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  1. Also how is this? When I heard about the break up recently I thought "again?"
  2. They put regular holes in the newer ones now? I got a RSD single with the old stupid 45 hole as if vinyl jukeboxes are still a thing. Looks like someone got lost on their way to audiokarma or vinylengine again.
  3. Just started playing the first Hotline Miami because it was cheap and I wanted to see if I might like the second one. Not a bad game so far at all.
  4. Thats cool. I was such a big fan for a while but I think I just got burned out and I'm not sure if Im going to get any on vinyl. Then again I've bought some pretty stupid stuff on vinyl so who knows. My Nirvana should be close to complete this coming week though. Not sure about the Bleach and Sliver coming from someone on here but it was cheap at least. Instead of edits I just just multi post.
  5. The "carbon fiber" brushes are just for a light surface cleaning before playing.
  6. Lots of unboxers and reviewers get stuff sent to them free and maybe he is trying to get in on that. But who says "I heard this was complete shit so I'm going to sign up and see if its true." I tend to do the opposite usually and so do vlogers.
  7. Don't think my system is good enough. Sounded muffled to me. Probably needs a demagnetizer or whatever I used to use back in the day. Just an old JVC deck I got for free and Im sure the belt is going to go out.
  8. Solid advice too. Now that I have a few different ones Im about ready to stick to black when possible. I swear the white with red splatter I got Friday was damaged from cleaning it. It was only available as fancy variant anyway and is a boot so it might have more to do with that. Or my cleaning brush is getting stiffer or something but I dont think so. Was only cleaning it because of that audioquest POS. Have a Hunt brush ordered now.
  9. On ear can also be very uncomfortable and harder to listen to for very long.
  10. Ooh Keira Knightly sings too? I might have to check that out.
  11. Might make it sound like you have reptiles.
  12. Looking forward to all the future videos about lots of awesome tech stuff!