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  1. OUT NOW ON PARTY NOGG! / ROK LOK limited to 400 copies on black vinyl pressed at archer records in detroit covers screened by me at vg kids in ypsilanti listen to it/download for free here... http://snowwhat.bandcamp.com order it here... http://partynogg.bigcartel.com/product/snow-what-so-far-so-good-lp
  2. hey so this went for a 3rd press and was gonna go for a 4th but the plates cracked so i'm down to less than 30 copies of the 3rd and actual final press whatever i have left monday goes to the band when they roll through so if you still need one order this weekend (or go see RAD HO's on tour)
  3. J Church - Culture Is The Opposite Of Life LP (Honey Bear) #9/20, clear lathe $105ppd US ONLY J Church - Trick Or Treat: Feedback And Distortion LP (Honey Bear) limited to 20, clear lathe $105ppd US ONLY or both for $200 if you're interested and want to get a hold of me the fastest email [email protected]
  4. exactly 100 copies left of the second (and FINAL) press so act fast. http://partynogg.bigcartel.com/ i'm also almost out of Merry Christmas LP's if you still need one
  5. second press is going FAST. for those of you living in Japan copies are on there way to Hyper Enough Records tomorrow morning
  6. http://partynogg.bigcartel.com/ 1. ...You Call That A Kiss?! 2. Shut Up & Deal 3. Incept Date 4. City Lights 5. Jose Chung's "From Outer Space" PRTYNGG! is happy to announce the second press of RADIATOR HOSPITAL's "newest" EP is now available. originally released in April 2012 as a run of 100 c20's on Amanda Bynes Tapes. this is the second press of 500 copies pressed on classic black vinyl at Archer Records in detroit. covers were printed by me at VG Kids in ypsilanti. you can download the songs for free here... http://radiatorhospital.bandcamp.com/album/can-you-feel-my-heart-beating i highly recommend downloading everything on their bandcamp, especially their newest album "Something Wild" then go order the LP from marco at Salinas (www.salinasrecords.com). email me at [email protected] for CHEAP wholesale prices
  7. thursday night bump HUGE post office day tomorrow for everyone that ordered this week all orders placed by 2pm tomorrow will be shipped tomorrow
  8. anyone can order a copy direct from me for $10PPD in the US please send the money as a gift to partynoggATgmailDOTcom
  9. december bump nothing says merry christmas like giving a MERRY CHRISTMAS LP to a loved one for christmas 12 copies left!!!!