
  3. i love these guys and own none of the things. I want to own all of the things. I don't care what it is, if it says "planning for burial" somewhere on it or has some music loosely associated with them somewhere on it or thom's left nut touched it sell me this thing i will trade my left nut for that /12 floppy disk thanks.
  4. Is this sourced/pressed differently than the SRC? I'm in Phoenix so I may have to go...
  5. Does anyone have the original 3LP? I found a copy at a local for like $60 a while back and it sounded so fucking unlistenably bad that I returned it. Wondering if it was a one off or pressing wide issue. Pretty sure Helicopter was sourced for that copy from the Guitar Hero DS game or something. Fucking awful. hyped for this though, totally gonna grab one when it hits retail.
  6. I don't have any problem with an artist doing what they want to and shit cause, yknow, art, but I can't get into anything past the first SKM at aaaaaaaall. and that really bums me out because I adore RHP and listen to those records like at least once a week
  7. I didnt get one either but my email was Subject: :b:eff Body: hi dad So maybe that was for the best? Edit: I cant use the b emoji here what the hell ima riot
  8. Gah, wanted to super love this but I don't hate it but don't love it. Just finished my first listen, hope it's a grower. I really don't understand the MICF comparison they kept drawing.
  9. wait, did it get leaked a day early? Thought it dropped Friday?
  10. Sorry, I tried to figure it out and then passed out. I dont know that I've got software to make the music into a "video" right? I couldn't find a way to upload it and went to bed because I have a 9am class. Would a google drive link work if its MP3? I know i can stream audio from there but I'm also on android
  11. baha, glad someone is in my corner but no, that's not what I meant. Plans meant my friend is coming over and we're gonna get coffee and then come back and hang with some people I know here.
  12. sorry I'd grab you sooner but I have class soon and then have plans with some people.
  13. if nobody else does by later I'll put it on a link only video and post here later tonight, probably around midnightish my time?
  14. New record so far. I can't put my finger on what it is, but I haven't super bonded with the singles. By no means bad, you set expectations high by calling some a sister record to MICF. Hoping I get more into it as an album.
  15. This one is okay but not blowing me away. I like a couple tracks on crimson, Agony and Irony is way too produced but it isn't terrible, I actually kinda enjoyed My Shame is True. I dunno, the old records are just something special. Some of my go to I feel like shit and want something cathartic tracks are on there too. Also Dan signed my copy of Maybe I'll Catch Fire when I saw him open for Say Anything so I can die happy. Dan has the best tracks on that album and anyone who thinks otherwise can square up